How Does Energy Healing Work? Using Energy Medicine as a Complementary Tool to Fight Cancer and Other Medical Conditions

The following post is NOT intended as medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician regarding any treatments you may be considering for any medical condition.

Energy healing gets a bad rap from western medicine. Many of my clients feel alienated from physicians who bash it when their patient wants to incorporate it into their healing protocol.

A client of mine recently had his surgery cancelled by his doctor simply because he was asking questions about how fast the cancer in his body was growing and was considering his holistic options. The doctor told him he didn’t want to risk that his time would be wasted and told the client he felt disrespected, and therefore was taking his surgery off the schedule for the following week.

Most of these clients just feel it important to add holistic approaches to the western protocol in a complementary fashion. Most are not opting for alternative. Those who do, usually want to try less invasive procedures first to see if it works, when they believe they have time to do the western protocols if the holistic methods aren’t working fast enough.

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