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IANDS Presents:

Divine Journeys Unveiled

with Alexis Richardson, Patrice Krysztofiak, and Valerie Varan

Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey as the ‘Divine Journeys Unveiled’ panel unfolds, featuring three distinct individuals sharing their extraordinary spiritual encounters. Each panelist will present their diverse paths and unique connections to the Divine. Delve into the mystical, as they offer glimpses into profound experiences, unraveling the mysteries of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. The panel promises a wide array of narratives exploring the transcendental, the mystical, and the deeply personal, fostering a collective understanding of the spiritual realm. Originally aired 12/9/23.

Leading-Edge Coaching



If you are seeking holistic help at every level of your being - mental, emotional, physical, relationship, energetic and spiritual - then you're in the right place.

After 20 years of clinical mental health private practice, Valerie's coaching perspective on holistic health & well-being is informed by the leading-edge of psychology and multidisciplinary science: neuroscience, epigenetics, mind-body and consciousness studies, and even quantum physics/biology.

Valerie offers a variety of coaching services including:

If you would like to take the next step, reach out and schedule a 30-minute free initial call, where we can discuss your goals for our coaching sessions together. That way I can give you a more specific sense of how I can help you, and if our working together is right for you.


Contact me in the way most convenient for you:

  1. Text or call, and feel free to leave a voicemail at 303-547-8327.
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A Master Lecturer

October 20, 2022

“just experienced a master teacher, a master lecturer!” – P

Absolutely terrific

October 20, 2022

“my appreciation to you for your talk and presentation which was absolutely terrific” – D

I loved having you speak

October 20, 2022

“It was truly one of the most amazing meetings. You are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom….I loved having you speak. You were so well prepared and covered so many aspects of quantum physics and its connection with STE’s and NDE’s. Very articulate! Excellent job! I can’t thank you enough!… Just loved your presentation. It…

Thank you for your devotion and humility

October 20, 2022

“I have found myself thinking and speaking in terms of your five levels on several occasions recently….. No where have I found a system of explaining how our minds track in a certain level as good as yours…Your presentation was amazing… I resonate with the seven levels you describe….The truth about who we are, where…

Presentation Highlights

For a presentation on how quantum physics has evolved to help explain supposedly "impossible" experiences, check out Quantum Nature of Healing Light & Love. In Cosmic Mystery, you will hear a more detailed presentation on the numerous forms of extraordinary spiritual experiences. And in Maintaining Luminous Love, you will be lead through some experiential exercises as Valerie helps you tap into higher spiritual Love in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!

On Transformation Talk Radio

By Valerie Varan | December 12, 2023

Listen to the episode here: https://www.transformationtalkradio.com/guest/valerie-varan,4394.html Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is a holistic psychotherapist and author of the newly released book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness. After an initial career in the environmental engineering field, and much prompting from the Universe, Valerie obtained her master’s…

1. Unraveling the Cosmic Mystery of our Spiritual and Near-Death Experiences, 10/15/22 Presentation to Williamsburg Friends of IANDS

By Valerie Varan | October 18, 2022

(Passcode: MK^LAY+0) The video is on zoom and requires a password to watch. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/xmnf-wqNhMowirlcZbNU2G1zzhdQys7qBJEEFsNrIS_ChT7OUNY0O7VwzFoWqiYRt2EdsuZebT83sNyl.HXLhQqJ4uEC71uXS?continueMode=true

Maintaining Luminous Love, 2022 IANDS Conference Presentation

By Valerie Varan | October 17, 2022

Quantum Nature of Healing Light & Love: How Quantum Physics and Psychology Affirm NDEs, 2017 IANDS Conference Presentation

By adminjosh | October 19, 2021
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What are the benefits of Holistic compared to Traditional psychotherapy, counseling or coaching?

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How easy to get started?

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I'm struggling to integrate a spiritually-transformative, or near-death experience.

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How does quantum physics relate to psychology & consciousness?

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In The News

How Near-Death Experiences Are Indeed Possible: Part 1 Interview by NDE Radio Host Lee Witting

By Valerie Varan
Posted in

Join NDE Radio show host, Lee Witting, as he interviews Valerie about her book, Living in a Quantum Reality, a self-help book for those who have shifted into higher consciousness states from their near-death or spiritually-transformative experiences. And, as he inquires about the energies that make supposedly impossible experiences possible.

Science of Higher Consciousness

By Valerie Varan
Posted in

Roundtable discussion at the Caritas Center in Boulder Colorado, 11/18/2016. Panelists include: Valerie Varan, Rich Haas, Ron Radhoff, Gabriel Sereni. Moderated by Thomas D. Abraham

How Quantum Physics & Psychology Affirm Near Death Experiences

By Valerie Varan
Posted in

Those who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and related experiences are often left feeling conflicted within because their worldview is dramatically different from most others. As a result, many struggle to live from our highest consciousness values and seek validation for our new worldview. Experiencers need a scientific language to talk about their experiences. Quantum…

A Quantum Explanation of Love

By Valerie Varan
Posted in ,

On our last show, Valerie Varan described in quantum-physical terms many of the NDE-related experiences so difficult to explain in ordinary language. On today’s program, Valarie tackles a possible quantum explanation for what the NDEr reports as the experience of Love.

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Living in a Quantum Reality

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A Quantum Explanation of Love

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Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

This book is a quantum, energy psychology self-help book, based on my direct experiences and those of my clients.

It is a step toward advancing the field of psychology, and especially the practice of psychotherapy, to catch up with the latest, more quantum, worldview, one that is more comprehensive for understanding the reaches of our human consciousness and psycho-spiritual experiences.

For those of you who would like to understand your supposedly "impossible" experiences, or who would like help with the most common issues faced by those of a higher, more loving, consciousness, this book is for you.

A link between quantum activity and the biochemical

Magnetism seems to be a link between quantum activity and biochemical....and in other experiments, when healer's hands are studied, it is a strong biomagnetic field radiating from them....interesting!" Their interpretation is that the presence of the magnet caused the electrons in the radical pairs to align, slowing down chemical reactions in the cell so that there were fewer molecules available for producing fluorescence. The short version: The magnet caused a quantum change in the radical pairs that suppressed the flavin's ability to fluoresce...."The joyous thing about this research is to see that the relationship between the spins of two individual electrons can have a major effect on biology."...He notes, "We think we have extremely strong evidence that we've observed a purely quantum mechanical process affecting chemical activity at the cellular level." https://bigthink.com/surprising-science/scientists-confirm-cells-quantum-response-to-magnetism?rebelltitem=4#rebelltitem4