white water flowing

Love Is Who You Are

white water flowingLove is who you are. Love is your eternal essence, your soul. Love is the living water from which your soul emerges as it pours forth, and is the energetic source of your being. It is up to you whether you move with the force of an ocean, a wave or a drop. All are one in the spirit and movement of love. Love is what gives you your sense of individuality. You are distinguished from others in the quality of your love. It is a quality or particular nature of love that you have been created to express. When you are being your authentic soul self, you are being love, for the essence of being is the essence of love. All beings are love, for all have their source and movement in love. Love is the water of being and the source of your youth. Your body is the fountain through which that water flows, now. You are not your body, for your body is the structure and not the being. Your body is the magnificent edifice in which you place your beingness, for a time. When you look inside, you peer at beingness and love. When you look outside, you see only the structure that your love has taken, this time. What you see of yourself is determined by where you look. When you do not see yourself as love itself, you have not peered into the depth of your being. You have stopped your search too soon, and have remained at superficial levels outside of who you really are. It is like confusing a company for its name and the building in which it has located, rather than knowing it for the purpose of its birth and the beings who create within its varied rooms and meeting spaces.  

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