The Magnetic Soul


The soul is the magnetic core
at the center of your being,
that with the love that you are,
all that you need to be that love.

From your core,
allow yourself
to entangle
with the pulse of God,
where there is no distance
between you,
only the spaciousness
of love.

Firefly in the Cosmic Night

Holistic Life Coaching

stars over water 

How do I dissolve?
It is in letting go of the known,
to adventure into the unknown,
to be
beingness itself.
In choosing nothingness
there is All-ness.
It is the opposite of what the little mind believes,
thinking that in retaining,
power is.
But to “retain”
is to put a boundary on
what can be experienced.
And in imagining that boundary,
more gets left outside of self
than possibly could be held within.
A prison self becomes
until the bars,
shutting in heart and mind,
are lifted,
revealing lightness in the darkness.
Cosmic Night,
where trillions
of fireflies illuminate
its sky.
Piercing clarity.
Flashing on and off
in the cycles of time.
I am but a firefly
in the Cosmic Night.
And yet I AM
the Cosmic Night,
where there is at once
Lightness in the Darkness
and Darkness in the Light.

Varan, Valerie. “Firefly in the Cosmic Night.” 2015. Book “Living in a Quantum Reality”.

7 Part Series – Who Are We?


Announcing the 7 part series: Who Are We?


Contemplation 1: Who are we?


More of us are beginning to contemplate the truth behind who we are, as human beings, living on this planet Earth, this star of so much suffering. Why do we feel so different from others? Why are we surrounded by so much violence, when all we seek is love? Is there anything we can do to shift this atmosphere of fear, defensiveness, retaliation, and combativeness? Are we alone?

The world we imagine and hope for seems impossible when we look outside of ourselves. Perceiving what is out there, we see ourselves as small and insignificant compared to the vastness of our world, its anxious and angry people, and the planetary changes we watch helplessly unfold. But, when we peer closer to our inner world, the one in here, we discover the miraculous power that we wield.

For nearer to the truth of who we are, we are boundless energy, limitless and infinite, a nonlocal and holographic mind embedded within the nonlocal and holographic multi-verse, that is our home and source. This is the conception that we are challenged to embrace by our pioneering scientists who persevere in bringing us a more accurate picture of our place in this cosmos. And this is the conception that we will explore in this new series of posts called Who Are We? 

No longer can we delude ourselves with the notion that our universe was created randomly, as elegantly argued by researcher and professor Gary E. Schwartz. No longer are physicists at the edge using the word uni-verse. Instead, they are proposing multi-dimensional worlds, a multi-verse, filled with strings and notes, woven in and out of time and space. A tapestry of sound and consciousness creating the fabric of our world.

In jetting our mental conceptions from uni-verse to multi-verse, we may be on the brink of scientific detection for the way the Word, Divine thought and sound, was used to create our material planet by way of a grand symphony. And, it is as if this symphonic orchestra is itself an infinitely imbedded hologram. A multi-faceted jewel within jewel, forever projecting itself through diverse halls of mirrored sound and image, that we perceive as time and space. For in a hologram, the blueprint for the whole is reflected and imaged within each part. It is in this way that the many are created in the image of the One. Directing this harmony of sound and image is the Divine Composer. Indeed the Great Mystery, as Native Americans so aptly call the unified creative life force that permeates, synthesizes and orchestrates all of nature.

To my knowledge, it was physicist David Bohm who first described the universe as a hologram, while neuroscientist Karl Pibram confirmed that the human brain works as a holographic processor. According to Michael Talbot, author of the Holographic Universe, the 3-D projected image of Princess Leia in the film Star Wars was the holographic technology that inspired the holographic theory to explain the anomolies revealed in quantum physics and many psi phenomena.

As we continue to investigate the mysteries of ourselves, leading quantum physicists beg us to consider that each of us is a composer, whose consciousness or mind collides with the collective holographic Mind beyond time and space to create our physical world. Far from impotent, it seems we are powerful beyond our wildest of imaginings.  

First copyrighted 9/14/2010 by Valerie Varan.


Contemplation 2: The effect of the parts on the whole

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12 Part Series: The Nature of Being


waterdropsplashThis is a series entitled The Nature of Our Being. It is a spiritual psychology Q & A, with answers to 12 fundamental questions about the nature of our being.

Question 1: Who Am “I”?

I am a drop of consciousness emerging from an ocean of consciousness.

And yet I am the ocean of consciousness from which my atoms and cells themselves emerge as individualized drops of consciousness.

Drops within drops within drops, I am an infinite array of consciousness.

Hologram within hologram within hologram, I am conscious being, life and love itself.

Question 2: What is consciousness, simply put?

Consciousness as a whole is the entire ocean of all energy waves that have reached some damp sand or rocky shore.

Consciousness is the arrayed field of energy waves that whirl information into structured form.

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Long before the popular film “The Secret” instructed millions of viewers in the universal law of attraction, therapists and mystics alike spoke of the value in replacing negative thoughts with positive intentions. Intention meditation involves choosing a state of being to experience. It is a multidimensional alignment of your heart, mind and physical body with your soul. The higher states of consciousness that can be reached in this way are the states in which the universal law of attraction begins to operate, the states where mind meets matter, the states that are explained by the latest in quantum physics, energy medicine, humanistic and positive psychology research using phrases such as resonance, entanglement, torsion, energy healing, and yes, intention experiments.

How does setting intention work? Simply put, energy follows thought and feeling. The more focused the thought and feeling, the stronger and more coherent (when soul, heart, brain and nervous system are in-sync) the energy. From research conducted so far, it appears that since everything is energy, and energy is boundless, setting strong intentions within your energy field resonates with the fields of similar intentions throughout the universe. More specifically, the use of imagery and intention generates electrical and magnetic fields within your nervous system, which can spread through your body and beyond. The energy and water in our living matrix can resonate and be imprinted with the energetic vibrations underlying words, thoughts, and intention. Since the heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic rhythms of any tissue in the body, and sends signals to the brain, coherent intentions formed with love and gratitude, are hundreds of times stronger than intentions formed from incoherent random thoughts.

Check out the research at and learn about heart and brain coherence, and what it means for your emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Call me today at 303.547.8327 to schedule your free initial 30-minute consultation and learn more.

Soul Work With Your Kids

Soul Work with Children

As a higher consciousness parent, you inevitably will be teaching inclusively loving values to your kids. But you may be wondering more specifically what you can do as a parent to help your children be the love that they naturally are, while also figuring out discipline and the confusing range of issues you have to deal with as a parent. Here are some of my thoughts, speaking as a therapist who has worked (and made mistakes) with so many of these children, but also juveniles and kids in social services, on what to consider as you move forward as a parent.

  1. Use your power as a role model – As you “be the love that you are”, your kids will watch what you do to nurture your inner essence, how you deal with the crises that arise, how you cope as a higher consciousness soul in your daily life, how you hold steadfast to your mission of doing your own soul work, which is love, and how you find balance with it all.
  2. Perfection is impossible and unnecessary – Stop trying to be perfect. It will give your children permission to not strive for perfection, which is humanly impossible. That doesn’t mean you (and they) don’t persist in your soul work, getting back up each time you are knocked down. It does mean you give up wasting unnecessary energy that festers into a boil of neuroticism and backfires your whole system into a breakdown. Besides, think of it this way, your kids will learn something, no matter what. When what you are modeling to them works, they learn that. When it doesn’t, they get to learn what didn’t work for you, but most importantly, how you kept going and persisting in your aspirations, and how you coped with the disappointments, sense of failure, sadness or depression, worries and anxieties. And such skills are among the most important independent living skills they need in order to be healthy adults. When you cope in a healthy way, you teach them that. Then they don’t need to go to a therapist to learn that later.
  3. Be patient – As they grow older, most likely they too will forget the love that they are. They too will look to other role models for what to “like” or “not like”, for what is popular and avoids rejection. This is simply part of their learning and process of awakening. What you can do to help, is to be patient with them and let them go through this. Don’t rescue them from the needed lessons and natural consequences of the world.
  4. Know the difference between rescuing and helping – Rescuing is when you do for them what they need to do for themselves to grow. Helping is discerning what they need from you to support them in this process of evolving. Hint: they usually will ask for what they need, before you have to ply it out of them.
  5. Make discipline about teaching – Don’t fight negative power with a surge of your own power; it amplifies. When they are most out-of-control with their own emotions, their frontal cortex is shut down and they can’t reason. Speak calmly so that their energy can resonate with your calm and be brought down in volume and intensity. When they have calmed down, then their brain is back on line (as it can be when they are children whose brains are not really developed until their 20s). The most effective discipline teaches a lesson, and feels like you care about their long-term well-being. When you speak to them, be firm and fair. Be consistent, following through with the warned consequence. Make consequences not about punishment, but about lessons, and similar to the natural consequences they may learn in life, within reason. Consider that consequences need to be developmentally appropriate to your child’s age, intelligence, and spiritual place. Some of your children may be like most children, and forget their soul essence by about the age of 7 to 9 (but that is usually, not always, because their soul essence was not nurtured). Such children will feel fear and its entire range of uncomfortable emotions as a result; they will test you, challenge the limits you have set, and feel more difficult for you to parent. They are in ego, and lessons for them need to be about ego development. Teach them positive power, since they are not feeling the natural power of their soul energy.
    Other of your children may feel easy to “control”. These may be the ones who have not forgotten their soul energy. They will inherently try hard to please you, to help soothe you, even to heal you with their natural healing energy. The lessons they need to learn are different from typical children, and are more related to learning how to cope with their energetic and emotional  sensitivities, how to not lose their soul self through imbalanced pleasing styles, and how to deal with mean people in loving and effective ways. The mistakes they make, that will require discipline, are often more about following others down a negative path out of the initial impulse to please that person, or because they have experienced hitting or slapping or bullying, and then try to use that, in turn, on others out of a sense of desperation for safety.
  6. Listen to them – Listen to what they ask and how they ask, so that you will be in tune with the developmental (ego and spiritual) place of each of your children. Use your empathy, your ability to register their hidden emotions, to know how they feel. Intuit what they need but which they can’t put into words, and ask them if it is correct perception. Don’t assume to relate to them, because there are many different waves of souls coming in all of the time. Discover what wave they are in. See them for the unique souls that they are, and know that they are here for their own soul purpose, not yours.
  7. Teach them to follow their higher heart – As they develop, it is healthy for them to learn the power of their own physical skills and abilities. To learn how to read the music of their own  emotions. To think their own thoughts, and to notice which lines of thought inspire them the most. Physical body, emotions, and mind are to work in balance. Then, as a higher consciousness parent, your job will be to teach them how to go beyond this ego essence and personality and hear the higher heart of steadfast love. Support them in being the love that they are at their core, and in following the unknown path of the heart that this puts them on. Remind them that the role of thought is to be in service of their higher calling heart, that the subtle voice within the heart is to be considered the CEO and mind is to be like the executive assistant.
  8. Make them feel seen – As they follow the calling of their heart, be the first to see them. REALLY see them. Recognize their dreams and aspirations with a smile and a thumbs up. Encourage them to talk about how they might go about fulfilling these dreams. Ask if they are open to your suggestions, and if so, talk to them about some of the pitfalls they may be already having and ways they may not have thought about for hurdling them. Then let them be the one who follows through. Let them stumble and make mistakes. Let them find their own way of getting out of holes they have dug. Let them enjoy their successes.
  9. Don’t smother the fire of their higher heart – There is much written on “helicopter parenting”. Don’t do their tasks for them. Doing so robs them of the lessons they need to learn while they are young, so that by the time they enter adulthood, they feel proficient, competent, and confident. This is the way to self-mastery. Don’t take it away from them or they will resent you for it  throughout their life. Check in on your own hidden motivations, and seek help if this is an issue for you. Gaining a sense of life success through your children’s successes is a selfish love. It is for you, not for them. I can’t count the number of clients who entered therapy with a sense of incompetence, poor self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, clinical anxieties and the like, due to parents who, in one way or another, weren’t able to teach them how to try, practice, see what works or doesn’t, try again, and persist until they realize the goal. This reminds me of a recent news post, where a high school was advertising for mentors to help teens complete their college applications. Both high schools and parents have failed these kids, if they don’t even feel skilled enough by their senior year to submit original essays, and compete through a determination to communicate who they are and how they are different, and win acceptance to a college of their choosing. On their own.
  10. Be judicious with medications – Many higher consciousness children are born strongly sensitive to energies. It is because of this that they exhibit symptoms of withdrawal, even pain, at over stimulation. They can be more sensitive to impure foods and all substances, including medications by the way, so amounts may need more attentive monitoring. They are in tune with higher creative energies, and get bored more easily; they are frequently diagnosed as ADHD and given medication to cope, which doesn’t teach them what they really need to learn…which is how to honor their creative mind, and how to cope skillfully with internal psycho-spiritual tools during times when they feel like they have to put up with boring material at school and with subjects that are not aligned with their soul energies. More recent waves of such children are wired from birth in such a way that they can’t do what is not aligned with their soul energy.
  11. Be a role model – Where you started, is where you go back to again and again. Your highest job is to do your own soul work, so that your kids will see you and be inspired to do their own. Parenting may be a beautiful way to learn many of the lessons you may need to learn, but it is never the intention of the universe that it be the end of your soul work. Remember, in soul work, you are creating for the good of us all. Not just your own family.

If you need help in this, I am here for you. But seek support somewhere, know that it will teach your children that it is simply part of the process of life to ask and receive assistance when stuck.


Dream Interpretation


dreamcreativtymultiMany of you wonder how to interpret your dreams, so in Living in a Quantum Reality, I devote an entire section on how to distinguish your ego’s from your soul’s dreams. I also share with you one of my favorite ways to decode the messages embedded, for you personally, within the distinct visual and feeling elements of any dream, along with many examples.

For now, know that ego dreams are dreams that stem from the three slowest, most material, vibrational centers of personal consciousness. Whereas, soul dreams originate from higher and faster frequency spheres of your trans-personal consciousness. Your dreams mirror your focus in consciousness. In any given moment, when you shift your focused awareness into other states, your dreams – or any experiences in consciousness – follow immediately.

Ask yourself, “Was my dream about worries or fears? About not feeing secure enough materially, emotionally, intellectually, in life, in relationship, or in my career?” If so, this is most likely an ego dream that is bubbling up from your suppressed subconscious, or repressed unconscious. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream. Stay with the emotional charge, and let it move you naturally to shifted states and understanding. Or, was the dream absent of fear, and more like another life on another plane? Did it feel spiritual, that is, were you learning something significant or profound, maybe given a gift or revelation of that which is not translatable into words? These are most certainly soul dreams, experiences in higher or superluminal spheres of consciousness.

If you are willing to journal your dreams, especially write down these, in as much detail as you can consciously recall. Contemplate the qualities inherent in any object, person, place or otherwise, within the dream. Write these dream elements down, and then next to them, their most outstanding quality or attribute sensed by you. For instance, let’s say a bird was in your dream. Think of what quality or meaning that comes to mind most naturally, and electrifies you when you pause and ponder upon it. Does the bird immediately bring images and a sense of freedom to you? If so, write down that quality. Or, does it bring to mind the feeling of movement, change in life, or transformation? If so, write that most fitting quality down. Do this with at least all key elements within the dream, in “chronological” order if you can. When you are done, “read” the dream qualities from left to write, or top to bottom, so to speak, as a decoding process of interpretation.

Usually, meaning pours into your awareness as you reflect upon your dream from such a relaxed state of nonjudgmental observer awareness. In a recent counseling session, I helped my client do this for a representative dream, that seemed indicative of a pattern of dreams she had been noticing, but which had puzzled her and left her curious about its message. By the time we were done, she teared with the insight that the dream was a message that she was holding onto anger at her mother, that she was blaming her for any current lack of skill she perceived and loathed within herself, that she was neglecting to perceive a sense of connection with a village of others, and that it was imperative that she forgive herself so that she could begin to forgive and heal all other relationships in her life.

If you would like me to support you in your dream interpretations, call me at 303-547-8327 so that we can schedule some time to meet. I feel honored to help!

Using Ancient Wisdom

bible 560626 1920

Wisdom has been described as a loving understanding, a wise kind of love. A place in consciousness where the higher heart and mind are one. Wisdom has been handed down to us since the beginning of time. No matter how ancient, it is as fresh and new to most of us as the day it was first shared. Whether you read the Bible, ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Torah, Qur’an, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, the teachings of Buddha, Lakota wisdom, or any other form of esoteric revelation and spiritual literature, there are golden nuggets to be mined that will enrich you with the light of truth.

As you enlighten your consciousness, you will want to read and reread these beautiful passages. For each expansion of your growth is as marked as the rings of a tree. And you will interpret any verse according to the ring of your growth. As you move from ring to ring, so will your comprehension shift its central axis, and therein lies the root of all misunderstandings.

I have grown to appreciate just how perfect a plan it is to have so many wisdom traditions to choose from. For each seems to resonate with a predominant focus of our consciousness. For example, while many religions teach how to prioritize our physical activities in life, Christianity seems to emphasize our emotional well-being with lessons of love, Buddhism instructs us in mental discipline, and the Tao invites us to explore the greater reaches and space of our beingness.

Rejecting outright all but one teaching, is like casting out every aspect of self that we fear because we do not yet understand. Discover the gems you have missed by perusing the pages of other wisdom teachings other than your own. In contrast to external religious rules put down by man, the esoteric verses across faiths are united in their focus on developing the internal sense of spirituality, the direct union with the infinite essence of All That Is we call God.

At this physical level of our being, truth for one will not necessarily be truth for another. What is true for you will electrify you, because it will resonate with who you are at your core and with where you are in your spiritual growth. Focus on that.

Transformation can occur in the twinkling of an eye. It need not take you years.