Feel Nothing Inside? Look to Quantum Physics for Relief

You feel nothing inside.

Some panic. Others distract themselves with external stimulation, like engaging in gossip about the neighbors, being glued to the smartphone, being plugged into music, or downloading the next app. Most cover up the feeling by getting drunk or using drugs.

But quantum physics tells us that the nothing is more powerful than any something. Just because you feel nothing inside, doesn’t mean you are a nothing inside.

The nothing is really space. Your core essence of self as energy and consciousness.

Esoteric sources tells us that space is an entity. A being.

Quantum physics teaches us that every thing is mostly no-thing. The analogy often used is that if you are standing in a cathedral, the space is the size of the cathedral. The thing, the particle, the substance is only the size of a speck of dust floating in a light beam. This proportion holds whether we are talking about an atom, a water molecule, you, or the entire planet.

What they have found is that space is literally the womb for all existence as we know it in physical reality. Space is the field of potentiality out of which all manifests. And that conscious observation is what creates the something out of the apparent nothing.

You are a conscious creator. So be creative with your consciousness. Choose wisely that which you create with your thoughts, your mind, your attention, your imagination. Make something out of your nothing. It is your birthright.