7 Part Series – Who Are We?

Announcing the 7 part series: Who Are We?


Contemplation 1: Who are we?


More of us are beginning to contemplate the truth behind who we are, as human beings, living on this planet Earth, this star of so much suffering. Why do we feel so different from others? Why are we surrounded by so much violence, when all we seek is love? Is there anything we can do to shift this atmosphere of fear, defensiveness, retaliation, and combativeness? Are we alone?

The world we imagine and hope for seems impossible when we look outside of ourselves. Perceiving what is out there, we see ourselves as small and insignificant compared to the vastness of our world, its anxious and angry people, and the planetary changes we watch helplessly unfold. But, when we peer closer to our inner world, the one in here, we discover the miraculous power that we wield.

For nearer to the truth of who we are, we are boundless energy, limitless and infinite, a nonlocal and holographic mind embedded within the nonlocal and holographic multi-verse, that is our home and source. This is the conception that we are challenged to embrace by our pioneering scientists who persevere in bringing us a more accurate picture of our place in this cosmos. And this is the conception that we will explore in this new series of posts called Who Are We? 

No longer can we delude ourselves with the notion that our universe was created randomly, as elegantly argued by researcher and professor Gary E. Schwartz. No longer are physicists at the edge using the word uni-verse. Instead, they are proposing multi-dimensional worlds, a multi-verse, filled with strings and notes, woven in and out of time and space. A tapestry of sound and consciousness creating the fabric of our world.

In jetting our mental conceptions from uni-verse to multi-verse, we may be on the brink of scientific detection for the way the Word, Divine thought and sound, was used to create our material planet by way of a grand symphony. And, it is as if this symphonic orchestra is itself an infinitely imbedded hologram. A multi-faceted jewel within jewel, forever projecting itself through diverse halls of mirrored sound and image, that we perceive as time and space. For in a hologram, the blueprint for the whole is reflected and imaged within each part. It is in this way that the many are created in the image of the One. Directing this harmony of sound and image is the Divine Composer. Indeed the Great Mystery, as Native Americans so aptly call the unified creative life force that permeates, synthesizes and orchestrates all of nature.

To my knowledge, it was physicist David Bohm who first described the universe as a hologram, while neuroscientist Karl Pibram confirmed that the human brain works as a holographic processor. According to Michael Talbot, author of the Holographic Universe, the 3-D projected image of Princess Leia in the film Star Wars was the holographic technology that inspired the holographic theory to explain the anomolies revealed in quantum physics and many psi phenomena.

As we continue to investigate the mysteries of ourselves, leading quantum physicists beg us to consider that each of us is a composer, whose consciousness or mind collides with the collective holographic Mind beyond time and space to create our physical world. Far from impotent, it seems we are powerful beyond our wildest of imaginings.  

First copyrighted 9/14/2010 by Valerie Varan.


Contemplation 2: The effect of the parts on the whole

In the first of this series, it was given that the physicist David Bohm described the universe as a hologram, and that as such, the blueprint for the whole is contained within each part. It was also given that the neuroscientist Karl Pibram considers the brain to be a holographic processor. Furthermore, it was suggested that leading quantum physicists are currently theorizing that the fabric of our universe is comprised of a matrix or field of consciousness. That, each of us (a part) is interconnected with the whole. And that, each of us is able to co-create with the whole, described as a collective holographic Mind. How much, you may wonder, does it take to affect this magnificent whole? Can we really participate with our consciousness in the act of creation?

According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced the west to Transcendental Meditation (TM), the square root of 1% of a particular population is the number of people with focused intent needed to change the consciousness of that population. That’s it. Not even 1% of us needs to shift in order to have an effect. But, we do require focused intent.

In the world of physics that means focused, like a laser-beam of tightly spiraled coherent light. And intent, where you see it, feel it, will it…..with great love… order to benefit the whole. This Maharishi Effect has been quantified after more than 600 experiments on TM, many focused (successfully, I might add) on reducing crime and conflict in cities around the world, including our own Washington DC.

The implications of this are staggering, considering that the years around 2012 have been prophesied as a window of galactic proportion, in which cosmic energies are aligned in such a way that our holographic brains may partake of the “energetic opportunity” to download them and use them to shift into higher frequency states of consciousness. The Maharishi Effect tells us that if but the square root of 1% of us choose to shift into soul consciousness, then much of the entire population can be effected as well. Many scientists are beginning to join in these experiments on intention. such as Masaru Emoto, Gary Schwartz and William Tiller to name a few.

Emoto has described how a group of meditators improved the quality of a body of water, Lake Biwa in Japan, the third oldest lake in the world. Tiller has shown how even random event generators (that is, essentially a machine or device built to put out random data) can be altered with intent and can have lingering or “conditioning” effects on the space they are in, in fact, changing the physics of the space.

Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment, as well as her website reveal amazing data concerning the power of thought, and our capacity to invoke and evoke peace and other changes around the globe. She also shares what she has learned about the more effective methods of achieving the state of focused and heartfelt intent. It seems we each do have the capacity to join with others in loving intention, and truly change this world.  

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Contemplation 3: Light and love

Did you know that scientists have shown that we are indeed made of photons, units of light? We are light. Structured light, to be more precise. Various forms of light. Electromagnetism in our slower frequencies. Torsion fields in our faster frequencies. And so much more left to discover. We are love energy at our core, beamed through multidimensional forms of light and attracting experience into our field. As love, we are like the sun, radiating light and attracting other heavenly bodies into our gravitational field. We are love, living as light. And it is time to dust ourselves off and let ourselves shine! Let us rid ourselves of all that covers and dims and contaminates. Let us radiate our true essence and live our own unique form of light. Instead of beaming fear and anger, let us beam love! And watch as our loving light effects those around us, shifting their moods, melting their hearts. For we are already, love and light at our very core.

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Contemplation 4: Our divine matrix of energy

We now know that the energies that interconnect and entangle us as one divine matrix (as Gregg Braden has called it) of energies are not just the electromagnetic waves that take time to travel over distance, but mysterious energies that seem to travel faster than the speed of light. Einstein referred to these latter energies as “spooky action at a distance”. It seems that something spooky at a distance is indeed happening, and we are living in a nonlocal world where somehow an action in one part of the planet is instantaneously sensed on the other side, taking no time or space to do so.

We really are One in being. Our beingness is a collective, a united matrix of energy. We are both a part and the whole at the same time. Part, in time. Whole, beyond time. Sharing information instantly in our wholeness; more slowly in our separateness. Many scientists are bravely stepping up to study the qualities, characteristics, and behaviors of these faster energies, which defy the laws of conventional physics. Valerie V. Hunt has published about healing scalar waves. Claude Swanson has extensively written about torsion fields. William Tiller talks about these faster-than-the-speed-of-light waves as superluminal magnetic waves, while Elizabeth Rauscher and Russell Targ theorize an 8-dimensional space-time extension of relativity theory.

These intrepid scientists spanning various disciplines are endeavoring to reveal the veiled puzzle pieces of our universe to explain nonlocal phenomena that do not seem to follow ordinary space-time rules, such as pre-cognition, pre-sentiment, remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy and distant healing. All of which are considered types of intuitive experience, much different from instinctual impulses.

Edgar Mitchell, Peter Marcer and Walter Schempp have come up with a theory to explain how these faster frequency energies are retrieved by our nervous system, by way of “quantum holographic phase conjugate adaptive resonance”. I might simply say it is a “step-down” process, where higher is stepped-down into lower much like energies from a power plant are stepped-down into a power station, and then to a transformer, and eventually to the plugs we use in our homes. Furthermore, pioneers like Dean Radin are applying this research in ways for us to learn more about our human capacities to engage in healing across distances, to be in telepathic rapport with others and to be able to teach psychic remote viewing techniques to others. James L. Oschman has written a great deal about the research on our bioenergetic fields and its application to healing, as has Gary E. Schwartz and others.

The point is, we are clearly witnessing a revelation of consciousness unprecedented in human history, an awakening of our collective consciousness to the nonlocal holographic Mind that is the song of God. And what we find is that who we are blows away our previous limited versions of ourselves. We are unlimited, multidimensional layers of energy, which intertwine with All That Is in such a way that we are That. One in Being. One in Body. As our human body is composed of distinct parts and aspects, both internal and external, so is our eternal body. There is diversity in our Oneness. Many notes, one symphony. We are all of these energies, each layer being revealed to us as we are ready to perceive them.  

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Contemplation 5: At the physical level, we are electromagnetic energy

At the physical level, we are electromagnetic energy. But what does that mean? Allow me to introduce you to the energies of your personal self, by taking you more deeply from your thoughts, to your emotions, to your physical makeup, and submerging you into the atomic and subatomic realms of your being.

Notice your thoughts. Become aware of your emotions. Tune in to your heart beat. Is it fast or slow? Is the energy there tense or calm? If tense, notice that when you consciously and purposefully slow your breathing, the tension loosens and peacefully melts away. Bring mindful attention to other parts of your body. Feel your skin. Its smoothness, roughness, thickness or thinness. Observe the lines. These indicate the pattern of the underlying energy fields below the surface of the skin.

Have you ever before contemplated what your body is made of? Of course it is built with bones and skin, organs and cells, but did you remember that all of that is mostly water, at the physical level? 75% to 90% by most estimates. It is no coincidence that water is the ultimate conductor of electricity and solvent for matter. What is water made of? One molecule of H2O is comprised of three atoms, 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen, held together with energy bonds, and vibrating continuously. But then, what is an atom constructed from? A nucleus with electrons whirling around the center, much like a miniature version of our solar system.

If we were to zoom into the “sun” or nucleus, we would find protons and neutrons. And within the proton, we would discover 3 pairs of quarks, the smallest unit of energized matter that to my knowledge physicists have found so far. Like our solar system, most of this atom is what we might see as empty space. But physicists are coming to realize that there is more power within the “empty” space than in the bits of particle we call matter. Abounding with the potential of creation, it has been more recently called the quantum vacuum.

Within the atom, electrons with their negative charge are attracted to the proton with its positive charge. As electrons travel, electricity is generated from the movement. As for the quarks, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics informs us that the names for the 6 quarks discovered to date are updowncharmedstrangetruth and beauty. Strange names indeed, and unexpectedly poetic for scientists! But they may be getting closer than they might suspect at describing the permanent atoms of our being, when they name these foundational sparks of life truth and beauty.


A river of energy can be seen entering any material atom (or planet, or human body, or any “atom”) at the north pole or head, and exiting the south pole or feet. It appears to then sweep back up and circulate towards the north, as if forming beautiful butterfly wings…maybe even angels’ wings…which fan the energy of life.


As the ancient wisdom tells us “as above, so below” and “as in the macrocosm, so too the microcosm”. Evidently, there are correspondences among the distinct layers of energy that scale up and down in frequency. And we can learn much about the other layers as we study any particular layer of creation. We can use the law of correspondence to form our theories. I suspect there are an infinite number of energies that could be described with distinct properties. It is as if they await realization by our scientists, patiently ready for technology to keep up with the growth of our own collective consciousness. More specifically, I can’t help but to notice that as waves intersect at 90 degree angles, a new type of wave seems to emerge for our naming. Each time with increasingly more subtle and magical characteristics. For instance, it is reported that electric waves intersect with magnetic waves, arising together at 90 degree angles to form the electromagnetic field. And then two electromagnetic waves intersecting perpendicularly have been called scalar waves. I can imagine how this could go on indefinitely, and wonder not at how so many scientists seem to be finding clues to these various pieces of God’s puzzle that is life at its most subtle level.


So you are essentially an electromagnetic field at the most fundamental (yet still physical) level. Light from light. The electromagnetic field is a sea of radiating light. Visible light usually appears white to our eyes, but can be seen divided into the major rays of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These rays form a myriad of spectacular rainbows as they synthesize and dance around us.

Beyond what is visible with human perception, there are frequencies of colors slower than red that we call infrared, and faster than violet that we call ultraviolet. Scientists, such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, have confirmed that each colored ray of light corresponds to a unique vibration, frequency and sound. A coat of many colors, the aura is the common name for the electromagnetic field that interweaves a body of matter. It can be seen clairvoyantly radiating outward for some distance, though most of us can only see the aura of large bodies like the moon or earth itself.

The aura that is the light of the human personality grows brighter as it is infused with the light of the soul. It is as two stars merging of cosmic proportion. As it does, the light of the human aura eventually becomes visible to the naked eye, as reported to appear around mystical saints and Christ. We call it a halo of light. In his book Life Force: The Scientific Basis, Claude Swanson (a physicist educated at M.I.T. and Princeton University) writes about the holographic nature of the aura, where the energetic information for the “whole” is contained within each bit or “part”.

So what we are really coming to know is that we are essentially comprised of tiny holographic solar systems, with the sparks of life at the center of each. And with every “atom” of this solar system, the electrical and magnetic fields that arise from each form an endless sea of electromagnetic fluctuations, which are interconnected with and popping into and out of existence from the quantum vaccum.  

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Contemplation 6: We are solar systems within solar systems

Picture of Solar System

 Notice that every miniature “solar” system within our body, in turn rotates and responds to a larger, broader, more encompassing solar system. At the microcosmic level, whirling electrons (negatively-charged) are attracted toward and respond to protons (positively-charged) within the nucleus of an atom. Each electron follows an orbital path, and at times, seems to mysteriously disappear from one orbit and appear in another. This jump from one orbit to another has been called a “quantum leap”. In turn, spinning atoms are attracted to one another, cohering into progressively broader systems of elements (like hydrogen or oxygen) and molecules (like water, created from two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms).  Image of the Atom

Some systems are more like particles of matter. Some more liquid. Others more gaseous, like the ethers of space. Which form is taken, depends on the speed of its vibration. The slower it travels, the more material-looking it appears. The faster it vibrates, the more etheric its essence. Systems of molecules gather into groups of cells. Cells stew into various soups of biochemicals, nutrients and blood. Other cells combine to form soft tissue and organs. Still others form the building blocks of entire nervous systems or skeletal systems. All of these types of systems come together into the collective we call a body. And yet an individual human body is but a cell in the larger collective we call humanity. A single human heart pumps out essential electromagnetic signals that shape the organ we call the heart of the people. The signals from one human brain light up the corresponding area within the brain and nervous system of the Earth. Together we form part of the whole of the collective consciousness of our planet.

the brain

Trees function as cells within the lungs of our planet, keeping the air we breathe clean and just the way we need it to survive. According to some calculations, each year we need one tree for every two human beings. That’s a lot of trees. Rivers are quite literally the blood of our planet. Moving, transporting, cleansing, and keeping balance so that our planetary body maintains its proper homeostasis. Every animal, plant, and mineral on our planet serves a precise function within its local and nonlocal system. Each species or class brings some thing that is needed, or takes away some thing that is not needed; either because there is too much of it and the system is out of balance, or because the system is changing and the system needs some thing new or different. But as much as we are cells in the body of a diversified planet, our planet in turn makes up the body of an even broader and more diversified system. Our solar system.

A solar system is typically considered to be a group of planets that revolve around a particular sun. In our system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the dwarf planet Pluto rotate around our sun (listed in order from closest to furthest away from the sun). Yet even our solar system is but a cell in the system we call our galaxy, the Milky Way, and is attracted to the cosmic pull of its source of life energy, the galactic center. In turn, our Milky Way galaxy is but a cell in our known universe. Galaxies upon galaxies are known to exist, each following their source, their center. And so it seems to go, infinitely in both the macrocosmic and microcosmic directions.     

GalaxyWhen I say “We are solar systems, within solar systems, …” I would define a solar system as follows. In a solar system, there is a physical source of life energy (like our sun). There is space (the sea of life energy we call the quantum vacuum from which the sun itself is born). And there is a collective of matter (like our planet), which is attracted to and fed by its source of life energy. So notice that the images above of the Solar System, or even the Milky Way galaxy, could similarly be a depiction of the atomic system. We have planets whirling each in their own unique orbit, at particular speeds around the sun. Just as electrons travel particular orbits, or along particular rings, as they spin around the nucleus, attracted to the positive charge of the protons. And yet whether an atom of micro or macro proportion, most of any system is really space, the womb out of which all material existence is birthed, according to quantum theorists. (And what is a cell but “bounded space”?)

So what is the significance anyway when we speak of space? Where there is space, there is energy, waves of vibration carrying information. There is unlimited potentiality for physical manifestation to condense or pop into existence. There is power. There is source. There is consciousness. There is being. Within the space of any solar system, there are various levels or rings of energy, through which the collective of “matter” is interconnected to its “source”, and through which all energy is transduced or transformed into its myriad of forms. Stepping it down from source, from higher to lower speeds or frequencies, each layer or concentric ring houses the matter which corresponds to its own predominant frequency of energy. Each ring bridges the energy, from the rings adjacent to it, from one layer to another. So within each system, there is a bridge that interconnects the higher frequencies with the lower.

Our physical sun is the transmitter bridge between the faster vibrations of light from which it springs, and the slower-moving energies that in our dense illusion we perceive as matter. Our soul may serve as the bridge between energies we think of as spiritual and those we see as material.   In each system, the microcosm is embedded within the macrocosm. In the macrocosm, our solar system itself is the lower energy that circles its galactic source of power. Yet galaxies are the lower energy that respond to the higher from their universal source. In the microcosm, electrons house the lower energy that encircles the nucleus, source of higher energy.

Our physical body is the lower or slower energy that is connected to the higher faster energy of soul or beingness. As we have contemplated earlier, atoms cohere, forming larger and larger particles of matter. Atoms collectively become molecules, which collectively become cells, which collectively become organs or bones or bodies, whether human or planetary in nature. But how does one atom know its source? How does it know whether it is to serve as a heart cell or brain cell or a liver cell? How does it know whether it is part of the chair on which we are sitting or part of our leg? This was the mystery I contemplated in the 6th grade as I stared at my science book and a model of the atom. Science still debates the answer to such a question. But what I have come to know is that each atom is a unique energy pattern, with its own one-of-a-kind vibrational blueprint or fingerprint at its source, which creates (calls into form) the structure we see as a body.

Each atom predominantly vibrates to a particular frequency, and as it does, it sends out a particular sound, a note. And like the Pied Piper, it has the power to attract with its song that which is similar in frequency or speed of vibration. Source sends out its note, and the cells of the Body respond, rotating in spiral cyclic precision to the song that is played. From the law of correspondence, a glimmer of truth twinkles before us, teasing us toward realization. Electric to magnetic. Electron to proton. Planet to Sun. Body to soul. Manifest to unmanifest potentiality of the quantum. Creation to Creator. Holographic “solar” systems within holographic “solar” systems. Each system a rung on the ladder of creation. Each an energetic or light reflection of its source. Each body manifested out of the being that is its source, and stepped down from faster forms of energy to slower. A spherical system of interconnected body and soul; multiple rings of consciousness which unite and envelop two apparent poles in wholeness.

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Contemplation 7: We are a sun

At our very core is a “sun”. An energy field of light and love. This inner sun, that is the essence of our being, magnetizes to it an outer form most reflective of its highest nature. This form, that we know as our body, matches the energy within…..its vibration, purpose and experience. The higher the plane of vibration is at our core, the faster frequency is the construction of our body. The more materially-focused is our sun, This it does endlessly, as it grows, evolves and expands in the reaches of its field. And so, does form evolve. From subatomic and cellular, beyond human and even soul, and into the cosmic and universal forms beyond our human conception.

As this sun, the infinite core of our being, evolves, it repeatedly requires a new form, a new body. Again and again, it takes. The old burns away, appearing to our misconception as a fiery death of some imagining. When in Reality, life has taken a leap into a new level of existence. A body is constructed that is well suited to this born-again self, for its latest incarnation into experience. Death is really a birth into a higher order, a new form of wider significance and creation. On the ladder of this multidimensional and holographic field, we have taken another step upward and outward and into new reaches for our building. We are limited only by our notion of who we are. Our human form suits the nature of this sun, our soul. For our soul is still unsteady in its light. It dims with fear, blackens with anger. Yet too, it is capable of such brightness…unconditional and unselfish love, And so, the personality we so readily identify with is projected to those around us, unpredictable in its mood and activity, uncertain and doubtful in its thoughts.

First Copyright 9/14/2010. All Rights Reserved Valerie Varan

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