Pain, Passion, Beingness and Love

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This morning I awoke from a dream that inspired this writing.


Pain is passion

turned in on itself.

It defines

the edges of our Beingness in form and time,

who we are not,

what we perceive not,

where we have acted not.

Pain is Beingness

turned in on itself,

fallen inward


flowered outward

in its higher expression of Livingness.

Pain is Love

turned in on itself,




from the cavernous spaciousness that is

the Higher Heart.

Passion unveils Beingness,

which reveals

Love itself.

To move beyond pain,

move outside of your form self

and into

the space of your true self.

Being Love is who you really are.

Sharing Love is forever your true purpose.

Cultivating Self-Love



Recently a client of mine asked to share her journal entries, with me and you, so that others could benefit from knowing what it is like to gain new insights, and begin to act on them.

In this case she was struggling to love herself, for she was really good at intense and unconstructive self-talk, and at beating herself up for every little thing she judged herself for doing wrong. We were trying to help her move into more automatic constructive, rather than unconstructive, self-talk. One of the things we had worked on was helping her distinguish between discernment and judging.

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Learning to Love, and other Mother’s Wisdom

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buddha 1097378 1280

For those of you who are mothers, thank you for the key role you play in the evolution of love upon our planet, that of sharing your highest wisdom with your children. As you read about the qualities and characteristics of love in this blog, it will be up to you to teach and model what you learn to your children, and to help them embody the principles of such love throughout their lives.

My mother first passed along to me her own mother’s wisdom when I was still a teen. Though I don’t remember the circumstances that led to the conversation, I remember her words, and to this day, I reflect upon their profound significance. “My mom always told me that the kids who were the least lovable need the most love,” she said.

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80% of us have experienced God’s love!

Thanks to Stephen G. Post and his team, sociologists Margaret Poloma and Matthew T. Lee of the University Akron, with the help of John C. Green, Director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. With a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, they have now completed a research survey of the American experience of God’s love. ( It turns out that 80% of us have experienced God’s love, and 45% of us feel God’s love for us directly at least once per day! Click below to read Stephen’s article summarizing the results of their research project: Visit for more information on their book. For more about Stephen’s work visit Institute for Research on Unlimited Love at

18 Part Series: The Nature Of Love


Introducing An 18-Part Series: The Nature Of Love

1st Insight: Love Is an Energy

Posted on 01/21/2013 by Valerie Varan


Love is an energy, an energy that pulses from Divine Life into the heart of all living things, interconnecting all that is, the spiritual with the material. In September 2010, reported the story of Kate Ogg and her newborn son, Jamie, who was brought to life through his mother’s love, after being pronounced dead by the attending physicians. Jamie was born prematurely, 27 weeks into Kate’s pregnancy. The doctors tried for 20 minutes to get him to breathe, but their efforts failed. Kate insisted on cuddling him up to her heart, wanting Jamie to know he was loved. Her husband, David, joined his body to theirs. After awhile, little Jamie began to stir. The doctors initially refused to come and see, certain he was dead, and dismissed these subtle clues of life as meaningless reflex. But Jamie opened his eyes, and began to thrive. Because conventional medicine has no conception of love as a real energy, they fail to harness its power for healing, health and wellbeing. Love as energy is in some measure enlivening, expanding and creating. It is beneficently supporting, building, nourishing, allowing and thus freeing.

2nd Insight: Love energy is a vibration, a pulse, a rhythm of energy we can sense in our innermost being.

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The Essence of Love

sun and moon

Human love is…
a mere reflection of its parent, the moon to the sun, the shadow to the source of light above;
a work in progress, imperfect in its incompletion, blocked by fear and its sons of neediness;
unfolded through goodness of heart, truth of mind, and harmony in physical expression;
authentic beingness;
the process of building and creating together, me helping you manifest your beneficent dreams to cohere our world, you supporting mine;
mutual support for one another, constant and unfailing at its finest;
a conscious choice to love you for who you are, for no particular reason, not for anything in return for myself, a more pure love;
harmless in motive, constructive in reality and in effectiveness;
a wise and reciprocal understanding, compassion born of empathic experience, the experience of the other, freely entered in;
a sense of expansion into “we”-ness from the once contracted and lonely “I”;
a vibrational quickening, a fusion of awareness into socially shared consciousness;
co-operation, co-participation, co-creation at its best.

Pure love is…
an energy so strong, it builds universes out of its vibration;
an energy so complex, it can only be described multidimensionally, holographically,
transforming visible universe into unseen multi-verse with its song, and falling back again in a gyration of rhythmic breath;
the energy of expansion and creativity that streams through all things and glues us together in oneness;
the sun to the moon, the source of light on high casting a whirling net of shadows below;
the quantum field of consciousness itself, born of Spirit infused into matter,
quickening life out of apparent nothingness, bringing awareness into being and subjectivity into objectivity;
a spectrum of synchronistic collective activity and movement, perceived or not, streaming through every form and structure in some diluted fashion;
unconditional, unyielding, unlimited.

Varan, Valerie. “The Essence of Love.” 2014.