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Using Ancient Wisdom

Wisdom has been described as a loving understanding, a wise kind of love. A place in consciousness where the higher heart and mind are one. Wisdom has been handed down to us since the beginning of time. No matter how ancient, it is as fresh and new to most of us as the day it was first shared. Whether you read the Bible, ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Torah, Qur’an, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, the teachings of Buddha, Lakota wisdom, or any other form of esoteric revelation and spiritual literature, there are golden nuggets to be mined that will enrich you with the light of truth.

As you enlighten your consciousness, you will want to read and reread these beautiful passages. For each expansion of your growth is as marked as the rings of a tree. And you will interpret any verse according to the ring of your growth. As you move from ring to ring, so will your comprehension shift its central axis, and therein lies the root of all misunderstandings.

I have grown to appreciate just how perfect a plan it is to have so many wisdom traditions to choose from. For each seems to resonate with a predominant focus of our consciousness. For example, while many religions teach how to prioritize our physical activities in life, Christianity seems to emphasize our emotional well-being with lessons of love, Buddhism instructs us in mental discipline, and the Tao invites us to explore the greater reaches and space of our beingness.

Rejecting outright all but one teaching, is like casting out every aspect of self that we fear because we do not yet understand. Discover the gems you have missed by perusing the pages of other wisdom teachings other than your own. In contrast to external religious rules put down by man, the esoteric verses across faiths are united in their focus on developing the internal sense of spirituality, the direct union with the infinite essence of All That Is we call God.

At this physical level of our being, truth for one will not necessarily be truth for another. What is true for you will electrify you, because it will resonate with who you are at your core and with where you are in your spiritual growth. Focus on that.

Transformation can occur in the twinkling of an eye. It need not take you years.

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