What’s a “chakra”? And why might you want to know about it?

Chakras are energy vortices, like spinning windmills, generating power that flows into and out of your physical body. They really are a big deal!

They serve as intake and outtake valves of information, communicating essential messages between you and the interconnected universe. Between you and your soul, and your even broader quantum self. Between you, as your individual consciousness, and All That Is as wholeness or unity consciousness. These messages can be received/transmitted subconsciously or consciously. The more you know about your energy chakras, the more consciously you can be involved in these subtle energy communications.

You’ve likely heard there are seven chakras. Well, in reality, there are more than you could ever count. But the seven major are like the seven largest highway intersections in your city, compared to the multitude of crisscrossing smaller highways, tinier roads and dirt paths. For chakra vortices arise from the merging and intersecting of your energy channels or highways (called meridians in acupuncture, Eastern medicine and psychology).

The chakras transmit information among your energy spheres or bodies. You may have heard of your aura? Well, that is the most visible or detectable sphere of energy and consciousness which surrounds the body, and is comprised of largely electromagnetic fields, mixed with non-local torsion fields (visit the Quantum Physics & Psychology page under Soul Work). That’s about as far as we’ve come with our scientific understanding. But you live within an infinite array of energy or consciousness bodies. And, where you focus your consciousness, determines your experience within consciousness.

What are these seven major chakras, which transfer information (as consciousness) among your energy bodies? I will briefly discuss them next, in order from the slowest to fastest frequency vortices.

  • Physical – The physical or “root’ chakra, as a vortex of energy carrying information, brings in data about the physical world, about material things. It gives you the grounded sense of a physical “I”, and moves you toward self-preservation and physical health activities. It comprises your autopilot, neuroplastic self and instinctual/cellular intelligence, and is especially connected to the base of your spine.
  • Emotional – The emotional or “sacral” chakra gives you a sense of “I-You” awareness. It brings you your sense of relationship with all that you see and feel, in the form of a pleasant or unpleasant emotions. That which resonates with your own unique energy field registers in your awareness as “like” you. That which doesn’t resonate with you, registers as “not like” you. People who are very tuned into this vortex of energy are called empaths; they literally feel what you feel as you feel it. Not only that, they feel the emotional energy of all things and collectively. This is the seat of emotional/social intelligence, and it governs the body in the area of your reproductive organs.
  • Mental – The third mental or “solar plexus” chakra spins in the area of your stomach and enteric nervous system, which is why you tend toward nausea or digestive/stomach pain when you lose yourself within negative and catastrophic thinking. This chakra gives you your sense of personal mind and individual thought. It helps you rationalize, analyze and problem solve. Your task to balance this chakra area is to build up your sense of personal power or ego and learn personal achievement. But not for selfish gain. Instead it is for the purpose of constructively building the ego, so that it may be in service of your soul. The more you learn to quiet, at will, this lower mental energy we call thought, the more you will hear the subtle voice of your soul. Then your thoughts can be put to good use, as they come into synchrony with your soul.
  • Heart – The fourth chakra is called the heart chakra, not only because it is located in the etheric space in front of and in back of your physical heart, but too because it brings you the knowledge of higher love. This is the seat of your soul in your physical body. When your consciousness is focused in your wide-open heart chakra, you fill yourself up with the wholeness of unconditional love. It is this love that gives you the sense of connectedness that you seek, moves you as a conscious soul in your daily activity, and comes in as intuitive or direct knowing. Within this energy area, you naturally feel responsible for your part in the whole, and make it your life mission. You naturally are compassionate and forgiving. Your sense of self becomes a “We”, a collective awareness where you are they and they are you. All is interconnected in this subtle heart field.
  • Throat – The fifth chakra is referred to as the throat chakra since it is located in the area of the neck and throat. When this vortex of energy is allowed to be open and flowing, you use your voice in the service of your soul. You create for the good of all. This is the seat of your highest creativity. When you are creating to help others, as you do when using your throat chakra energy, you really begin to invite the Law of Attraction to synchronize your life.
  • Third Eye – The sixth chakra is a vortex of energy which is located at a point between your two physical eyes. It is the coherently organized and laser-like field of energy, referred to in the Bible as “thine eye made singular”. It brings you higher sight, visionary and psychic intelligence. When this vortex is spinning unrestrictedly, you see into the quantum field of potentiality what has yet to be made manifest. You see opportunity where others see problems. You will receive “downloads” of information, in a way that others may consider you a genius. As your mind is pointed and prepared, you will receive.
  • Seventh – The seventh chakra spins above the crown of your physical head. It brings you inspiration and the wisdom of Divine Will. When this vortex is open, you will feel inspired with Spirit. You may use this gateway to go out of body during meditation or sleep, or during a near-death experience. This is the door to transcendent consciousness, where your personal sense of self sacrifices itself, and dissolves in the bliss of oneness.

For more information on your chakras, and especially your spheres of consciousness that comprise the multidimensional quantum self, check out my book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness .

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