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Firefly in the Cosmic Night

stars over water 

How do I dissolve?
It is in letting go of the known,
to adventure into the unknown,
to be
beingness itself.
In choosing nothingness
there is All-ness.
It is the opposite of what the little mind believes,
thinking that in retaining,
power is.
But to “retain”
is to put a boundary on
what can be experienced.
And in imagining that boundary,
more gets left outside of self
than possibly could be held within.
A prison self becomes
until the bars,
shutting in heart and mind,
are lifted,
revealing lightness in the darkness.
Cosmic Night,
where trillions
of fireflies illuminate
its sky.
Piercing clarity.
Flashing on and off
in the cycles of time.
I am but a firefly
in the Cosmic Night.
And yet I AM
the Cosmic Night,
where there is at once
Lightness in the Darkness
and Darkness in the Light.

Varan, Valerie. “Firefly in the Cosmic Night.” ValerieVaran.com. DependentMedia.com. 2015. Book “Living in a Quantum Reality”.

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