When you’re aligned with soul, your life IS your creative project.  This is quite different from thinking of creativity as something to do to relax and unwind from a busy day at work, like playing guitar as a hobby, singing in a local ensemble, learning how to make pottery, or knitting while you watch television. In ego, you feel disconnected from your creative flow, and so you make attempts here and there to get it back. But it never quite feels enough. 

In soul, you naturally are aware that you are here to participate in the process of creating this world, as the unique stream of energies that you naturally are at your core. You bring a set of qualities here that no one else can duplicate – a particular perspective, a combined set of interests and skills, a specific passion that never goes away – and it is your opportunity to bring your vision forward through the life and love that you are. That is what I mean when I tell you that your life is to be your creative project.

How do you start?

Listen to that subtle voice inside that tells you intuitively in which direction to head next. That is the voice of your soul. When your mind is quiet, you know it communicates with you. That is often the very reason you drown it out with other people’s voices. It scares you to go out on this limb, to be different from those you see around you. You’re afraid, perhaps even traumatized, that you’ll be criticized and rejected.

Allow your fears to be felt and known. Fear is not a problem in itself. With your attention and compassion, your fear will melt within the safety of your love. Consider that all of those people who make the widest impact in our world inevitably are rejected by those who cling to the status quo. Accept it as a fact. But not as a failure. Don’t jump to the conclusion that their rejection of you has anything to do with failure on your part. Realize that most of the time it says something about where they are in their consciousness, and how where you are in yours is substantially different. When you are attempting to change the world in a dramatic way, you are in a highly shifted state of consciousness from the majority of society. Re-frame failure as one-pointed persistence.

Give up perfectionism. It doesn’t exist within a single individual. Perfection lies in the diversity of life. When you connect with soul consciousness, you inevitably become aware of what you feel called to do in your highest dreams. Within balance, let go of all which does not serve this purpose. Practice faith, the trust in the unknown guidance you will receive through intuition and synchronicity. Have courage. Find others, even across the globe, who seem to get you and feel similar callings as you.

Be you. That is the creative work of your soul, stirring simply and mysteriously through you as you.

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