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You may have heard people talking about the Law of Attraction. “What is it?” you wonder. The Bible teaches that what we sow, we reap what we plant is harvested. “Is this Law of Attraction?”

Perhaps you have read books suggesting that your thoughts create your reality, but you’re well aware that your thoughts are often negative and all over the place. It’s freaking you out a bit, each time something negative happens in your life. “What do I need to do to manifest my own reality? Is this the same thing as karma?”

The Law of Attraction is one of the most frequently misunderstood.

It is a universal law that similar energies resonate with one another, and in that way, they group together. When you see a rainbow, notice that red energies form one bandwidth of color, orange another, and the same with yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. None is more or less important than the other group of color. And, at the level of wholeness we see as white light, all colors are united.

We too are like white light with a rainbow of color hidden within. Soul and ego are different bandwidths of energy, with distinct types of effects. Existing beyond time and space, our soul energy or consciousness resides at the faster, torsional, super-luminal, end of the rainbow spectrum, where Law of Attraction really applies. In other words, it is the energy of the soul that magnetizes or attracts that which best serves its purposes.

Whether we live predominantly as soul consciousness or ego consciousness determines how much we sense the Law of Attraction working in our lives through synchronous events that defy imagination and ordinary logic. Soul energies are attracted to similar soul energies at levels of torsion fields (see the section on Quantum Physics & Psychology), which involve harmonic synchronicities orchestrated nonlocally and beyond time and space. Egoic energies resonate with other egoic energies at the levels of electromagnetic fields, which have “local”, instead of nonlocal, effects that take time and space to unfold.

When we are in tune with nonlocal and more subtle fields of energy and communication, we are in step with the larger whole. Life appears as one synchronicity happening after another.

At this energetic level, we are in tune with soul consciousness. Through the energies of the heart and soul, we are led to group together with those of similar soul purpose united, we feel as though we are one. We are aware of our unique pattern of energy as an individual consciousness and too, we are aware of our part within the whole of consciousness.

We are in instantaneous communication with the collective body or group mind that is soul consciousness. Synchronicities guide us, through time and distance, toward those with whom we resonate as a soul. And, it tangibly feels like we are connected beyond space and time, moved by an invisible force or subtle energy Presence, as if some unseen Conductor is orchestrating a grand symphony in which we play our part.

Most of us are not typically synchronized with our soul consciousness in this way, at least not routinely and consciously. It is because our focus and attention are usually pointed externally toward the material world, instead of internally within the subtle soul self.

It then feels like we are disconnected because our ego’s mental energies are focused on the physical level of “things”, where we see everything as a separate object. (And in psychology we know that what we look for is what we see and what we don’t look for, we are blind to. It is called inattentional blindness.)

As we perceive such disconnection and separation, we plummet into an illusion of sorts. Illusion, because as quantum physics now teaches us, all matter is really energy vibrating at some speed of light, faster or slower in frequency. But energies that are subtly vibrating are not what the majority of us sees with our physical eyes. Instead, we perceive the material plane or layer of vibration that is the slowest one of our whole existence. We see “things”, appearing to us as solids. And we mistake this solid layer of reality as the only existing reality.

Furthermore, because as ego we focus on and value “things”, we have long assumed that space was nothingness. How wrong we have been! Again quantum physics has taught us much. It turns out that there is more power and energy in 1/5th teaspoon of space than in all the known material universe combined! (Which is fascinating when we realize that esoteric wisdom teaches that space is really a “being” or beingness itself.)

What does this have to do with Law of Attraction? Everything!

Our ego’s illusions have hurt us greatly. Seeing disconnection and separation, we fall into fear, despair, anger and vengefulness. As we do, we literally lower the vibration of our experience, and plunge into the lower frequency energies of electromagnetism. At those levels of human consciousness, we feel loss of power and any sense of meaningful connection with our larger world.

We attract others who are also fearful, hopeless, angry and vengeful because they resonate with our energy states at those times. Those who are in states of loving vibration do not. They have compassion for us, but they cannot stay around us for long, especially in intimate relationships, because we are not healthy enough for them to live next to us day to day.

Notice when we are in groups of people who are joyful and filled with laugher and playfulness, how light and free it feels. If someone who is intensely anxious or resentful approaches the group, they hopefully lift their spirits or they will not feel like they fit in. Or, the energy of the group instantly shifts as it accommodates this new person.

It is because of the way energy resonates among like-minded people, that mean-spirited people mock others of higher consciousness (e.g. ridicule them for being “naïve” or ideal, see their kindness as weakness), and prefer to surround themselves with external sources of power, guns and violence. Doing so, they attract what they put out and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. They convince themselves that they are right to believe others are dangerous and to be feared, and so their cycle continues.

On the other hand, kind and loving people also experience a self-fulfilling prophecy. As they treat others as they would like to be treated – with respect, allowing, love, gentleness, forgiveness and compassion – others respond in kind. Others safe enough to let their guard down, open up, and let us in. There is a sharing that happens, a collaboration and mutual responsibility.

“But if that is true, then why do bad things happen to good people?”

Kind and loving, higher consciousness, people are still part of the group of humanity. And so, we will reap effects sown by humanity over centuries and over our various lifetimes. Effects that show up as societal and cultural values, norms, expectations, pressures, and even environmental disasters caused by such imbalanced ways of living and treating all of Earth’s lifeforms over all of these years.

That is why as a soul consciousness living on the planet these days, it can feel so hard to be here. But the answer is not to lose the light of soul consciousness.

Your most significant task at this time is to hold steady the light of your soul and in doing so you are helping to raise the vibration of humanity as a whole, and of the planet at large. Each person makes a huge difference with the ripple effects of our thoughts and actions. In one direction or another.

Practice faith in that higher synchronous whole. Sometimes what we perceive as something “bad” that happens to us individually, turns out to be a blessing at the level of soul. The answers are not usually found at the level of human ego consciousness, but at the level of soul and wholeness consciousness.

Here are some suggestions for manifesting the Law of Attraction in your life:

  1. Learn to hold steady the light and vibration of your soul consciousness, and practice, practice, practice. There are many exercises that help us do this. They involve learning to focus the mind and consciousness in the higher states of gratitude for what you have already received and unconditional love for all that is. They also involve learning to perceive subtle energy.
  2. Know that there is a difference in power between energy that is scattered and energy that is quite organized and coherent, as physicists describe it. Torsion fields and synchronous nonlocal effects seem to be fields that are strongly coherent, like a laser of light. Cohere the light of your soul. Cohere soul and ego, so that they are aligned, with ego serving the intention of the soul.
  3. You’ve likely read about the power of intention, but it is a tricky thing. It is not the same as one bold willful thought. It is a full body, multilevel alignment of body/actions, heart/motivations, mind/thoughts, and soul/spirit.
    • Choose what you intend for your life. It is surprising how fearful we are of making a determined choice, and accepting responsibility for our choices. Choices for the well-being of the whole hold power over choices for personal gain.
    • Make sure your thoughts are not scattered, and instead are coherently organized in the direction of your intent. Loving intentions for the group good hold the most coherent power. Divided intentions get watered down results.
    • Focus your imageries on seeing your intentions as happening now in the present. (Our present-moment awareness is the point uniting soul and ego.) A vision board helps to anchor this coherent focus in your daily awareness.
    • Align your intentions with the power that is soul, that is inclusive love, that is spaciousness and no-thingness, that is beingness, that is the group of all of us. Allow soul to choose the intentions from its higher state of awareness and understanding. Allow ego – human mind, heart’s desires/motivations, and body – to be in service of this higher group loving intention.
  4. Practice faith that there is much you don’t know at the level of ego or human consciousness. Allow what is. And continue to inject your intention for the group of us into the mainstream of soul consciousness. It takes each and all of us to shift humanity as a group into the higher consciousness society that we yearn to see.
  5. Remember that soul is aligned with torsion fields, which are synchronized beyond space and time. Ego is aligned with electromagnetism, and as such, is within the slower and less powerful bandwidth.

It is soul that has the power to attract in the way you think about the Law of Attraction. As the love you are as a soul pours forth, it ignites the Law of Attraction, which gives to you what you need to fulfill your love. The more you give, the more you receive. It is you that sets the rhythm.

For more information on Law of Attraction, and on living as a soul and overcoming the fears of your ego, feel free to check out my book –  Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

When Quantum Physics Intersects The Field Of Psychology

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The field of quantum physics has received a lot of attention lately. Perhaps you have heard the buzz, and are wondering what it is all about. And you may be pondering, “What does it have to do with psychology?”

Well, let me catch you up! In a nutshell, it all has to do with the nature of consciousness, and the way human predictions and measurements about the outcomes of experiments on subatomic particles, like electrons and photons, seemed to be influencing the actual outcome of the experiments. Not only that, it seemed to work both forward and backward in time! And, no matter how “blind” they tried to make the experimenters who were involved.

This started happening in the early days when scientists were experimenting to determine whether light was a thing or a no-thing, a particle (i.e. photon) or a wave of energy. What they found was that when they predicted it to be a wave, it turned out to be a wave. When they predicted it to be a particle, it turned out to be a particle. In essence, whether light showed the very qualities we associate with an “immaterial” wave, or those we associate with a material particle, depended upon us! The state of our human consciousness was influencing how light expressed itself!

In a worldview, where there is one absolute reality, and it is a material one, and only human beings think, that would be impossible. But evidently, it was not. It happened again, and again, and again.

Then, they tried to fool the light. They conjured up all kinds of ways to do so. They would have different people do different parts of the experiment so that whoever shot out the electron, let’s say, and got the experiment underway, wouldn’t know which outcome was predicted by a different experimenter. This is what is called making the experimenter “blind” to the experiment or to the outcome predicted.

They even tried to have a separate person predict the outcome, after other people had already run the experiment, and even those people were blind to the results. But still, it was generally hugely statistically significant, that if the “prediction” was for it to show up as a wave, it did. And if it was for it to show up as a particle, it did. It worked both backward and forward in time.

Then it got even weirder. What Einstein called that “spooky-action-at-a-distance.”

They were playing around with these subatomic particles again. And, I’ll continue to describe it casually like this, they took a couple of electrons from the same family, and separated them. They shipped one off to one part of the world, and another off to the opposite part of the world. But these tiny little particles were so connected with one another (scientists call it being “entangled”), that when the experimenters would do something to “move” one of the particles, its brother or sister particle would react at the exact same time.

Again, this was considered “impossible” because scientists only knew about electromagnetic energies at that time. The thing about electromagnetic energy is that, at its slower frequency or speed, it takes time and space to travel. So, if these spooky-action-at-a-distance or “nonlocal” effects were electromagnetic effects, it should have taken time at least for the communication waves to travel through space to its sibling. But it didn’t. The sibling always knew immediately whatever communication was being transmitted to it across the globe. And it danced in concert with its sibling, as if they were one entity, together in the same space!

It would seem, again and again, that these subatomic particles were conscious in their own way, would be aware of human thought or consciousness, and would dance according to the music of our intent! Nonlocally, across great distances, and in synchrony with their remote dance partners!

As you can imagine, this greatly divided the physicists. Some refused to believe these results were real. Some decided to play it safely and stick to conventional particle physics. But others, greatly daring pioneers we now call quantum physicists, chose to pursue this controversial and belief-shattering line of evidence and research.

They are my quantum superheroes. And I have been a groupie for over thirty-five years now. I have been trying to read what they find, as soon as I hear about it. And I have been synthesizing their research with what I know from other disciplinary consciousness studies and the field of psychology, and from what I have learned from ancient wisdom or direct experience.

Where are they now with all of this? There is too much to tell here. And I try to summarize it a bit more technically in my book Living in a Quantum Reality. But I will say that they are now researching these nonlocal and “magical” effects, and have begun to describe “torsion fields” as being correlated with those effects. I’ll simply let you know that, according to MIT physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, torsion fields are related to the left- and right-handed spin motion of subatomic particles and waves; they don’t seem to take any time at all to travel, and seem to be responsible for “impossible” but routinely documented experiences like intuition, telepathy, extrasensory perception (ESP), remote viewing, entanglement, clairvoyance, precognitive dreams, distant healing, and the like.

And, from Stanford materials scientist Dr. William A. Tiller’s work, we have evidence of a second layer of physical reality, one that is unique, and is of a different physics (i.e. of a different electromagnetic symmetry state) and can be influenced by human consciousness. The acupuncture system of energetic meridians and chakras seems to be associated with this different symmetry state, even when the overall body is not. He has also found that human consciousness and intention can condition a room or space, meaning it can change the physics or symmetry of the space in a room, and these effects last after the meditators have left the room and completed their experiment. This helps me explain to my clients…who comment that they feel an electrical current buzz through them when they walk into my therapy space, or that they feel they are using my energy to shift to other states of consciousness…and provide a technical basis for their experience.

Dr. Tiller has shown as well that human consciousness and intent can influence even random event generator mechanical devices that are programmed to move randomly (like little robots). But scientists have also found that baby chick consciousness can do the same! For those of us who have wondered if we are influencing the lights, or the mechanical operation of the copy machines at work or our cars, perhaps we really are!

Many quantum pioneers are at work helping us connect the dots of our data. Dr. Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and Dr. Dean Radin has done much research in the psi area of human consciousness. Dr. James Oschman has synthesized our understanding of the bioenergetic field of the body, and the underpinnings of energy medicine. HeartMath has provided extensive research on the biomagnetic field effects of the heart, compared to the brain, and its interrelationship with our bodily functions. Dr. Gary Schwartz has contributed to our understanding of how human consciousness seems to survive death of the physical body. Dr. Fred Gallo and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology is helping us bridge this information to the field of psychology, while Dr. David Feinstein is working with APA to keep them abreast of these quantum developments and their applications to psychotherapy. Dr. Stanislav Grof and Dr. Charles Tart are two pioneers in the field of psychology who dared to study and document the various experiences in consciousness that are supposedly “impossible”, but for which we have much evidence. And there are so many more that I wish I could name.

You would be right if you speculated that there is still much debate going on among these multidisciplinary professionals. They still don’t have a consensus definition for concepts like energy, thought, mind or consciousness. Though I more recently heard Dan Siegel, MD define the mind in terms of energy and information, which I too had done.

In Living with a Quantum Reality, I do dare to define energy as power, traveling as waves at simultaneous yet distinct bandwidths of speed or frequency (including electricity, magnetism, and torsion). And consciousness, as spheres within spheres within spheres, like nested Russian dolls, of “energy-carrying-information”. I further explain how it is the information, that which we detect through our experience and senses as qualities or characteristics, that distinguishes one sphere of consciousness from another; but how the unifying field of consciousness as a whole is the source of our sense of wholeness, may be the same as the quantum field of potentiality, and the very essence of the energy we call the God of love.

I love that consciousness has been found to be encoded with holographically-patterned, and unique energetic signatures of information. And no matter how small, each part of the whole has access to the information of the whole, nonlocally connected even beyond space and time!

So, there you are. Consciousness, it seems, is fundamental to our reality. Not bricks of matter, like is assumed by most scientists, including psychologists, today.

The way I like to summarize this more quantum pantheistic worldview and its relevance to the field of psychology is that the quantum field of potentiality (beyond the confining rules of time and space and electromagnetism) is brimming nonlocally and holographically with all possibilities of Divine creation. We can and do engage this field, whether we do so consciously and with intent. Or subconsciously and randomly.

When we engage with this cosmic field with intent, we (e.g. through the power of our laser-focused and loving consciousness) cohere or bundle energy into its particle form. Energy appears as matter. Wave appears as particle. This is the source of the mind-body-spirit connection, and our human capacity to co-create in our world.

Conventional physicists act as if reality is a duality, having a wave nature distinct from a particle nature. Theologians too traditionally preach to us as if our spiritual nature is distinct from our physical nature, seeing God as separate from creation (though Jesus himself taught that the Kingdom of God is within each of us). Psychologists generally deny the existence of Spirit, and simply recognize body with its instinctual consciousness, distinct from the higher reasoning and abstract mind. It’s time for at least those within the field of psychology to realize scientifically that it is all One Consciousness, appearing in many forms, visible and invisible to our perception, depending on our perceptual bandwidth.

Psychotherapy as a profession will best serve each of us when it leaves the confines of the medical model, which for decades it has so exclusively embraced out of its psychological need to be recognized as a “hard science”. And when it extends its own mind around the higher mental and spiritual realities, traveled by many,. Awakening-related experiences must be included in its scope as a helping profession. Yes, there will always be those who need medical care since they are struggling to maintain even normal human psychological well-being. But if even 5% of Americans are awakening to higher consciousness realities then that’s 16 million of us who need a more quantum psychology.

Bottom line: It is time for the field of psychology to adopt the worldview of quantum physicists who tell us that we are actually consciousness as a field of energy and information at our core essence. For if the primary expertise of psychology is about states of mind and consciousness, then it certainly better know that these are essential in defining who we are, and what we experience as our fundamental reality.

Balancing Energies

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alive 934654 1920

This energy pulses from your core, brings you the power of life, and serves to communicate information throughout and between you and All That Is. Your soul is what you feel at your core. It is a unique energetic signature and fingerprint, one that is the pattern or blueprint upon which your physical body is constructed. It communicates with you regularly, though you may neglect to listen.


Within your body, this energy moves as lines of force, which have been referred to as energy highways or meridians. When you see a map of your nervous system or cardiovascular system, you can understand how this energy system appears because it underlies those other systems structurally and “behind the scenes”. Our technology is beginning to be so refined, however, that evidence for energy meridians has finally been documented in this way. The chakras are the intersections of major energy highways; they are swirling vortices which serve as “intake and outtake” values, transmuting energies from one form to another.

There is a multidimensional array of energy which comprises your being. The slower and lower frequencies are electromagnetic in nature. Such waves take time and space to travel. The faster and higher vibrational frequencies are only more recently being researched as torsion fields. Such fields do not obey the rules of spacetime, and involve immediate communication, no matter the distance. These effects have been called by quantum physicists “nonlocal” and “spooky action at a distance”. And seem to be correlated with “impossible” experiences such as intuition/telepathy, remote viewing, precognition and the like. For more information on this, see the section on Quantum Physics & Psychology.

The point is, you are not your body, the way you think of your body as a thing, shell, object or an unthinking machine.

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Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is an author, holistic counselor, and coach for those seeking to embrace their higher consciousness. Her new book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness, is based on her experience in life and in her years as a psychotherapist, mental health licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor, energy therapist, and personal/transpersonal/spiritual growth coach. She provides coaching sessions via telephone or Skype. To schedule an appointment, call her at  303-547-8327 today! Click this link to see Valerie’s Resume