Soul Work

Connect to your higher self that many call the soul.

Learn to listen to your intuition, and know the difference between soul's voice and ego's mind.

Live your soul consciousness, in your daily life.

If you need help bringing your ego into its highest light, I am here.

When you need help embracing the higher consciousness of your soul, which is love in its highest aspect, I am here. One step at a time is how our soul work evolves. We learn to walk into the unknown, its boundary marked with the sign of fear. We learn to have courage, to trust in the unseen, and to let invisible forces move us in alignment with the highest of love.

Soul work is living your life moved by your soul consciousness.

That sphere of consciousness that originates prior to your birth, serves as the energetic blueprint for your physical body, and continues its experience beyond death in this material plane. The soul work you are called to do is unique because your soul is a one-of-a-kind blend of energies.

There is no other soul like yours, in any universe.

Like any process, the soul work we feel called to do depends on where we are in the remembering of ourselves as a soul, and in living from that focus in consciousness.

Where are you in this process?

In my book, check out the page on Chakras, and notice which of the seven you resonate with the most. All seven of these energy vortices, which share information among your energy bodies, are important to your growth and development as a soul.

The first three are related to your personal development.

That which we call the development of ego and personality. The other four are key to your trans-personal or spiritual development. All seven are intended to work together in synchrony. When they do, the lower frequency three serve the higher vibrational four. As discussed on the Quantum Physics & Psychology page, the egoic chakras communicate information through electromagnetic forces, while the spiritual chakras, and their related centers of consciousness, share information via non-local torsion fields, those that seem to defy rules of conventional physics and laws of time and space.

If you still need to develop confidence in yourself, then your soul work is to work on building up your ego.

Not to be selfish. But to be strong, grounded, skillful, mindful, and ready to create for more than just yourself. Your heart needs to be open, emotionally balanced, and ready to love inclusively. Your mind needs to be quiet upon request, and still enough to listen to the subtle voice of your soul. When you have come to know the voice of your soul, its longings and dreams to make the world a better place for all of Earth’s citizens, then you are ready to use your ego in service of your soul. You will begin to sense your mission for being here. You may always experience some level of fear, but it no longer will stop you in doing what you need to do for your highest creativity.

That is soul work.

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