The Basis of Healing

In this age where we focus on getting rid of disease, what do we know about health and healing? Where there is health there is:

  • Movement, flow, circulation
  • Energetic states that are coherently structured
  • Sustenance, nutrition, oxygen, water
  • Environmental conditions that foster growth and allow life to thrive

Biologists have found that our cells seem to have an “off/on” switch. Our cells can either be in growth mode OR war mode. As long as they are fighting, they can’t be growing at the same time. Fear energy constricts and inflames, squeezing life from our midst. Fear causes our cells to go into “off” mode rather than “on” mode, as they prepare for war. When fear is momentary, there is no problem. But over time, chronic stress disrupts our digestion processes, constricts our arteries, compresses the alveoli in our lungs, and inhibits our mental, energetic and neurological functioning. On the other hand, love energy whirls scattered energy states into organized form, and is the primary antidote to all dis-ease. When we are in a state of loving energy, there is freedom of movement. Our muscles relax, we can breathe more deeply, and our circulation improves. Blood flows, distributing essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and oxygen to each of our cells. Blood pressure improves. Healing and repair processes can take higher priority. Our cells turn “on” to grow. Conventional medicine gives us drugs to mask our symptoms, allowing us to ignore our soul’s messages for longer periods of time. Drugs are helpful when our functioning is so impaired that we need emergency measures. But drugs generally do not heal the body, they simply intervene with a delicate system, like a car mechanic changing the oil or transmission fluid in our car. It is always our body – in all of its vibratory dimensions – that heals itself. Surgery can be helpful in times of crises, like car accidents or other traumatic injuries. It is helpful to have a trusty mechanic when our engine or transmission fails. But we are not machines. Symptoms are the soul’s way of communicating that something is not aligned with love energy, the vital essence of life. Symptoms tell us that our fear is lasting too long, that it is inhibiting and even shutting down the very systems that keep us alive. What are your body’s signals trying to tell you? Is fear rather than love directing your life, and therefore your biology? Open yourself up to healing. Open yourself up to love.  

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