Dream Interpretation

dreamcreativtymultiMany of you wonder how to interpret your dreams, so in Living in a Quantum Reality, I devote an entire section on how to distinguish your ego’s from your soul’s dreams. I also share with you one of my favorite ways to decode the messages embedded, for you personally, within the distinct visual and feeling elements of any dream, along with many examples.

For now, know that ego dreams are dreams that stem from the three slowest, most material, vibrational centers of personal consciousness. Whereas, soul dreams originate from higher and faster frequency spheres of your trans-personal consciousness. Your dreams mirror your focus in consciousness. In any given moment, when you shift your focused awareness into other states, your dreams – or any experiences in consciousness – follow immediately.

Ask yourself, “Was my dream about worries or fears? About not feeing secure enough materially, emotionally, intellectually, in life, in relationship, or in my career?” If so, this is most likely an ego dream that is bubbling up from your suppressed subconscious, or repressed unconscious. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream. Stay with the emotional charge, and let it move you naturally to shifted states and understanding. Or, was the dream absent of fear, and more like another life on another plane? Did it feel spiritual, that is, were you learning something significant or profound, maybe given a gift or revelation of that which is not translatable into words? These are most certainly soul dreams, experiences in higher or superluminal spheres of consciousness.

If you are willing to journal your dreams, especially write down these, in as much detail as you can consciously recall. Contemplate the qualities inherent in any object, person, place or otherwise, within the dream. Write these dream elements down, and then next to them, their most outstanding quality or attribute sensed by you. For instance, let’s say a bird was in your dream. Think of what quality or meaning that comes to mind most naturally, and electrifies you when you pause and ponder upon it. Does the bird immediately bring images and a sense of freedom to you? If so, write down that quality. Or, does it bring to mind the feeling of movement, change in life, or transformation? If so, write that most fitting quality down. Do this with at least all key elements within the dream, in “chronological” order if you can. When you are done, “read” the dream qualities from left to write, or top to bottom, so to speak, as a decoding process of interpretation.

Usually, meaning pours into your awareness as you reflect upon your dream from such a relaxed state of nonjudgmental observer awareness. In a recent counseling session, I helped my client do this for a representative dream, that seemed indicative of a pattern of dreams she had been noticing, but which had puzzled her and left her curious about its message. By the time we were done, she teared with the insight that the dream was a message that she was holding onto anger at her mother, that she was blaming her for any current lack of skill she perceived and loathed within herself, that she was neglecting to perceive a sense of connection with a village of others, and that it was imperative that she forgive herself so that she could begin to forgive and heal all other relationships in her life.

If you would like me to support you in your dream interpretations, call me at 303-547-8327 so that we can schedule some time to meet. I feel honored to help!

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