Multidimensional Reality & Nonlocal Mind: Space, Time, and Beyond with Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Part 1

Join Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC as she discusses in this multi-part series, The Nature of Reality and Quantum Consciousness. My guest is quantum physicist Anirban Bandyopadhyay. Here in Part 1, you will hear him address the question as to how he sees the “multidimensional” aspect of our quantum reality, since experiencers commonly use the term when describing their experiences of higher consciousness. Anirban rejects the traditional view of spacetime, that time could be derived from space only. He believes time could be fundamental, that, like we have 3 dimensions of space, we could have 3 dimensions of time. While Western science sees time as linear, as past, present, future, he shares how time could be nonlinear also, such as when Einstein showed how light can bend and time go slower or faster, depending on gravity and mass. In India, Hinduism and Ayurvedic science, time is like a cycle. Picture nested spirals. We have new skin in 11 days, new blood in 3 months, new kidney in 17 months, new bone in 8 years, such that every part of our body is moving in this cycle, in the 3D architecture of a clock. He says it is essential that Western science see time as a cycle, and also, accept “undefinedness” or singularity. Not everything can be “defined” or limited, like reality or consciousness. Scientific facts are illusion; they survive in a shorter time, but become untrue and imperfect in the longer time. It is impossible to make something “absolutely” true. This belief in absolute fact forces us to believe in very certain ways. Because of this belief, Western scientists do not have the capability to understand or the mentality to even appreciate different views. They are trained religiously to believe in certain premises. Anything other than that, is considered “nonscientific” and “charlatan”. So we have to change, and see time as “nearly to the circular” path, like a loop. And we have to realize that undefinedness, or singularity is not zero. It is a situation where it is impossible to define the values, where it is not, for example, dark or light, it is rather a shady part where it is both dark and light. That part contains much more information. And we have singularities at certain points in time. And these are transitions from the fixed state. So like a spiritual awakening, it is a spiritual transition from the fixed state. So what happened is like time spheres glued together, where a smaller ball has a shorter, faster time period, and a bigger ball has slower time. So we see 3 dimensions of space, but the 4th, 5th 6th dimensions are of time. When many clock architectures come together, then the singularities, the undefinedness in the universe are all connected. Some see quantum as weird, but Anirban sees it as magical. Quantum and even beyond quantum. While the body is at a particular place in space, mind is many places simultaneously. That becomes the natural order. We are observing and experiencing as part of different loops. Observation is the only reality where there is no reality. Every “thing” is Maya. All is perception, perception up to infinity when you cannot have experience at any point in time that could be considered absolute. We cannot have an absolute sensor in science. We can only observe a particular set of data, and cannot take that as fact, or nature. So, here we have 3 dimensions of space, 3 dimensions of time, a total of 6 dimensions is our physical reality. Then 7th, 8th, 9th dimension is geometric shape, pure geometric transition. After the 9th dimension, we have to go to primes. All over the brainbody system, you see primes. Microtubules with 13 protofilaments. Spinal cord with 31 channels. Cerebellum where all the synchronization for body movement happens, 19 different cavities. And horizontal and vertical arrays of neural networks, crossing with each other to keep the time, the rhythm. And so if we want to understand the whole brain, we can consider a few prime numbers. Prime numbers could be the fundamental code of the universe. And when they are multiplying with each other, they are creating. After years of looking at the vibrational frequencies, we discovered that prime number of frequencies can come together, vibrate and link. In the frequency or temporal space they can link and build structure. So when we think of multidimensional we should go to one higher, and that should be the practice of referring to dimensions, not just the geometric shape arrangement. Anirban says in string theory or in quantum mechanics, we will introduce one concept of dimension and will follow it and make it increasingly complex, and it will become increasingly higher dimension. But he does not want to make it more complex, he wants to give distinctness to every single dimension. Every single dimension will have a distinction of its own. And he adds, we cannot derive a particular concept of a particular dimension using any other dimension. Every dimension is fundamental in its nature.

Energy Work and the Activation of Medical Intuition/Other Psychic Gifts: with Patrice Krysztofiak

Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC and her guest Patrice Krysztofiak discuss the spontaneous activation of psychic gifts (3/12/24). Patrice shares his story of how he first started seeing into people’s bodies after he began a meditation practice in 2019 to cope with severe depression. He talks about how he chose his various meditations, and how long he practiced, before receiving his first spontaneous perception of answers to medical questions. He describes when he first entered the Light, cures that have seemed miraculous, how he experiences his work with guides/higher beings, and even how “light language” spontaneously came to him. Gift activations he has witnessed include clairvoyance, channeling and healing others. Patrice believes that many are now remembering their gifts as part of the awakening process spiking in 2023 and continuing today. He encourages us all to be kind to ourselves, for love is the key. He reminds all energy workers to notice when they need atunement or further development, since it is easy for any of us to fall out of the higher pure love states that facilitate healing (though placebo effects are real effects). Finally, Patrice addresses how he sees our multidimensional reality, and how when we heal one plane or layer, it can have effects on the other planes as well. To learn more about Patrice Krysztofiak, you can visit his energy work website at To learn more about Valerie Varan, quantum psychology, and/or the holistic life coaching she offers, visit

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Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is a holistic psychotherapist and author of the newly released book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness. After an initial career in the environmental engineering field, and much prompting from the Universe, Valerie obtained her master’s degree in counseling psychology, worked traditionally for several years, and then went into private practice in 2006. Finally synthesizing her love of quantum physics, psychology and ancient wisdom, she has come to specialize in helping spiritually awakened people embrace their transpersonal and quantum worldview; cope with their, often unexpected, holotropic states of consciousness; and pursue their spiritual visions for a more conscious society.

Evidence That Consciousness Survives Death

Dr. Sam Parnia, Director of Resuscitation Research at NYU’s Langone Medical Center has studied over 2000 patients who had to be resuscitated. Their heart stopped beating. They were declared clinically dead “for tens of minutes to hours after”. And they eventually came back to life. Of these, 40% were documented as being aware of what was happening during the time they were officially, medically dead. And 10% recalled a deeply mystical experience, seeing heavenly realms of light and peace, spiritual beings and deceased loved ones. He explained that it is likely that the ones who did not recall mystical experiences didn’t because of the medical treatments they were subjected to. What he feels convinced of is that consciousness is able to continue despite the death of the physical body. Self and mind are not gone after we die.

How Near-Death Experiences Are Indeed Possible: Part 1 Interview by NDE Radio Host Lee Witting

Join NDE Radio show host, Lee Witting, as he interviews Valerie about her book, Living in a Quantum Reality, a self-help book for those who have shifted into higher consciousness states from their near-death or spiritually-transformative experiences. And, as he inquires about the energies that make supposedly impossible experiences possible.

Fractal Pattern in a Quantum Material Confirmed for the First Time!

It is increasingly believed that our cosmos is a holofractal one. As above, so below. As the macrocosm, so too the microcosm. The vast jewel, geometric, multidimensional, holographic….where within each part lives the information for the whole. We are that.

It is increasingly believed that our cosmos is a holofractal one. As above, so below. As the macrocosm, so too the…

Posted by Valerie Varan, LPC on Thursday, March 11, 2021

Biophotons, light and much more are we!



I just read “Emission of Biophotons and Neural Activity of the Brain”, and it got me marveling yet again about how “light” is really the language we all speak, at the level of the body AND the soul. So I can’t help but wonder how the very small (light at the level of atoms and cells) and the immensely large (cosmic, like within the field of astronomy) link up. What we do think we know is that there is, at least, a connection from the body to the quantum through the tubulins within the microtubules of the neurons of our brain. And biophotons, at every frequency domain, seem to be our little light messengers between our human consciousness and the field of consciousness as a whole. This particular article was about the role of biophotons in the activity of our brain.

For those of you who may be new to this, a quantum of light is a unit or chunk of light, and we call it a photon. In the body, it is called a biophoton. The array of light that is the field of our biophotons is still a great mystery scientifically, our understanding still in its infancy. But we do know that it is at once local, and involved in electro-chemical communication and resonant energy transfer processes, as well as nonlocal, and entangled with the quantum vacuum, the field of potentiality. And it seems that subatomically, within the proton of the nucleus of each atom, lie the quantum worm-holes through which this light travels multidimensionally!

Biophotons are produced by our cells, largely from the oxidative metabolism of the mitochondria, the power plants of the cell responsible for generating enough energy to fuel all the activities of the cell. For instance, in a single neuron associated with sight, over 100 biophotons per second can be produced during the process of visual perception.

Our biophotons are usually considered “ultra-weak” electromagnetic light, but as the authors point out, this name is misleading since really most of their intensity cannot actually be measured, primarily because it is absorbed and scattered during cellular activity. This is relevant when we want to understand where this kind of light is along the entire holographic spectrum of light. Think of octaves on a piano and how they are harmonics of one another. Now imagine the piano is multidimensional and not just a single array of keys and octaves.

The neurons of our brain and nervous system conduct, and actually communicate through, these biophoton signals (as well as electrical and other energy signals), and the more coherent (laser-like, well organized as a synchronous system) our biophoton field, the more coherent our brain and EEG. The more coherent our energy field as a whole, the healthier we tend to be, while a scattered field is correlated with dis-ease.

Within our neurons, are microtubules vibrating in different frequency modes. In their excited states, there is coherence and energy pumping, and biophotons are absorbed via biomolecules. In their ground state, coherence and energy pumping are lacking, and biophotons are absorbed by the vacuum. These states are entangled when there is superposition of both states, ground and coherence. Here we see that we have a quantum system, with microtubules giving us long coherence and large synchrony. Therefore, we can begin to sense how our information processing can extend from local to nonlocal domains.

How does this relate to our EEG readings? Some scientists suspect that the quantum vibrations are the source of our brain wave electrical activity measured by an EEG as voltage fluctuations across time and frequency (the rhythm or speed bandwidths of brain waves), on average, for a synchronized group of neurons numbering in the thousands. You may recognize the names of these frequency domains or rhythms as beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, moving slower and slower from wakefulness to deeper relaxation and meditation to sleep. Gamma waves are even faster than beta (usually about 30-100 hertz) and have been observed in very experienced healers and advanced meditators. Gamma frequencies are thought to be involved in the synchronizing of neurons, which would make sense given that healers’ energy is known to be highly coherent. It also then make sense why gamma rhythms would be observed when we are consolidating information and engaging in higher mental activity. 

So, what is the take-away point of all this? To realize that we are indeed light within light, just as our spiritual texts describe. At the level of our body and cells is electrical energy at the slowest bandwidths of communication signaling. But at even increasingly multidimensional levels are biophotons to be found, at all levels of higher and lower energy, bridging us from slower realms of human consciousness to the faster and more synchronized realms of Wholeness consciousness. And all of that IS the very light of who we really are as souls!