Firefly in the Cosmic Night

Holistic Life Coaching

stars over water 

How do I dissolve?
It is in letting go of the known,
to adventure into the unknown,
to be
beingness itself.
In choosing nothingness
there is All-ness.
It is the opposite of what the little mind believes,
thinking that in retaining,
power is.
But to “retain”
is to put a boundary on
what can be experienced.
And in imagining that boundary,
more gets left outside of self
than possibly could be held within.
A prison self becomes
until the bars,
shutting in heart and mind,
are lifted,
revealing lightness in the darkness.
Cosmic Night,
where trillions
of fireflies illuminate
its sky.
Piercing clarity.
Flashing on and off
in the cycles of time.
I am but a firefly
in the Cosmic Night.
And yet I AM
the Cosmic Night,
where there is at once
Lightness in the Darkness
and Darkness in the Light.

Varan, Valerie. “Firefly in the Cosmic Night.” 2015. Book “Living in a Quantum Reality”.

Father of my Father: A Prayer

sparks 17615 640

sparks 17615 640



This is a prayer that I was inspired to write, while grieving the passing of my father. Hope it helps you too.





Father of my father,
Father of my mother,
Father of all,
Raise me up to where you are.
Pulse my heart with your Heart.
Quicken my spirit with your Spirit.
Set me free
from all the pain and grief that be.

The Melancholy of Discontent


Clinging to my bosom
lies a melancholy of discontent,
unsettled terrain
within this cavern body,
a malaise of disconnection.

Rumbling, grumbling, stirring, yearning.
There, upon scant introspection, a reticence interrupts,
and causes pause of closer contemplation.
Overtakes it, a gripping fear
that ripped apart,
my maternal existence as I’ve known.

Yet, too, a certainty dawns
within this dark and foggy cave,
that prolonged avoidance and desperate ignorance
can only guarantee my breaking.

So it is, I seek
a realization,
the source of this undoing,
this crumbling of my ground.
And there I find,
instead of death,
a birth
of rising fertile soil.

Firm and sure, this new terrain,
renewed life within my bosom springs,
a connection never felt before.

My heart, the door,
a void, no more.

Varan, Valerie. “The Melancholy of Discontent.” 2014.


milky wayperson

milky wayperson

My mind

connected to all minds

within One Mind.

That is how

I Know.

My eye

connected to all eyes

within One Eye.

That is how

I See.

My heart

connected to all hearts

within One Heart.

That is how

I Love.

The Essence of Love

sun and moon

Human love is…
a mere reflection of its parent, the moon to the sun, the shadow to the source of light above;
a work in progress, imperfect in its incompletion, blocked by fear and its sons of neediness;
unfolded through goodness of heart, truth of mind, and harmony in physical expression;
authentic beingness;
the process of building and creating together, me helping you manifest your beneficent dreams to cohere our world, you supporting mine;
mutual support for one another, constant and unfailing at its finest;
a conscious choice to love you for who you are, for no particular reason, not for anything in return for myself, a more pure love;
harmless in motive, constructive in reality and in effectiveness;
a wise and reciprocal understanding, compassion born of empathic experience, the experience of the other, freely entered in;
a sense of expansion into “we”-ness from the once contracted and lonely “I”;
a vibrational quickening, a fusion of awareness into socially shared consciousness;
co-operation, co-participation, co-creation at its best.

Pure love is…
an energy so strong, it builds universes out of its vibration;
an energy so complex, it can only be described multidimensionally, holographically,
transforming visible universe into unseen multi-verse with its song, and falling back again in a gyration of rhythmic breath;
the energy of expansion and creativity that streams through all things and glues us together in oneness;
the sun to the moon, the source of light on high casting a whirling net of shadows below;
the quantum field of consciousness itself, born of Spirit infused into matter,
quickening life out of apparent nothingness, bringing awareness into being and subjectivity into objectivity;
a spectrum of synchronistic collective activity and movement, perceived or not, streaming through every form and structure in some diluted fashion;
unconditional, unyielding, unlimited.

Varan, Valerie. “The Essence of Love.” 2014.