80% of us have experienced God’s love!

Thanks to Stephen G. Post and his team, sociologists Margaret Poloma and Matthew T. Lee of the University Akron, with the help of John C. Green, Director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. With a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, they have now completed a research survey of the American experience of God’s love. (www.godlyloveproject.org). It turns out that 80% of us have experienced God’s love, and 45% of us feel God’s love for us directly at least once per day! Click below to read Stephen’s article summarizing the results of their research project: http://stephengpost.com/lesson-nineteen-8-out-of-10-americans-report-that-they-have-experienced-gods-love-and-that-includes-everyone-out-driving-on-rt-80 Visit www.theheartofreligion.net for more information on their book. For more about Stephen’s work visit Institute for Research on Unlimited Love at www.unlimitedloveinstitute.com.

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