sun and moon

The Essence of Love

Human love is…
a mere reflection of its parent, the moon to the sun, the shadow to the source of light above;
a work in progress, imperfect in its incompletion, blocked by fear and its sons of neediness;
unfolded through goodness of heart, truth of mind, and harmony in physical expression;
authentic beingness;
the process of building and creating together, me helping you manifest your beneficent dreams to cohere our world, you supporting mine;
mutual support for one another, constant and unfailing at its finest;
a conscious choice to love you for who you are, for no particular reason, not for anything in return for myself, a more pure love;
harmless in motive, constructive in reality and in effectiveness;
a wise and reciprocal understanding, compassion born of empathic experience, the experience of the other, freely entered in;
a sense of expansion into “we”-ness from the once contracted and lonely “I”;
a vibrational quickening, a fusion of awareness into socially shared consciousness;
co-operation, co-participation, co-creation at its best.

Pure love is…
an energy so strong, it builds universes out of its vibration;
an energy so complex, it can only be described multidimensionally, holographically,
transforming visible universe into unseen multi-verse with its song, and falling back again in a gyration of rhythmic breath;
the energy of expansion and creativity that streams through all things and glues us together in oneness;
the sun to the moon, the source of light on high casting a whirling net of shadows below;
the quantum field of consciousness itself, born of Spirit infused into matter,
quickening life out of apparent nothingness, bringing awareness into being and subjectivity into objectivity;
a spectrum of synchronistic collective activity and movement, perceived or not, streaming through every form and structure in some diluted fashion;
unconditional, unyielding, unlimited.

Varan, Valerie. “The Essence of Love.” 2014.

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