How Does Energy Healing Work? Using Energy Medicine as a Complementary Tool to Fight Cancer and Other Medical Conditions

The following post is NOT intended as medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician regarding any treatments you may be considering for any medical condition.

Energy healing gets a bad rap from western medicine. Many of my clients feel alienated from physicians who bash it when their patient wants to incorporate it into their healing protocol.

A client of mine recently had his surgery cancelled by his doctor simply because he was asking questions about how fast the cancer in his body was growing and was considering his holistic options. The doctor told him he didn’t want to risk that his time would be wasted and told the client he felt disrespected, and therefore was taking his surgery off the schedule for the following week.

Most of these clients just feel it important to add holistic approaches to the western protocol in a complementary fashion. Most are not opting for alternative. Those who do, usually want to try less invasive procedures first to see if it works, when they believe they have time to do the western protocols if the holistic methods aren’t working fast enough.

A friend of mine was such a case in point. She tried to shrink her breast cancer with nutritional treatments, positive thinking and imagery, distant energy healing, prayer and other healthy activities. But the tumor continued to grow. And then another one appeared as well. So she did have the surgery, chemo and radiation, but continued to do her other healing strategies as well. Luckily she is now in remission, but as it turns out she had “the bad gene”. And it makes sense that she needed a wide toolbox to treat her cancer.

But I remember when she first called me, months after her diagnosis, to talk to me about what I thought she should do. She sounded surprised when I told her she could incorporate the holistic things she was doing along with the surgery, chemo and radiation that were recommended by her physician. “Oh. You can do them together?” she responded, clearly letting that new frame of mind sink in. I can tell she’s glad she did it all. (And by the way, she couldn’t speak highly enough of Traumeel as a homeopathic form of vibrational remedy. She said she used the liquid for her inside healing, to rebuild her physical tissue, and used the ointment as an outside thing she could apply, like if she severely bruised herself or something. She said her tissues were healing so quickly that the downside was it was harder to remove her port. She also was glad she incorporated lots of fresh squeezed carrot juice and barley powder into the hallelujah diet she followed to restrict her sugar intake.)

I think most of the doctors are okay with their patients adding a good diet, but most don’t really bring it up with their patients. I know that was true in the case of my husband. He is now in remission, thank God, but he needed surgery and a long round of chemotherapy for his stage 3c colon cancer. I was the one who asked his highly respected oncologist about any nutritional recommendations. And the only thing he could tell me was to check with the dietitian. The dietitian herself seemed to know very little beyond most of our common sense. She told my husband to make half of his plate raw foods and add about 5-6 Brazil nuts to his diet for a daily dose of selenium.

So though nutrition is not considered a bad thing, energy healing seems to be a taboo phrase among the conventional medical establishment. I think it is because of two things. One, it doesn’t work as predictably as their scientifically studied protocols. Two, they don’t understand how it could possible work in the first place.

How does energy medicine work? For that answer we need to look to physics, especially quantum physics and its related research. I’ll give you the short less technical version. Underlying all tissue, bone, and structural components of the body is an energy field. There are multiple layers to this field, which create a matrix. So, the energy field is really a matrix of various kinds of energy, carrying patterns of information at differing frequency levels (that is, different speeds of vibration) as it roller coasters along in waves or currents. When we change the pattern of energy underneath, the physical structure of the body changes.

The more physical the structure, the slower the waves travel; the less material, the faster. The slowest energies are the electrical and magnetic fields that we refer to as electromagnetism. Those are about the only fields known to western medicine. Those energies take time and space to travel over distances, so their effects seem to be mostly local. Physicians are using electromagnetic energies in their treatments. They just don’t see it as such, when they use equipment to listen to how your heart is beating or to see how your brain waves are moving, or to take pictures inside of your body. They may not call it that, even when they are using pulsed electromagnetic fields to speed up the rate of healing on your broken leg bone. But that is energy medicine by its very definition. Energy medicine or energy healing is the use of one or more types of energy specifically in trying to heal a condition of some sort. It can work with both physical and psychological conditions because technically, in the world of the quantum, it is all really just energy anyway.

Let me give you more background on that. No matter how closely they zoom into physical tissue (or any material object), what physicists find is over 99% empty space. Recently, on the television series Cosmos, it was illustrated this way. If we were standing in a huge Gothic cathedral, the space would be like that size. But the particle stuff would be only about the size of a speck of dust floating through a single ray of light entering from an above stained glass window. They find there is more power or energy in the empty space, mysteriously enough, than there is in the particle of matter found in the nucleus or in the electrons which whirl around it, as planets to a sun. No matter how closely they continue to zoom in, they find the same thing over and over again. Wierd, huh? It’s the slowness in which the energy travels that makes it appear dense and physical to our eyes, a type of optical or perceptual illusion. It works because “we”, the material aspect of our body, are traveling at about the same speed as that which we are looking at. We are linked into a state of awareness at this slower band of frequency.

So we can use electrical and magnetic energies in our healing. And we are still in our infancy stage when it comes to knowing how.

We can also use nonlocal energies in our healing. These are energies that seem to defy the laws of space and time. Quantum edge physicists are studying these fields as torsion. Torsion fields seem to travel somehow faster than the speed of light, because action happens instantaneously. What happens to something over there (say to a particle in London) also affects its sister particle (say in Los Angeles), at exactly the same time. It is as if there is a symphony taking place, and those two notes are played in unison, while led by some invisible Conductor, in a larger field of synchronous play. Torsion fields are theorized as responsible for this supposedly impossible “spooky action at a distance”. Associated with the spinning motion of subatomic particles, they are implicated in the nonlocal effects of distant energy healing, remote viewing, extrasensory perception, psychic senses, intuition and prayer.

The first wave of physicists studying energy healers have found that they radiate measurable magnetic fields way more than the average person. These fields are variable in the frequencies that are generated, and are believed to play a role in the healing. Magnetic fields from the heart have been measured out to a distance of 15 feet away from the body. The hands seem to be a way of directing the flow of the energy from the healer to the healee in a targeted direction.

The second wave of these scientists have been documenting the role of torsion in energy healing. Also quite relevant is that biophysicists have found that the energy in healthy states of the body is coherent; that is, it is very well organized, in a laser-like spiral pattern. Whereas in unhealthy and diseased states of the body, the energy has become more disorganized, scattered or even chaotic.It seems that energy healers have a highly coherent energy field, upon which the client’s chaotic field can reorganize itself, if the client is open. Such physicists say that there is a archetypal (perhaps soul) or blueprint field of energy or consciousness from which the body is constructed at the level of our atoms and molecules. They believe that energy healing can work by improving the organization in the blueprint field so that it sustains healthy cells and tissue.

Distant energy healing seems to involve magnetic energy, but more importantly perhaps torsion fields of energy, those that have the power to pull scattered states of energy into more coherent and well organized states, which are conducive to health and well-being.

Energy healers say that they, in their own individual ways, go into a state of unconditional love, and that it is the energy of love that heals. They say that love is an energy that synthesizes us back into our pure state of wholeness. And the more they are able to “dissolve” their personal sense of self into this state of love and wholeness, the more effective the healing. I have come to see such pure love as the energy that physicists call the field of quantum consciousness as a whole, the field of “space” out of which matter seems to condense in response to the consciousness (degree of “coherent” love perhaps?) of an observer. (Quantum physicists say it in mathematical terms, that there is a “wave function” that represents all possibles states, and that it is consciousness that “collapses” the wave function into one definite state.)

Energy healers do notice that if the person or healee has any psychological resistance to healing, they will not heal. They have learned that a person’s free will dictates whether or not they heal. I have noticed that often such clients do have reasons, even if they are subconscious reasons, not to heal. In one obvious circumstance, a client may have a pending lawsuit filing for compensation as a result of an accident which left them with many medical bills. If they were to heal, the lawsuit wouldn’t fair as well. But there are many not so obvious reasons that we may choose not to heal. Some of these may be personal reasons. Others may be reasons only known at the higher frequency level of the soul. Like maybe our getting cancer is the will of the soul, because it is in our having cancer that we might be led to find the cure for the world. There seems to be some resonance of this with some who have gone through such tough kinds of illness. They very often say that without their illness they would not have made the kinds of life changes that now feed their soul.

So how would I summarize how energy healing works? I would say that when our field becomes scattered, with all the stressors that we are subjected to, and we end up sick, we can use, if we are open, another’s field as a blueprint for our own field to get back into shape. Literally. The other’s field we would use would be from a person known for generating a highly coherent field (of unconditional love), who has demonstrated their ability to offer energy healing.

We can also use meditation and healing imagery to reorganize our own fields into states conducive for health or healing. It is the state of consciousness we go into that organizes (or not) our fields. When we use whatever imagery (use all the senses, not just visualization) that for us puts us in a state of well-being, peace, calm, but especially a higher frequency of unconditional love, then that imagery can have an immediate or spontaneous effect on our body and its physical condition because it is a coherent field that has the power to organize energy.

We can use tone, sound, music, and other modalities as well which give the effect of restructuring energy fields. No wonder so many of us are tied to our music as a way of coping with daily stuff. It is actually helping to self-heal in little ways that make us feel better.

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