the pleiades star cluster 11637 1920

Higher Consciousness

the pleiades star cluster 11637 1920

What is meant by “higher consciousness” anyway?

The field of quantum physics has brought to humanity a new understanding of an invisible world of energy vibration and a fundamental field we experience as consciousness. And though the specifics are still being debated within the field itself, let alone outside by the rest of us, we do know enough to enjoy greater insight into what is meant by “higher consciousness”.

Let me explain consciousness in terms of an array of faster/higher and slower/lower energy frequency vibrations, and the information they carry.

The invisible world of energy is a world where separation, or distinction among fields and forms of energy, is based upon frequency or speed of vibration. Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC 2 tells us that energy takes shape as matter, or matter sheds its form and appears as energy, depending upon the speed of its light.

Most related to matter, electromagnetism is a tiny spectrum of slower frequency light (a photon is a single unit of light), which corresponds to the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet color informational bandwidths. This is the range of energy vibration that gives us our perceptions of time and space, and material objects.

But there is much more energy than meets the eye!

Recently, scientists have been able to name and categorize a type of energy that disobeys the electromagnetic laws of time and space: torsion fields. Torsion seems to involve fields of energy vibration so fast that they take no time or space at all to travel. At this superluminal level of vibration, all is interconnected as one synchronized field. When one part of this unified field is effected, the entire field is so effected. At torsion levels of higher vibration, information is continuously and immediately shared among all that is.

With information apparently an inherent aspect of its power, energy seems to be highly intelligent by its very nature. Thus, I have come to very simply define consciousness as a matrix of energy carrying information. (Since the varying fields of energy differ in the type of information they carry, consciousness itself is differentiated by the quantity and quality of information it contains.)

Quantum physicists are now saying that it is the field of consciousness that is our primary and fundamental level of existence, and it is consciousness as a field that serves as the blueprint field for material reality.

Higher consciousness literally refers to fields of consciousness involving faster and higher frequency fields of energy, such as torsion, and therefore higher states of informational awareness and experiential beingness. And, scientifically, torsion fields have been correlated with peak states, intuitive or direct knowing, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing, long distance energy healing, and other types of “magical” or psychic phenomena that involve nonlocal and synchronized sharing of information.

While peak states do vary (because each individual represents a unique fingerprint of energy we refer to as the soul), states of higher consciousness have in common the sense of oneness, interconnectedness, and love that is incomprehensible to those who have not experienced them consciously.

People, who live from such states of higher consciousness, are recognized by the information they bring to all of us and the higher values by which they live their lives. Their values shift because their perceptual field has shifted, and they can no longer see separation as those who are still living from lower, slower, more electromagnetic fields of energy and awareness. Their message to us:  that we should love all forms of life inclusively and unconditionally because all is one in being, that we are love itself, and that all we really need to do is to be the loving higher consciousness that we are at our core.

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