How to Be the Love That You Are

Each of us have the opportunity to be the love that we are at any moment. Here is how one 5-year-old showed us how it’s done. I love this story! This school district dared to teach troubled kids meditation, and had amazing results. A man after my own heart – writing about how consciousness alters physical reality. Even rats have been shown to be empaths and will rescue a fellow rat over eating chocolate!




Analyzing our dreams can reveal much about our thoughts and emotions that are buried deeply below the surface. As I discuss more under Soul Work Dream Interpretation, and in my book Living in a Quantum Reality, dreams can be communications from Spirit or loved ones, or mental representations of a chatty mind. They may be memories of astral travels or of other incarnations. Most often, they mirror to us the fears we hold about a lacking self. There are assorted styles of dream analysis. My style is a synergistic blend inspired by various disciplines from Jungian psychology to spiritual teachings, along with remote viewing and other psychic research. Though informed by the archetypes of the collective unconscious, I ultimately believe that each of us tends to dream in symbols personal to us.

The types of dreams we experience reflect our reach in spiritual growth. For example, only those few who have developed their perceptual capabilities beyond the material realms will likely remember astral travels. Yet there is nothing to judge for no one is ahead of another. Each of us develops according to the plan of our Higher Self for purposes we can only intuit. Ultimately, you are the only one who can interpret your dream. I am honored to be your guide.

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I had a dream last night…. In it, time seemed as if years. I was working on various scientific and engineering projects and achievements. Some events felt as smaller tasks, like working on a roadway project for the ….Some felt larger, like a space mission to the moon, or a cure for disease. Toward what would be the end of the dream, it seemed as if something had gone very wrong, there had been deep betrayals by members of the team, and I was corralled among a herd of our professional team as we were mechanistically pushed out upon a conveyor belt compacting and carrying us toward we knew not where. Then I could see ahead an enclosed vat, disguised as a small but friendly lake decorated with orange water lilies, yet knew it to be a chemical bath that would lead to certain death. As we dropped into the bath of still moving water, most immediately a curtain appeared, and as we rounded the curtain, relief overtook dread. I was on a Disney ride, a convincing adventure ride as realistic as life is, taking time as life does, yet circling back to the source of my ride and finding it to be the same day as the ride had begun.

Love Is Who You Are

white water flowing

white water flowingLove is who you are. Love is your eternal essence, your soul. Love is the living water from which your soul emerges as it pours forth, and is the energetic source of your being. It is up to you whether you move with the force of an ocean, a wave or a drop. All are one in the spirit and movement of love. Love is what gives you your sense of individuality. You are distinguished from others in the quality of your love. It is a quality or particular nature of love that you have been created to express. When you are being your authentic soul self, you are being love, for the essence of being is the essence of love. All beings are love, for all have their source and movement in love. Love is the water of being and the source of your youth. Your body is the fountain through which that water flows, now. You are not your body, for your body is the structure and not the being. Your body is the magnificent edifice in which you place your beingness, for a time. When you look inside, you peer at beingness and love. When you look outside, you see only the structure that your love has taken, this time. What you see of yourself is determined by where you look. When you do not see yourself as love itself, you have not peered into the depth of your being. You have stopped your search too soon, and have remained at superficial levels outside of who you really are. It is like confusing a company for its name and the building in which it has located, rather than knowing it for the purpose of its birth and the beings who create within its varied rooms and meeting spaces.  

What It Means to Be an Empath


Erica Leibrandt wrote this post on Elephant journal about being an empath. In it, she shares what it feels like to be an empath, and wonders what it all means and how to balance it now that she’s 44 and ready for a change. To Erica and other empaths out there, I would answer you this. Empaths have more sensitive radar than most other folks. Not necessarily clairvoyant, because that is the kind of radar where you can see frequencies that others can’t see. But yes, clairsentient, where you can feel energy in a more subtle way than the majority of those around you. How? Thanks to quantum physics pioneers, we now know that every thought, every emotion, every cell, every person, every thing emits its own electromagnetic signature. Your heart and brain (actually each cell of your body)¬†work like an energy receiver/transmitter, not unlike your Wi-Fi-enabled computer or tablet.

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