Speaking & Workshops

How To Make Contact

If you would like to contact me to speak with or conduct a workshop with your group or organization, feel free to email me at valerievaran@hotmail.com, and in the subject line, put “Requesting speaking /workshop event”.

You can also call 303-547-8327, and leave a voice mail message, with the date, time and location of your event, as well as your contact information.

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Speaking topics include:

  • A Discussion Of The New Book, Living In A Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics And Psychology To Embrace Your Higher Consciousness
  • How Quantum Physics Is Helping Us Understand Who We Truly Are As Energy, Consciousness, And A Multidimensional Quantum Self
  • From The Visible To The Invisible: How Quantum Physics Is Forcing Change Upon The Field Of Psychology And The Practice Of Psychotherapy
  • Quantum Psychology: What Is It?
  • Making Energy Psychology More Than About Tapping
  • Reframing Mental Health Disorders In Terms Of Mischanneled Energy
  • How To Integrate Spirituality Into Your Traditional Counseling Practice
  • How Agnostics And Atheists May Be More Spiritual Than You Think
  • Transforming America Through Conscious Capitalism
  • You Don’t Have To Change A Thing: Do What You’ve Been Doing, But Do It With Love
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Workshops include:

  • A Consciousness Map To Understand Yourself And Others
  • Accessing Your Intuition
  • Living Your Soul’s Purpose And Highest Creativity
  • Holistic Solutions To Balance Body, Mind And Spirit
  • Energetic Boundaries For The Empath
  • Healthy Relationship With Self And Others
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