Quantum Psychology Training Course for Practitioners

The Quantum Psychology Training course is for you if:

  • you really want to up your understanding of our human psychology and how it is impacted by the energies beyond us, and not just within us
  • quantum physics has caught your interest and you've been wondering how it applies to your clients and your professional practice
  • you'd love to hear more about other leading-edge areas of science that help the field of psychology catch up to what we know about consciousness and its many states

Why Practitioners Need This Training

Applied science and research is what we call it when we take mounting scientific findings and extend these findings responsibly to other disciplines and daily life.

Quantum physics and quantum biology are two such areas of science providing helpful insights into previously unexplainable psychic and biological phenomena observed for centuries.

Quantum psychology is a leading-edge area of psychology that seeks to explain transpersonal experiences in consciousness. Transpersonal is that which is beyond, but can encompass, the personal sphere of consciousness.

This training is especially geared for transpersonal or spiritual psychotherapists, holistic counselors, grief counselors, hospice workers, integrative medicine professionals, clergy, spiritual life coaches, energy psychology practitioners, and others who are interested in learning the concepts of quantum physics which help our many professions understand and find a language to describe transpersonal experiences.

Transpersonal experiences commonly include near-death, shared-death, out-of-body, and spiritually-transformative experiences, as well as after-death communications (in its many forms) with the deceased. These also include telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, precognition and psychic healing. Many serious researchers are convinced as to the reality of these experiences given the vast amount of significant evidence.

Click below to learn more about quantum psychology. Scroll further below for the training package details, as well as reviews from physicists, engineers, clinicians, and energy psychology pioneers.

Quantum Psychology Training Package for Practitioners

Training You Can't Get Anywhere Else - Coming Soon!

12 Self-Study Lessons & 4 Q/A Sessions with Valerie

$2500 per pkg
  • Includes:
  • 12 Lessons at Your Pace
  • Four 1.5 Hour Q/A Zoom Sessions with Valerie
  • Learn Key Concepts from Quantum Physics/Biology
  • Apply to Clinical Work in Transpersonal and Energy Psychology
  • Understand Why Quantum View of Consciousness is Necessary
  • Consider New Theories of Reality
  • Discuss Case Examples
  • Differentiate from Hallucinations and Delusions
  • Do No Harm
  • How Relates to Neuroscience & Epigenetics
  • Dreaming, Out-of-Body Travel & Trauma
  • Quantum Consideration of Past/Future Lives, Reincarnation, Alters & Gender Identity
  • Energy Constellations, Emotions, Associations
  • Much much more!

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