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Awakenings/Expanded Consciousness

Telepathy, Foreseeing the Future, Other Psi

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs)

After-Death (ADCs) & Shared-Death (SDCs) Communications

Contact with Angels or Higher Dimensional Beings

Past Life Regressions, Visions, Dreams

Energy Sensitivity

When You're Struggling With

  • Near-death experience
  • Spiritually-transformative experience
  • Out-of-body experience
  • "Other worldly" experiences
  • Death of a loved one
  • Shared-death experience
  • Precognitions of the future
  • Past or future life memories
  • Clairvoyant perceptions of the deceased, spiritual beings
  • Unusual psychic, sensory, energy sensitivity
  • Spiritual "downloads"
  • Old worldview is shattered
  • Experience conflicts with beliefs or religion
  • Need to find implications and meaning for daily life
  • Feeling called to a new life or career
  • Relationship problems
  • Painfully lonely
  • Grief, missing true "home"
  • Can't fit in with the mean people here
  • Can't fit in with mainstream worldview
  • Trying to make sense of "reality"
  • And more

I Can Help You

  • Be listened to without judgment
  • Be guided within the context of your own belief system
  • Validate your experience with science
  • Clarify implications of the experience for your daily life
  • Make sense of "birth" and "death" as transition states of consciousness
  • Learn to communicate with your deceased loved ones
  • Make hard decisions
  • Find meaning and purpose
  • Regain your balance
  • Differentiate intuition from gut instinct (most can't)
  • Choose supportive healthy relationships
  • Navigate existing relationships
  • Balance lower, physical self with higher consciousness self
  • Make sense of "reality" or differentiate among "realities"
  • Settle into a new framework for your beliefs
  • New tools for coping with stressors
  • Consider if "out-of-body" is overused as a coping tool for trauma
  • Find tools for turning off psychic perceptions when unwanted
  • Learn how to maintain the higher Love of your experience

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How I Bring You Validation through Science


Research is being shared across the globe.

Some of the most well-known gatherings of evidence are coming through the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) founded by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, the Division of Perceptual Studies/School of Medicine at the University of Virginia, the Parapsychological Association, NYU's Langone Medical Center, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), to name a few.

A recent symposium* by IANDS revealed the finding that it usually takes from 5 to 30 years for someone to integrate a spiritually-transformative (STE) or near-death experience (NDE). This makes sense when we understand how such experiences stir up controversy.

For example:

  • In recent studies of over 2000 people who were clinically dead, with no heart beat for "tens of minutes to hours", Dr. Sam Parnia of NYU's Langone Medical Center found that up to 40% after resuscitation were documented as having been able to recollect what was going on, while they were dead. What they experienced was so mystical for 10% that they transformed their lives, after describing spiritual realms and beings and seeing deceased loved ones. He indicated that it is likely that those who don't recall their awareness during their death simply can't remember because of all the treatment drugs and procedures used. According to Dr. Parnia, after death, consciousness is able to continue; the self and mind are not gone.
  • In the studies conducted since 1988 by Dr. Pim Van Lommel, about 18% of cardiac arrest survivors remember a NDE. They typically don't feel safe to share it with doctors, mental health providers, clergy or even their family, out of fear of being called "crazy". Of those survivors, 70% tend to end up divorced, often because their lives are so radically transformed after their experience that they no longer can remain in their relationship.
  • Of people at the end stage of life, approximately 90% have some kind of transformative experience. Most commonly they may communicate with and/or see deceased loved ones, angels, other spiritual beings, light or landscapes. They feel a sense that they are about to "go on a trip", or need someone to "lift" them up.
  • Research estimates that 100 million people in the US, and 125 million in Europe, have had after-death communications (ADCs) with their loved ones or someone who has passed. About 30% of these occur spontaneously. ADCs are normal!
  • A more recent finding is that loved ones and caregivers often share in (i.e. shared-death experience or SDE) the passing of the deceased. Either when they are in the room (about 1/3), or even hundreds of miles away (2/3s are remote according to studies).
  • According to Janice Mines Holden, EdD, LPC-S, 1 in 5 experiencers report harm from disclosing to their health-care provider. It either goes over their head and they don't recognize what they've just heard. They dismiss it outright as hallucination or the effect of a drug. They pathologize it, and even hospitalize the experiencer. Or worse. If this is why you have not shared with anyone about your experience, it is with good reason. But there is hope, as you'll read shortly.

The controversy stems from the current traditional medical model. It is a materialist reductionist view which can be harmful because it invalidates STEs or NDEs. Its theory teaches that consciousness itself is a "bottom-up, epiphenomenon" of the brain-body, that somehow consciousness evolves from unconscious matter.  As such, all STEs or NDEs are considered delusions or hallucinations, since "there exists no consciousness beyond the body". This despite decades of scientific evidence to the contrary.

Note that without consciousness existing beyond the body, there can be no spiritual realms, no contact with deceased loved ones, no God. Tell that to the over 80% of Americans who believe. Tell that to the 80% across all demographics who report after-death communications (ADCs) with loved ones within the first year after death, regardless of belief.

A more recent "top-down" scientific view considers consciousness as a field which exists first. It is consciousness, not matter, that is fundamental. And the birth of quantum physics has revealed that there is "nonlocal" as well as local energy; the former disobeying the regular rules of space and time, the latter involving electromagnetism that takes space and time to travel. Nonlocal energy helps explain how you can receive an intuition that your loved one has passed exactly at the moment they pass, on the other side of the world. It helps explain entanglement, that "spooky-action-at-a-distance" where seemingly separate things act simultaneously as if they are interconnected, and as one entity. Even if they are across the cosmos from another. There is much much more, but for another blog post.

The important point is that traditional medical practitioners unfortunately don't tend to believe it to be true when a client reports a STE or NDE. Even those cases which have medically documented evidence for its truth. And so clients can feel dismissed at best, diagnosed with psychosis for worse. Whereas more leading-edge practitioners understand how out-dated this view, especially given the vast amount of scientific evidence for consciousness beyond the body, and defying the normal ideas about space and time.

I am among those who believe that consciousness does exist beyond the body. That experiences like STEs and NDEs are indeed possible. And I can share many scientific findings that can validate your experiences.


Implications and Meaning for Your Life

You can feel free to share your entire experience with me, no matter how crazy it sounds to others. Just so you know, I don't discern mental health concerns from extraordinary experiences in consciousness by the content of what I'm hearing; instead it is by the other factors that indicate someone is not functioning well in their life. For instance, if someone can't track our conversation, discern one from another reality, or so forth, then something else may be going on.

Your experience is one-of-a-kind. Even though many others may have had similar experiences, each are distinct. Let's really understand what all you received during yours, in the way of messages, new perceptual gifts you now have, new realizations of reality or our cosmos.

Let's get to the implications for your life.

You may have received messages you yearn to contemplate with someone who won't judge. You may feel called to transform your life in some way...a new mission or sense of purpose, a new career direction perhaps...but feel stuck for so many reasons.

If it feels that relationships need to end, and others found, that can be heartbreaking and cause quite a lot of distress. I can help you consider your options, weigh your decisions, and plan your steps, to minimize overwhelm and stress.

Transforming your life isn't just for you. We need you.


*International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), 2022 Spring Symposium, The Mind-Brain Question.



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