Spiritual Life Coaching


I offer you spiritual support and guidance, offered within the context of your own beliefs, experiences, and worldview.

Here are just a few kinds of spiritual experiences you may want to talk about and figure out how to integrate its messages into your life:

  • Maybe you feel a subtle nudge, not sure what it is. But it feels like your soul, the Universe, or God is calling you toward something.
  • Each soul has come here for a unique purpose and mission. Maybe it's time to find out yours.
  • Maybe your career has lost its meaning for you. You want a change, one that brings you joy and still pays the bills.
  • You need life coaching - guidance, direction, skills - but want it to feel soulful, sacred, or spiritual to you.
  • Or maybe you have had a direct spiritual experience of some sort (e.g. communication with spiritual beings or deceased loved ones, expanded state of consciousness, near-death, shared-death, out-of-body, other worldly experience). You now need someone nonjudgmental to listen, support and validate your experience...and help you integrate it into your life.

These are just a few of the many concerns that can be helped with spiritual life coaching.


Check out these other pages about spiritual life coaching goals you may have:


If you would like to take the next step, reach out and schedule a 30-minute free initial call, where we can discuss your goals for our coaching sessions together. That way I can give you a more specific sense of how I can help you, and if our working together is right for you.

When You're Struggling With

  • Not feeling fulfilled in life, and thinking about exploring - maybe even for the first time - your sense of spirituality
  • Needing life guidance within the context of your beliefs
  • Raised in one religion, but it doesn't feel right for you anymore or it is causing conflicts with some aspect of your life, and you'd like to discuss it with someone outside of your place of worship
  • You're grieving the loss of a loved one, and trying to make sense of death
  • Contemplating whether consciousness survives death of the physical body
  • Frustrated or angry trying to live in a world that doesn't feel spiritual to you
  • Trying to live your soul purpose but it doesn't seem to be working
  • Feeling spiritual anxiety or depression, and wondering if it's the Dark Night of the Soul
  • It seems as if God or the Universe is trying to tell you something but it's unclear what
  • Feeling a conflict between your faith and science, and wanting someone to help you integrate the two
  • Feeling a conflict between the religion you were raised in and your sexual orientation
  • Feeling bullied for your beliefs
  • Wanting to know more about Law of Attraction, manifesting, co-creating
  • Wondering about certain synchronicities
  • Losing your "light", not feeling strong or courageous
  • Much much more

I Can Help You

  • Unwavering, unconditional, nonjudgmental support
  • All believers and nonbelievers welcome - I've helped even atheists and materialist scientists, as well as people of many faiths and world religions in this mysterious domain of life
  • Using your own framework of belief to help you make life decisions that feel right to you
  • Using your own vocabulary for That which is beyond us
  • Considering the science on near-death, shared-death, out-of-body, reincarnation, and other such experiences in consciousness
  • Practice effective ways of loving people who seem unlovable
  • Navigate the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Connect with that higher self or soul
  • Sharpen and distinguish your intuition
  • Clarify your options in life, career and relationships
  • Learn ways to make decisions grounded in your higher self
  • Interpret your dreams; differentiate ego dreams from soul dreams
  • Differentiate between various kinds of synchronicities or communications with or from the Universe
  • Understand scientific principles that explain the wonder of aligning the lower will with the Higher, and how it relates to co-creation with Spirit
  • Know how quantum physics describes the role of consciousness in manifesting "reality"
  • Courageously move forward, persist with what you feel inspired to do, even if it feels difficult

Support To Regain Your Spiritual Courage

The majority of you are held back by fear, and need support to regain your courage, trust and faith in the unknown path ahead. You may be intrigued by talk of the Law of Attraction, but see no evidence of it working in your own life. You may be working on personal growth and development, and need help discovering your unique qualities and skill sets. It irritates you to hear that ego is a bad thing, because you just know it is a necessary part of the spiritual path. You may even feel overwhelmed with spiritual energy, and need some ideas of how to ground and bring balance into your physical, emotional and mental aspects of self.

There are countless issues we humans need help with as we first develop the ego, and then seek to live from the inspiration of the soul.