Existential Crisis, The Birth of Faith and the Forging of New Identity

She sits before me, her veins screaming out from her forehead that is now turning purple. Her fragile heart has been shattered by a love she thought would last forever, but who walked out the door instead, unable to step up to the responsibility and commitment of such a future. “I thought that if I asked and was ready to receive, the Universe would give me what I wanted.” The way she once thought the Universe worked suddenly isn’t real for her. And she is trying with all of her might to contain the myriad of emotion that overwhelms her for fear that she too will break wide open. He is sobbing, his head buried in his hands, his legs shaking with tragic refusal to accept what is. The cancer has grown and has escaped into the lymph nodes. The surgery now feels inevitable, despite his best efforts to avoid it with alternative treatments and hope for a radical remission. Everything he believes he suddenly doesn’t.

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