Bankers Draining Municipal Budgets? Where is Conscious Capitalism?

My stomach sickens at the thought… …of dozens of cities, and thousands of fellow Americans, who are struggling because Wall Street bankers duped them into financial derivative schemes that made the bankers much richer and the cities, and their residents, much much poorer. Their municipal budgets now continuously drained. Public projects significantly more costly. Fewer works being funded at all. And the domino effect…like sustained unemployment or even higher layoffs, less funding to fight crime or pay emergency workers, impaired ability to help abused children get out of violent homes, little money to repair pot holes and other storm damage…the list goes on. All due to unscrupulous, unprincipled bankers who readily deceive our ignorant public servants into signing bad financial contracts, where they ultimately agree to pay higher than market interest rates or fees well into the future. Like Oakland, California reportedly stuck paying Goldman Sachs until 2021, according to CNBC’s John W. Schoenan in his article (see link above) just released today.

This is just one example of individuals, and entire industries, creating needless suffering in the world. Imagine how much misery could be avoided if these people transformed their consciousness into a way of thinking and perceiving that was centered around love. All contracts would be win-win, instead of win-lose. This is the basis of the latest movement in what is being called conscious capitalism. Bankers would use their financial know-how to help cities fund projects for the common good in the least expensive manner possible. And they would be paid fairly for their expertise. Bankers would help citizens afford their own homes, not go bankrupt because of deceptive legal contracts where they end up paying 80% higher than the original price of the home. And not just bankers, and the banking financial industry.

In the November 2013 issue of Entrepreneur magazine, we learn of many innovative start-up companies who are ready to help transform our world, one need at a time. There is Crowdfunding, where new ideas , Homeboy Industries, Like chefs who are determined to bring high quality food to us quickly.

If each of us helped transform our own industry through our own example of conscious capitalism, we would indeed change this world.

How can you change the world?