Speaking & Workshops

A Master Lecturer

October 20, 2022

“just experienced a master teacher, a master lecturer!” – P

Absolutely terrific

October 20, 2022

“my appreciation to you for your talk and presentation which was absolutely terrific” – D

I loved having you speak

October 20, 2022

“It was truly one of the most amazing meetings. You are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom….I loved having you speak. You were so well prepared and covered so many aspects of quantum physics and its connection with STE’s and NDE’s. Very articulate! Excellent job! I can’t thank you enough!… Just loved your presentation. It…

Thank you for your devotion and humility

October 20, 2022

“I have found myself thinking and speaking in terms of your five levels on several occasions recently….. No where have I found a system of explaining how our minds track in a certain level as good as yours…Your presentation was amazing… I resonate with the seven levels you describe….The truth about who we are, where…

How To Make Contact

You can call or text Valerie at 303-547-8327. Feel free to leave a voicemail message, with the date, time and location of your event, as well as your contact information.

You can also click below to request a workshop, group or speaking event.

Topics Include:

On Energy, Consciousness, and Quantum Psychology

  • A discussion of her book, Living In A Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics And Psychology To Embrace Your Higher Consciousness
  • How Science is Validating Spiritual Experiences
  • Implications of Quantum Science for Psychology and Consciousness
  • From The Visible To The Invisible: How Quantum Physics Is Forcing Change Upon The Field Of Psychology And The Practice Of Psychotherapy
  • Quantum Psychology: What Every Spiritual Experiencer Needs to Know
  • Energy Psychology: More Than Tapping
  • How To Integrate Spirituality Into Your Traditional Counseling Practice

Spiritual Experiences Support Groups

Valerie co-facilitates spiritual experiences support groups with clergy of any denomination.

While you address theological questions that can arise, Valerie can address the psychological concerns that arise commonly for experiencers. She can also offer scientific sources of validation for the existence of a spiritual realm and for communication  with deceased loved ones, spiritual beings, and that Presence that most call God.

Contact her to design a group especially for your place of worship. She offers at no charge your first support group event, consisting of from 1 to 5 weekly sessions.