12 Part Series: The Nature of Being

waterdropsplashThis is a series entitled The Nature of Our Being. It is a spiritual psychology Q & A, with answers to 12 fundamental questions about the nature of our being.

Question 1: Who Am “I”?

I am a drop of consciousness emerging from an ocean of consciousness.

And yet I am the ocean of consciousness from which my atoms and cells themselves emerge as individualized drops of consciousness.

Drops within drops within drops, I am an infinite array of consciousness.

Hologram within hologram within hologram, I am conscious being, life and love itself.

Question 2: What is consciousness, simply put?

Consciousness as a whole is the entire ocean of all energy waves that have reached some damp sand or rocky shore.

Consciousness is the arrayed field of energy waves that whirl information into structured form.

Consciousness is the collective field of all energetic vibration, faster and slower, which underlies and provides the informational blueprint for all existence.

Consciousness is the unified love between pure energy and material form. From the intercourse of pure energy with matter, consciousness emerges.

Question 3: What is energy?

“Energy” is the capacity and power to move or exert force.

“Energy” is a field or matrix of moving waves carrying information, which cannot be created or destroyed by humans, only transformed from one type or arrangement to another.

The term energy “signal” usually means the information communicated by slower electromagnetic waves that take time and space to travel. However, here it is used more generically to indicate the “information” communicated by any type of wave, even torsion fields that are in touch with one another immediately, even at seemingly great distances. “Pure energy” carries the signature message called life, the source field which animates all particles and atoms with various levels of consciousness. “Force” might be differentiated from “pure energy”; the former existing within matter, and the latter existing prior to being organized into the shapes we call matter.
When form is shattered and is no longer structured, perhaps we can say that “energy” is released. No longer pure or original, but energy existing in wave form.
When speaking about ourselves, we could say that our energy bodies are our nonmaterial bodies. Nonmaterial to our eyes, that is.

Question 4: What is a helpful metaphor for thinking of our consciousness?

Consciousness is like an infinitely tall building with an ever-moving elevator. We can be present and aware of the entire building, but usually we focus our awareness on one aspect of one floor at a time.

When we take the elevator to the bottom floor of our personal consciousness, we perceive our most physical and material world, the consciousness of our atoms we call instinct, our body and its physical intelligence, processes and structures. We don’t usually go very deeply into this aspect of self, and so much remains below the threshold of our awareness, in the unconscious realms that go on nonetheless without our being conscious of it.

On the second floor, we become conscious of our emotional and social intelligence or energy body. For example, we may notice an emotional response in relation to (in relationship with) all things, people, and events, real or imagined. We want things. We fear things. We feel attraction to or repulsion from what is similar or different from us. What feels like us we are drawn toward, out of a sense of compatibility. What feels different from us, we may learn from or move apart from. It is this emotional consciousness and its sense of energetic resonance that guides us to find the groups that most match us and with whom we might work well. It is this emotional and social consciousness that gives us empathy, the awareness of the emotional fields of energy within others.

When we get out on the third floor, we become aware of our unique mental intelligence or mental body. We become aware of our thoughts, ideas, and imagery. We notice the themes of our thinking, the patterns around our creative thought, and the types of imagery that are customary for us. It is this level of mental consciousness that gives us the capacity for understanding and compassion, as well as a sense of personal power and ability to build or be creative using whichever tools we gravitate toward.

Most of us experience simultaneously all of these three “floors” or planes of personal consciousness – physical, emotional and mental – yet in a very incomplete way. A little of this and a little of that in any given moment. Most goes on subconsciously, or just underneath the surface of our conscious awareness.

It is typically these lowest three planes (i.e. bodies; discrete layers of vibrational waves of energy, grouped by similar frequencies or speeds) of consciousness that give us our personal sense of “self” or the feeling of “I”, and it is this group of bodies that we are called to integrate so they are functioning as a balanced and healthy personality.

But, there are upper floors of our consciousness yet to be explored by most people. All of these upper floors we refer to most simply as various spiritual bodies or higher planes (i.e. layers of energy waves that are faster, or behave in more mysterious ways) of transpersonal consciousness. We always have access to them, but we usually have to “push the elevator button” to travel to these upper floors to see what is revealed. However, out of grace, and when we are open, we can experience flashes of insight, inspiration, revelation and illumination that spring from these various upper levels of consciousness.

A growing number of us travel more frequently to the fourth floor, the plane of intuitive consciousness or soul body. But there is a pass key we need to access this floor; it is unconditional and unselfish love. When we (occasionally at first) receive intuitive information from this fourth floor, it comes to us clearly, accompanied by a certainty, a knowing. It usually comes when we are in a state of loving consciousness, rather than our more typical place of fear.

When we begin to live from this fourth floor of consciousness more routinely, we may call it living synchronistically and authentically from the heart, aligning with soul consciousness, or being congruent with our higher self. We know we are in a soul conscious moment and living from the “fourth floor” because we find ourselves immersed in a flowing state of love for all beings, a state that is unconditional and inclusive. At first we may experience this state as only a peak moment. Later as we evolve in consciousness, we find we love this way most often and rather automatically. Synchronicities occur more often because we are now in touch with a broader spectrum of consciousness, one in which we are linked with others on our “same wavelength”.

Intuitive consciousness differs from instinctual consciousness, since instinct is generally an unconscious (i.e. well below the threshold of our conscious awareness) “first floor” physical process related to the working consciousness of our bodily cells. “Gut instinct” is an autopilot reaction to fear. Intuition is not reactive; it is proactive. When we receive “fourth floor” intuition, our mental state is very clear. It might seem like a higher consciousness is driving us.

Using the Hindu terms for the higher spiritual states which quantum physicists have adopted, the atmic consciousness is on the fifth floor, the monadic consciousness is on the sixth floor, and the adi consciousness is on the seventh floor. These are the various planes of consciousness reached by saints and mystics and those who work “miracles”. It is said that after we evolve beyond the plane of adi, we merge into the emotional body of the cosmic entity in whom we live and have our beingness. We no longer take a physical body as we know it. If it is of interest, St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, the Harvard psychologist William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience and many other books on western and eastern mysticism describe in more detail the innumerous states of consciousness that one might reach or embody.

Those who contemplate or meditate may unexpectedly experience these upper floors of consciousness and can be baffled by them. Worse, such experiences can be labeled demonic possession by some religious persons, or mistaken for psychotic events by uninformed mental health professionals. A person who has had this kind of spiritual experience can distinguish this state from everyday reality, and may simply need some support to understand their experience.

Question 5: How many “nonmaterial” energy bodies do we have?

An infinite number.

Quantum physicists are beginning to borrow Hindu terms to differentiate among 7 of these significant bodies (one corresponding to each “floor”), six of them energetic bodies that are organized into progressively refined or more subtle forms of substance.

Our dense material body (and everyday reality) is referred to as the physical. This is the layer where energy is traveling the slowest compared to the others.

The faster pulsing energy bodies are the emotional, mental, intuitive, atmic, monadic, adi. The adi layer is the fastest, least material, layer of consciousness in our physical system. Mystics say that beyond the sphere of adi consciousness, we enter the emotional body (evolved from the physical) of our more cosmic nature.

Try to imagine seven bodies within seven within seven within seven…like a series of brightly colored nested Russian dolls, but going on infinitely, from the most dense to the most ethereal. (Incidentially, you may notice that even our physical world is differentiated as varying degrees of solids, liquids and gases).

Question 6: What is my “soul” body?

For most of us, the intuitive sphere of consciousness is the energy body that we continue to live in after the death of the physical form or body. It is the intuitive body that is referred to as the “soul” body, the consciousness that continues its existence and from which we “see” after death of the physical body.

Mystics tell us that the consciousness body that an individual actually experiences as the soul or heavenly body is the highest body of consciousness from which the person lives while in this physical plane. For those who have evolved beyond the intuitive plane (i.e. are able to receive the signals from and live predominantly from much higher energy planes), they might live from their monadic consciousness or higher after the dissolution of their physical body.

We know these mystics and saints by the ease of their self-sacrifice for the good of humanity. From birth, their autopilot consciousness appears to be their soul or intuitive body (they are observed from childhood to be unconditionally loving and more self-sacrificing); and as they mature into adulthood, they may report a growing number of peak experiences (experiences of their monadic body) as they too continue to evolve their consciousness from intuitive toward monadic, as their regular state of consciousness.

As an evolutionary milestone for humanity at large, it is this intuitive level of consciousness that we are intended to live from while in our physical body, and thus create “heaven on earth” by bringing down specific energy and information from higher to lower realms, and living from this state of being.

Question 7: Is there is an afterlife?

Yes. Just ask Eben Alexander, MD. He is a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven. You can visit his website at http://www.lifebeyonddeath.net/.

At a recent ISSSEEM conference (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, where mystically-inclined scientists and scientifically-inclined mystics gather to discuss the latest in scientific evidence around our energy bodies), researchers commented on about how there is so much scientific evidence that we exist beyond the death of the physical body, that they cannot understand how it has not come to be accepted yet as scientific fact.

Such scientists seem in agreement that when the physical body dies, the energy consciousness body is released from its dense form or instrument, and exists apart from it in the same state as it was before its release. From their studies, they conclude that the soul experiences many lifetimes, reincarnating sometimes fairly immediately, from our time perspective, and sometimes even into the same family.

Mystics say that whatever state of consciousness (whichever “floor” we are living from) we achieve in the current life, is what we experience upon death of the physical body.

Sometimes the consciousness of the physical body is revived enough for the energy body or soul body to return to it. In such cases, we call it a “near death” (NDE) or “out-of-body” experience (OBE).

Many scientists have been documenting what happens to the consciousness body during an OBE or NDE. Despite having been declared medically-dead, these people describe their experience as being conscious. After an OBE, a person might, for example, recognize medical staff who attended to them while “dead”, and know where their belongings were placed within the room. After a NDE, they most commonly describe being engulfed in light and love, floating or moving in a body of light, experiencing a life review, and being greeted by other light or spiritual beings. Researchers further note that those who have never heard of NDEs or never received spiritual education about an afterlife, even the very youngest of children, still describe the near death experience similarly.

The limitations of the physical body evidently no longer apply. For example, there is evidence that when the energy body leaves its dense physical body behind, even those who are blind from birth can see.

In the case of “ghosts”, it seems that what we have observed are often disincarnate emotional bodies stuck on the second floor out of their fear and reluctance to leave the physical plane. Appearances by more holy or saintly figures are more complicated, to say the least. Some apparitions are said to be emotional/devotional second floor thought forms (consider that every thought projected organizes energy into a form like a thought cloud) projected by humans. Other sightings, such as Christ’s return after the crucifixion or the appearance of the Virgin Mary, are explained to be a form of subtle energy substance, refined enough for the higher superluminal soul body to use, yet material enough to be visible to us. MIT physicist, Claude Swanson’s The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal summarizes the best evidence and explanation for many kinds of paranormal phenomena.

Question 8: Are there past lives?

If today you had an experience, a vision so real that although you were still conscious of this life (and definitely awake and not dreaming) you could see yourself in another body, see the clothes you were wearing from some past decade or century, feel the feelings going on in that body, and the sensations experienced by that body, what would you call it? Many perfectly sane people have had this type of extra-ordinary experience.

So often does this experience seem to be of a human life in a past era (from our present timeframe), that we have begun to call it a “past life” experience.

As in the case of the afterlife, ISSSEEM scientists have concluded that there is so much evidence for “past lives” that it should be accepted as scientific fact. They even recommend past life regressions for those who experience phobic or traumatic symptoms yet cannot find evidence of any event in this life that would explain such an intense fear. Many qualitative research stories suggest that experiencing the past life source of the fear very often resolves the phobia or trauma. A person is able to consciously process that the fearful event is not present and can be let go. For example, in one such story a young child routinely experienced great trauma with any loud noise, even the sound of someone diving into a pool. After ruling out other possibilities, a past life regression was done where he could see that in a past life he was killed by cannon fire. Once he could process that the traumatic event was not a current threat, his trauma symptoms disappeared. Scientists have concluded that many children often remember past lives, but after the age of seven or so, the memories fade and disappear.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I allowed myself to experience a few “past life” regressions. I wanted to know what the experience was like before I would recommend it to a client. For me, each experience was like a very deep dream, vivid and as real to the touch as this life. Yet I simultaneously knew I was awake and conscious to what was going on around me, kind of like when you first awake from a dream, but are still in the dream at the same time. Some of the experiences felt like a “knowing” that it was a past life for me. Other experiences felt like a rapture, more mystical. Still others felt like I was experiencing a life that I was meant to learn something from, or bring a message back from.

Question 9: So what is the difference between my personal and human consciousness, compared to the collective field of all consciousness?

Human consciousness is the sea to the ocean of consciousness. It is the collective consciousness of all humanity. We could call this the unified “soul” of humanity.

Personal consciousness is the bay to the sea, a set of informational energy waves carried by a particular person.

For simplicity sake, let us restrict the term personal consciousness to mean the physical, emotional and mental consciousness that the average person experiences and is in the process of trying to integrate as a congruent sense of self. Let us then call “spiritual” consciousness any of the higher floors of consciousness which the average person may access during a peak or transcendent (also called transpersonal) experience.

Question 10: What is the difference between consciousness, intelligence, mind, and thought?

“Consciousness” is the ocean, the collective matrix of all pulsing energy waves carrying information into some type of structured matter, whether dense or subtle. (Matter is densely organized energy. The type of structure taken or particle of material chosen is determined by the behavior, type, speed or quality of the information carried.) “Consciousness” is the interaction of pure energy with form; it is the state of being a “dual” nature, both wave and particle simultaneously. Being conscious, we are aware of our own dual state of existence, a subjective energetic inner self interwoven with an objective material outer self. This is a simplification, of course, since in actuality, both the subjective and objective realms are infinitely multidimensional.

More typically, we might see consciousness as the capacity to be aware of and to respond to the environment, which is observed in all atoms, whether planetary, human or subatomic, just in varying degrees. But even if our human self is “unconscious” in a given moment, the atoms of our body are still at work, and it is simply that the larger consciousness is pointed in a different direction, so to speak. When consciousness is withdrawn a little from the body, we might be in a state of sleep, for instance, our dreams reflective of the plane of consciousness to which the subjective self has traveled. When consciousness is withdrawn entirely, the center of gravity that keeps our bodily atoms in place is shifted, freeing the physical atoms to gradually disperse and join some different arrangement or form.

In short, “mind”, “intelligence”, and “thought” are subsets of the more encompassing “consciousness” (often written with a capital C, as in “Consciousness”, to differentiate the ocean from the bay of personal “consciousness”). The brain is the hardware antenna, receiver/transmitter and transducer for the energy waves that it picks up from the infinite matrix or ocean of Consciousness that surrounds and permeates it. The brain’s job is to step-down the higher energies (that it receives from Consciousness) into lower energy forms that the cells can use, and to communicate the messages throughout the body.

The “personal mind” of a human encompasses his or her own inherent physical, emotional and mental types of intelligence, that is, floors one through three of the personal consciousness “building”. It also includes that which is received (from “outside”) and processed actively by the brain.

We used to use the term “mind” more specifically to mean the processes of the brain, but we have learned (thanks to pioneers like Candice Pert) that mind is in every cell of our body. So now scientists are more frequently using the terms mindbody or bodymind. This concept might become clearer if you consider that every thought is simultaneously accompanied by an emotion and a physical sensation or response, like a simple musical chord consisting of three notes.

“Mind” in the broader sense can also include the collective mind of humanity, and all “other than human” intelligences as well. Again we are referring to floors one through three of the metaphorical Consciousness building.

Our brain can receive the thoughts and emotions of another person or being when both of our energies are in a state of resonance and entrainment. When our energies and theirs are literally “on the same wavelength”, where the waves’ peaks and valleys swim together like a pod of dolphins, then they are resonating. It is then that our energies can entrain, exchange, or share information.

Though some writers also include “intuition” as part of mind, I do not so that I may differentiate this type of intelligence from mental thought. I categorize intuition as a fourth floor “transpersonal” (beyond the human level) event of consciousness that we experience more often as some information we “receive”, in a way like osmosis, rather than “do” like when we actively think a thought. Yet, intuition is certainly received into mind. In that context, personal mind opens to and engulfs transpersonal intuitive information.

The word “intelligence” is used very specifically. A type of intelligence is a specific capacity to respond to a particular form of perception.

A “thought” is a finite stream of mental consciousness, a third floor experience. Thoughts build material reality.

Question 11: What is the self?

The “self” is the stream of consciousness with which we identify in any given moment.

For most of us, the core sense of “personal self” is a subset or field of informational energy waves, a bay of consciousness, inherent to us. It includes primarily the subjective emotional-mental field of energetic information, sensed by us as our unique or individual set of qualities, personal traits and strengths. It includes secondarily the physical body or objective structured form.

Some mystics experience the broader dimension of “Self” that they spell with a capital S since they have come to identify with the ocean of Consciousness as a whole. For them, all existence is one fluctuating current, Consciousness, ceaselessly moving into and out of structured form.

The Self is therefore considered to be the unified matrix or field of all waves of information, intelligence, consciousness and pure energy. Many call this the Divine Matrix or God the Absolute.

The “soul self” is a level of consciousness or being that is in between the more physical personal self and the Divine Self, or Consciousness as a whole. The “soul self” is the faster vibrating energy body that is our “true self”, the one that exists beyond death of the physical body. It serves as the archetype or blueprint matrix of consciousness that guides the construction of the physical body. This it does by stepping down the energies into slower and slower frequencies. From our human perspective, it might appear that there is an infinite progression between personal self and Self, between personal consciousness and unified Consciousness. This progression is a journey we all inevitably travel.

Question 12: How are we physical form is created from non-material energy waves?

There are many theories about how forms are created. Let us briefly compare the viewpoints of conventional or standard physics, quantum physics, spiritual text, and the integrative perspective.

Standard physicists do not believe that “non-material” energy waves create physical forms. They believe that all reality is a material reality, and that waves of consciousness are somehow created by the brain as “epiphenomena”.

Though these conventional physicists know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and though they realize that all substance can be divided into something infinitely smaller, they continue to search for the most fundamental building block or particle of our existence. Each time they think they have found it, they find something smaller still. The smallest particles they have reportedly found to date are quarks and leptons.

There are many mysteries that the standard laws of physics can’t explain, like how light can be both wave and particle (a photon is a “piece” of light that carries electromagnetic field) depending on which measure they take. The standard model still struggles to explain gravity, the interaction between particles (which they admit never actually touch because of the energy matrix that surrounds them), and the energetic forces that facilitate such interactions. They can’t explain consciousness itself, or how mind effects matter, or how intention can significantly impact random event generators, though it does. They can’t explain other consciousness phenomena like extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, precognition, remote viewing, or distant healing, which have been documented scientifically for over thirty years by prestigious institutions like Princeton (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research or PEAR Lab for short). They are also amazed to find that 99.999999999999% of any atom is simply space, and no matter how small they go into subatomic matter, each particle found still seems to be made up of mostly “space”. Furthermore, they used to believe that space was empty. Now they discover that there is more power or pure energy in space than there is in matter. According to Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe, “every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all matter in the universe”.

As it turns out, earlier theories and mathematical laws of physics (e.g. Isaac Newton’s laws that are the cornerstone of conventional physics) do a good job of describing the more material energy waves that are much slower than the speed of light. But newer theories (e.g. Albert Einstein’s theories around relativity) better explain what is happening with waves traveling at faster velocities. Only recently have theories (e.g. quantum consciousness and torsion fields) emerged to explain events that completely disobey the rules of space and time, like energy healing, miracles, and consciousness itself.

Quantum scientists believe that, instead of particles, waves of consciousness are primary, and that they create physical or material reality by converting or slowing down waves into shapes or structured forms. These physicists suggest a multidimensional wave-particle reality, where our physical reality is only the densest aspect of an infinite multiverse, or multi-verse, of arrayed consciousness that exists simultaneously everywhere, on every plane of Consciousness.

Quantum theories have really taken off since the surprising discovery mentioned above that light can behave as either a continuous wave or discrete particle. And no matter how rigorously quantum researchers have conducted their experiments, they continue to find that light acts like a particle or photon when the observer experimenter predicts it to be a particle, and light behaves as a wave when the observer experimenter predicts it to be a wave; and even more mysteriously, the result seems to work backwards and forward in time. Furthermore, it has subsequently been confirmed by physicists studying the human biofield that the human body is made of photons or “chunks” of light as mentioned in the Bible, indicating that we too are simultaneously subjective wave and objective particle.

As a result of these findings, the position of quantum scientists is that consciousness, an intelligent field of informational energy, is primary and most fundamental to our physical reality. They conclude that a multidimensional reality or multi-verse of potentiality exists, which they measure mathematically with statistics as a probability wave function. They believe that it is quantum consciousness or laser-like and coherent conscious intention that “collapses” or condenses a wave into a particle.

This suggests that all “things” exist as a wave-particle multi-dimensionality, a complex subjective wave woven together with an objective particle. In trying to figure out how such multidimensional universes might be interconnected, some scientists have theorized gravity as the force capable of such a feat, a point that will be seen as relevant later.

Spiritual texts, like the Bible, have long revealed that “In the beginning (of our physical world) was the Word”. (A word technically is a complex sound, a pulsing energy wavefield of vibration that conveys meaning. A complex sound is like a short burst of song with harmonic overtones.) God the Absolute, unified Spirit or Creative Power, is said to have uttered the first Word, which set the world into motion as a hierarchy of conscious existence or being, that we now call the ocean of Consciousness.

From our human perspective, this hierarchy is divided into kingdoms: the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and the spiritual kingdom, the latter said to include an infinite series or classifications of nonmaterial or celestial beings. Some esoteric texts describe how each atom (from the Greek origin a + temnein meaning “to cut”) is a spherical being that evolves, making its way from one body to another, from lower to higher spheres of consciousness, climbing the ladder of evolution one rung at a time from the mineral, into the plant, then into the animal, the human and inevitably into the upper rungs of spiritual consciousness or kingdom of heaven described by Christ. During this evolution, the superseding consciousness always contains what came prior. For instance, the mineral kingdom demonstrates a physical consciousness; the plant kingdom, both physical and also some emotional consciousness; the animal kingdom, physical, emotional and some budding mental intelligence; the human, physical, emotional, mental, and some budding intuitive consciousness; and so forth.

As regards the process of physical creation, it seems there is a Holy Trinity of sort at work. God the One or Absolute is said to have divided ultimately into three primary aspects. These three are 1) God the Father, Source, Creator, or some type of outpouring active “masculine” yang power, 2) God the Son, a union of Spirit and matter, and 3) God the Holy Spirit, Mother matter, or some type of receiving “feminine” yin aspect or form.

An integrative perspective can see how all of these theories seem to offer a piece of the puzzle, which needs to be put together in order that we might grasp the bigger picture and get a little closer to the technical reality. God the Father seems to be Life or pure energy, in whom we live and have our beingness; God the Son, that many call Christ Consciousness, seems to be the ocean of Consciousness itself born of the Divine marriage between Father energy and Mother matter; and God the Holy Spirit seems to be the consciousness or subset of informational energy waves within each “thing” perceived as dense matter.

Thus, what we think we know is that it is God, the Creator, the Absolute Power that sends out a soundless sound that we conceive as life or pure energy. This Power subdivides from One into Three, a Holy Trinity from which springs the infinite cascade of intelligent beingness or consciousness in form. This original “sound” or pure energy radiates infinitely outward in all directions, ultimately creating an array or hierarchy of various types of energies, higher or faster vibrating ones and lower or slower ones, which can be converted from one to another. The array seems to be spherical and infinitely multidimensional. Because of this, it is described as hologram enfolded within hologram, universe within universe, what some are calling a harmonic multi-verse. This infinite and multi-versal hierarchy of intelligent or informational energies is studied in part, as 1) particular fields (e.g. slower electromagnetism, the spectrum of light within matter; faster spinning torsion that carries us beyond spacetime) of energy that interpenetrate and dynamically interact with all other fields, 2) as the ocean or field we call Consciousness, and/or 3) as some lesser aspect of consciousness or intelligence. It is Consciousness as a whole that “collapses” waves into the organized and hierarchical structures we see as our universe. It is also lesser seas (e.g. humanity as a group) and bays of consciousness (e.g. individuals) that have the power to subdue waves of potentiality and convert “space” or “no-thingness” into forms or particles, but under the condition that these fields of consciousness are very coherently structured themselves. When such a field of consciousness (let’s say a group of two or more humans who resonate together and merge as one field of conscious loving intent) is a unified and coherent loving consciousness, it is then it has the power to organize or “collapse” less structured or more random fields of energy (like in the case of a physics consciousness experiment).

And so, it is consciousness that is primary in our physical plane. Consciousness provides the blueprint information (the energy signal or song carried by a wave) that determines the pattern in which a wave organizes and behaves. When waves cohere and organize into a very dense pattern that we can measure, we call the result material, form, particle or matter. The most dense patterns or structures, we call solids. The lesser dense, liquids. The least dense, gases.

Particles never actually touch one another, as even conventional physicists admit, even though it feels that way. They know that attractive and repulsive forces are behind all particle interactions. Attractive forces like magnetism and gravity cohere particles together. The repulsive forces disperse them. Among us human atoms, we know this attractive force as love, and repulsive force as fear.

Gravity is the only fundamental force that interacts with all particles. Gravity is still a mystery to scientists, but it seems like what they call the attractive force of gravity might be the lower reflection of the cohering force of love that is the soul’s blueprint energy beyond spacetime. On smaller scales, is when we evidently call it magnetism. On planetary scales or larger, we give it the word gravity.

So it is the soul within all things (i.e. the inner consciousness or subjective loving attractive higher gravitational energy) that magnetizes and thus coheres waves into structured outer objective form by sending out an energy signal, a frequency or sound. The signal or song provides the blueprint or archetypal pattern for construction of the organized form. Other waves are attracted to its song and cohere around it.

In the case of us humans, it is our soul in the higher reaches of consciousness that attracts the atoms that create each of our spherical bodies based on the information residing within our unique bay of waves or energetic fingerprint. The information exchanged is a type of keynote, a signal and harmonic sound. It is this signal that sets the waves into motion and arrays them by frequency. And it is this signal that attracts those to us with whom we intend to interact, as family, as soul mates, as significant colleagues as we engage in our life’s purpose.

Our heart and brain (as well as every hair and every cell!) really work as receiver/transmitters just like antennae. They convert the higher faster energetic information into slower more physical signals that can be understood by the rest of the body. The brain seems to function like a diligent executive assistant to the heart, which acts like a compass as it intuits the life direction and purpose of the soul. The brain’s right hemisphere processes the abstract information instinctually. The left hemisphere concretizes the abstract data into more linear thought signals. Energy highways called meridians underlie the nervous system, which receives and then transforms the information into electrical signals that can be used to share data throughout the material body. The membrane of each cell acts like a gateway, deciding how much of which chemical messengers called neurotransmitters to release or which genetic data to express based on the signals communicated. This information is shared throughout the entire physical structure of organs, muscles and bone. So, all of this amazing communication takes place by way of energetic information, which is ultimately transduced into useable forms or signals that the body can handle, just like we use electricity that comes to us through the electrical outlet in our wall and not directly full force from the power plant generator.

As quantum scientists are starting to conceive, all “things” are spheres of consciousness within more encompassing spheres of consciousness. And, as we will discuss more deeply in the next series, this subjective sense of being is the soul, the core self, the attractive force of love itself.

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