Your Connection to God

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In this chaotic world, it is easy to lose the feeling of connection with God, Creator, the Great Mystery, or whatever name you give to that which really is beyond all name or label.

You begin to look outside of yourself, and what you see can be horrifying. Unloving acts of terror. Regular assaults on the environment and Mother Earth. Bosses who treat you like a slave. Companies which routinely take your money, and don’t deliver what they say you are paying for. Drivers who cut you off, or won’t let you merge into their lane. People who are rude to you, and don’t seem to care at all.

How can you feel connected to God, when you are trapped in this nightmare?

First of all, consider that it is indeed a nightmare, one that you can wake up from. Look inside you. There you will find your connection to God. Inside you is a subtle energy power. It may look like space, like nothing at all, but you will be in awe of its power. Physicists have even confirmed that within 1/5 teaspoon of space lies more power than in all the material known universe combined.

Within this space is beingness. And this beingness is God.

You are connected to God in ways you may have never imagined, if you generally think of God as a fatherly being who resides outside of you.

But even Jesus taught, through metaphor and parables, about the many forms of God: God as light, God as love, God as Father/Creator, God as Son, and God as Holy Spirit.

Consider that you are one in being with the Father/Creator. That this beingness flows through you, is felt as a subtle energy presence, and is what is described as Holy Spirit.

Imagine Father/Creator energy as Spirit taking shape as material form. Then all forms are one in being with the Father, for they are God at their Source. At your source, you too are one in being with the Father. Your soul is a cell in the body of God.

A marriage takes place between Spirit energy and material form, giving birth to the Son, Love energy itself. Love is a fundamental field of energy. The unifying force of Spirit and matter, which swirls us all together as one being.

This unified field is called by us the field of consciousness as a whole. It is Christ Consciousness itself, which Jesus came to radiate into the world. It is the primary field which serves as a template or blueprint for forms to materialize, as they transform from one form of energy to another, from torsional fields of superluminal light to the slower light electromagnetic bodies we usually think we are.

Through this transformative process of creation, as you are birthed into the individual soul consciousness that you are, first you are Love, Consciousness itself, then you take shape as you.

Re-turn to this connection that you inherently have with God. You are one in being with God, birthed as love, light, pure consciousness at your core, and clothed as a son or daughter of God.

The feeling of subtle energy presence, the awareness of the Holy Spirit, courses through your veins as a reminder of who you are. An interconnected part in the Whole of All That Is that we name God.

Be true to who you are. When you do, you radiate love to all who surround you, serving as a cell in the body of Christ consciousness, which is Love. From this state of your highest consciousness, you are in touch with God consciously; you register, through your intuition, your highest purpose for being here now; and you know what you are called to create through the love that you are.

Higher Consciousness

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the pleiades star cluster 11637 1920

What is meant by “higher consciousness” anyway?

The field of quantum physics has brought to humanity a new understanding of an invisible world of energy vibration and a fundamental field we experience as consciousness. And though the specifics are still being debated within the field itself, let alone outside by the rest of us, we do know enough to enjoy greater insight into what is meant by “higher consciousness”.

Let me explain consciousness in terms of an array of faster/higher and slower/lower energy frequency vibrations, and the information they carry.

The invisible world of energy is a world where separation, or distinction among fields and forms of energy, is based upon frequency or speed of vibration. Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC 2 tells us that energy takes shape as matter, or matter sheds its form and appears as energy, depending upon the speed of its light.

Most related to matter, electromagnetism is a tiny spectrum of slower frequency light (a photon is a single unit of light), which corresponds to the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet color informational bandwidths. This is the range of energy vibration that gives us our perceptions of time and space, and material objects.

But there is much more energy than meets the eye!

Recently, scientists have been able to name and categorize a type of energy that disobeys the electromagnetic laws of time and space: torsion fields. Torsion seems to involve fields of energy vibration so fast that they take no time or space at all to travel. At this superluminal level of vibration, all is interconnected as one synchronized field. When one part of this unified field is effected, the entire field is so effected. At torsion levels of higher vibration, information is continuously and immediately shared among all that is.

With information apparently an inherent aspect of its power, energy seems to be highly intelligent by its very nature. Thus, I have come to very simply define consciousness as a matrix of energy carrying information. (Since the varying fields of energy differ in the type of information they carry, consciousness itself is differentiated by the quantity and quality of information it contains.)

Quantum physicists are now saying that it is the field of consciousness that is our primary and fundamental level of existence, and it is consciousness as a field that serves as the blueprint field for material reality.

Higher consciousness literally refers to fields of consciousness involving faster and higher frequency fields of energy, such as torsion, and therefore higher states of informational awareness and experiential beingness. And, scientifically, torsion fields have been correlated with peak states, intuitive or direct knowing, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing, long distance energy healing, and other types of “magical” or psychic phenomena that involve nonlocal and synchronized sharing of information.

While peak states do vary (because each individual represents a unique fingerprint of energy we refer to as the soul), states of higher consciousness have in common the sense of oneness, interconnectedness, and love that is incomprehensible to those who have not experienced them consciously.

People, who live from such states of higher consciousness, are recognized by the information they bring to all of us and the higher values by which they live their lives. Their values shift because their perceptual field has shifted, and they can no longer see separation as those who are still living from lower, slower, more electromagnetic fields of energy and awareness. Their message to us:  that we should love all forms of life inclusively and unconditionally because all is one in being, that we are love itself, and that all we really need to do is to be the loving higher consciousness that we are at our core.




What’s a “chakra”? And why might you want to know about it?

Chakras are energy vortices, like spinning windmills, generating power that flows into and out of your physical body. They really are a big deal!

They serve as intake and outtake valves of information, communicating essential messages between you and the interconnected universe. Between you and your soul, and your even broader quantum self. Between you, as your individual consciousness, and All That Is as wholeness or unity consciousness. These messages can be received/transmitted subconsciously or consciously. The more you know about your energy chakras, the more consciously you can be involved in these subtle energy communications.

You’ve likely heard there are seven chakras. Well, in reality, there are more than you could ever count. But the seven major are like the seven largest highway intersections in your city, compared to the multitude of crisscrossing smaller highways, tinier roads and dirt paths. For chakra vortices arise from the merging and intersecting of your energy channels or highways (called meridians in acupuncture, Eastern medicine and psychology).

The chakras transmit information among your energy spheres or bodies. You may have heard of your aura? Well, that is the most visible or detectable sphere of energy and consciousness which surrounds the body, and is comprised of largely electromagnetic fields, mixed with non-local torsion fields (visit the Quantum Physics & Psychology page under Soul Work). That’s about as far as we’ve come with our scientific understanding. But you live within an infinite array of energy or consciousness bodies. And, where you focus your consciousness, determines your experience within consciousness.

What are these seven major chakras, which transfer information (as consciousness) among your energy bodies? I will briefly discuss them next, in order from the slowest to fastest frequency vortices.

  • Physical – The physical or “root’ chakra, as a vortex of energy carrying information, brings in data about the physical world, about material things. It gives you the grounded sense of a physical “I”, and moves you toward self-preservation and physical health activities. It comprises your autopilot, neuroplastic self and instinctual/cellular intelligence, and is especially connected to the base of your spine.
  • Emotional – The emotional or “sacral” chakra gives you a sense of “I-You” awareness. It brings you your sense of relationship with all that you see and feel, in the form of a pleasant or unpleasant emotions. That which resonates with your own unique energy field registers in your awareness as “like” you. That which doesn’t resonate with you, registers as “not like” you. People who are very tuned into this vortex of energy are called empaths; they literally feel what you feel as you feel it. Not only that, they feel the emotional energy of all things and collectively. This is the seat of emotional/social intelligence, and it governs the body in the area of your reproductive organs.
  • Mental – The third mental or “solar plexus” chakra spins in the area of your stomach and enteric nervous system, which is why you tend toward nausea or digestive/stomach pain when you lose yourself within negative and catastrophic thinking. This chakra gives you your sense of personal mind and individual thought. It helps you rationalize, analyze and problem solve. Your task to balance this chakra area is to build up your sense of personal power or ego and learn personal achievement. But not for selfish gain. Instead it is for the purpose of constructively building the ego, so that it may be in service of your soul. The more you learn to quiet, at will, this lower mental energy we call thought, the more you will hear the subtle voice of your soul. Then your thoughts can be put to good use, as they come into synchrony with your soul.
  • Heart – The fourth chakra is called the heart chakra, not only because it is located in the etheric space in front of and in back of your physical heart, but too because it brings you the knowledge of higher love. This is the seat of your soul in your physical body. When your consciousness is focused in your wide-open heart chakra, you fill yourself up with the wholeness of unconditional love. It is this love that gives you the sense of connectedness that you seek, moves you as a conscious soul in your daily activity, and comes in as intuitive or direct knowing. Within this energy area, you naturally feel responsible for your part in the whole, and make it your life mission. You naturally are compassionate and forgiving. Your sense of self becomes a “We”, a collective awareness where you are they and they are you. All is interconnected in this subtle heart field.
  • Throat – The fifth chakra is referred to as the throat chakra since it is located in the area of the neck and throat. When this vortex of energy is allowed to be open and flowing, you use your voice in the service of your soul. You create for the good of all. This is the seat of your highest creativity. When you are creating to help others, as you do when using your throat chakra energy, you really begin to invite the Law of Attraction to synchronize your life.
  • Third Eye – The sixth chakra is a vortex of energy which is located at a point between your two physical eyes. It is the coherently organized and laser-like field of energy, referred to in the Bible as “thine eye made singular”. It brings you higher sight, visionary and psychic intelligence. When this vortex is spinning unrestrictedly, you see into the quantum field of potentiality what has yet to be made manifest. You see opportunity where others see problems. You will receive “downloads” of information, in a way that others may consider you a genius. As your mind is pointed and prepared, you will receive.
  • Seventh – The seventh chakra spins above the crown of your physical head. It brings you inspiration and the wisdom of Divine Will. When this vortex is open, you will feel inspired with Spirit. You may use this gateway to go out of body during meditation or sleep, or during a near-death experience. This is the door to transcendent consciousness, where your personal sense of self sacrifices itself, and dissolves in the bliss of oneness.

For more information on your chakras, and especially your spheres of consciousness that comprise the multidimensional quantum self, check out my book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness .




When you’re aligned with soul, your life IS your creative project.  This is quite different from thinking of creativity as something to do to relax and unwind from a busy day at work, like playing guitar as a hobby, singing in a local ensemble, learning how to make pottery, or knitting while you watch television. In ego, you feel disconnected from your creative flow, and so you make attempts here and there to get it back. But it never quite feels enough. 

In soul, you naturally are aware that you are here to participate in the process of creating this world, as the unique stream of energies that you naturally are at your core. You bring a set of qualities here that no one else can duplicate – a particular perspective, a combined set of interests and skills, a specific passion that never goes away – and it is your opportunity to bring your vision forward through the life and love that you are. That is what I mean when I tell you that your life is to be your creative project.

How do you start?

Listen to that subtle voice inside that tells you intuitively in which direction to head next. That is the voice of your soul. When your mind is quiet, you know it communicates with you. That is often the very reason you drown it out with other people’s voices. It scares you to go out on this limb, to be different from those you see around you. You’re afraid, perhaps even traumatized, that you’ll be criticized and rejected.

Allow your fears to be felt and known. Fear is not a problem in itself. With your attention and compassion, your fear will melt within the safety of your love. Consider that all of those people who make the widest impact in our world inevitably are rejected by those who cling to the status quo. Accept it as a fact. But not as a failure. Don’t jump to the conclusion that their rejection of you has anything to do with failure on your part. Realize that most of the time it says something about where they are in their consciousness, and how where you are in yours is substantially different. When you are attempting to change the world in a dramatic way, you are in a highly shifted state of consciousness from the majority of society. Re-frame failure as one-pointed persistence.

Give up perfectionism. It doesn’t exist within a single individual. Perfection lies in the diversity of life. When you connect with soul consciousness, you inevitably become aware of what you feel called to do in your highest dreams. Within balance, let go of all which does not serve this purpose. Practice faith, the trust in the unknown guidance you will receive through intuition and synchronicity. Have courage. Find others, even across the globe, who seem to get you and feel similar callings as you.

Be you. That is the creative work of your soul, stirring simply and mysteriously through you as you.

Law of Attraction



You may have heard people talking about the Law of Attraction. “What is it?” you wonder. The Bible teaches that what we sow, we reap what we plant is harvested. “Is this Law of Attraction?”

Perhaps you have read books suggesting that your thoughts create your reality, but you’re well aware that your thoughts are often negative and all over the place. It’s freaking you out a bit, each time something negative happens in your life. “What do I need to do to manifest my own reality? Is this the same thing as karma?”

The Law of Attraction is one of the most frequently misunderstood.

It is a universal law that similar energies resonate with one another, and in that way, they group together. When you see a rainbow, notice that red energies form one bandwidth of color, orange another, and the same with yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. None is more or less important than the other group of color. And, at the level of wholeness we see as white light, all colors are united.

We too are like white light with a rainbow of color hidden within. Soul and ego are different bandwidths of energy, with distinct types of effects. Existing beyond time and space, our soul energy or consciousness resides at the faster, torsional, super-luminal, end of the rainbow spectrum, where Law of Attraction really applies. In other words, it is the energy of the soul that magnetizes or attracts that which best serves its purposes.

Whether we live predominantly as soul consciousness or ego consciousness determines how much we sense the Law of Attraction working in our lives through synchronous events that defy imagination and ordinary logic. Soul energies are attracted to similar soul energies at levels of torsion fields (see the section on Quantum Physics & Psychology), which involve harmonic synchronicities orchestrated nonlocally and beyond time and space. Egoic energies resonate with other egoic energies at the levels of electromagnetic fields, which have “local”, instead of nonlocal, effects that take time and space to unfold.

When we are in tune with nonlocal and more subtle fields of energy and communication, we are in step with the larger whole. Life appears as one synchronicity happening after another.

At this energetic level, we are in tune with soul consciousness. Through the energies of the heart and soul, we are led to group together with those of similar soul purpose united, we feel as though we are one. We are aware of our unique pattern of energy as an individual consciousness and too, we are aware of our part within the whole of consciousness.

We are in instantaneous communication with the collective body or group mind that is soul consciousness. Synchronicities guide us, through time and distance, toward those with whom we resonate as a soul. And, it tangibly feels like we are connected beyond space and time, moved by an invisible force or subtle energy Presence, as if some unseen Conductor is orchestrating a grand symphony in which we play our part.

Most of us are not typically synchronized with our soul consciousness in this way, at least not routinely and consciously. It is because our focus and attention are usually pointed externally toward the material world, instead of internally within the subtle soul self.

It then feels like we are disconnected because our ego’s mental energies are focused on the physical level of “things”, where we see everything as a separate object. (And in psychology we know that what we look for is what we see and what we don’t look for, we are blind to. It is called inattentional blindness.)

As we perceive such disconnection and separation, we plummet into an illusion of sorts. Illusion, because as quantum physics now teaches us, all matter is really energy vibrating at some speed of light, faster or slower in frequency. But energies that are subtly vibrating are not what the majority of us sees with our physical eyes. Instead, we perceive the material plane or layer of vibration that is the slowest one of our whole existence. We see “things”, appearing to us as solids. And we mistake this solid layer of reality as the only existing reality.

Furthermore, because as ego we focus on and value “things”, we have long assumed that space was nothingness. How wrong we have been! Again quantum physics has taught us much. It turns out that there is more power and energy in 1/5th teaspoon of space than in all the known material universe combined! (Which is fascinating when we realize that esoteric wisdom teaches that space is really a “being” or beingness itself.)

What does this have to do with Law of Attraction? Everything!

Our ego’s illusions have hurt us greatly. Seeing disconnection and separation, we fall into fear, despair, anger and vengefulness. As we do, we literally lower the vibration of our experience, and plunge into the lower frequency energies of electromagnetism. At those levels of human consciousness, we feel loss of power and any sense of meaningful connection with our larger world.

We attract others who are also fearful, hopeless, angry and vengeful because they resonate with our energy states at those times. Those who are in states of loving vibration do not. They have compassion for us, but they cannot stay around us for long, especially in intimate relationships, because we are not healthy enough for them to live next to us day to day.

Notice when we are in groups of people who are joyful and filled with laugher and playfulness, how light and free it feels. If someone who is intensely anxious or resentful approaches the group, they hopefully lift their spirits or they will not feel like they fit in. Or, the energy of the group instantly shifts as it accommodates this new person.

It is because of the way energy resonates among like-minded people, that mean-spirited people mock others of higher consciousness (e.g. ridicule them for being “naïve” or ideal, see their kindness as weakness), and prefer to surround themselves with external sources of power, guns and violence. Doing so, they attract what they put out and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. They convince themselves that they are right to believe others are dangerous and to be feared, and so their cycle continues.

On the other hand, kind and loving people also experience a self-fulfilling prophecy. As they treat others as they would like to be treated – with respect, allowing, love, gentleness, forgiveness and compassion – others respond in kind. Others safe enough to let their guard down, open up, and let us in. There is a sharing that happens, a collaboration and mutual responsibility.

“But if that is true, then why do bad things happen to good people?”

Kind and loving, higher consciousness, people are still part of the group of humanity. And so, we will reap effects sown by humanity over centuries and over our various lifetimes. Effects that show up as societal and cultural values, norms, expectations, pressures, and even environmental disasters caused by such imbalanced ways of living and treating all of Earth’s lifeforms over all of these years.

That is why as a soul consciousness living on the planet these days, it can feel so hard to be here. But the answer is not to lose the light of soul consciousness.

Your most significant task at this time is to hold steady the light of your soul and in doing so you are helping to raise the vibration of humanity as a whole, and of the planet at large. Each person makes a huge difference with the ripple effects of our thoughts and actions. In one direction or another.

Practice faith in that higher synchronous whole. Sometimes what we perceive as something “bad” that happens to us individually, turns out to be a blessing at the level of soul. The answers are not usually found at the level of human ego consciousness, but at the level of soul and wholeness consciousness.

Here are some suggestions for manifesting the Law of Attraction in your life:

  1. Learn to hold steady the light and vibration of your soul consciousness, and practice, practice, practice. There are many exercises that help us do this. They involve learning to focus the mind and consciousness in the higher states of gratitude for what you have already received and unconditional love for all that is. They also involve learning to perceive subtle energy.
  2. Know that there is a difference in power between energy that is scattered and energy that is quite organized and coherent, as physicists describe it. Torsion fields and synchronous nonlocal effects seem to be fields that are strongly coherent, like a laser of light. Cohere the light of your soul. Cohere soul and ego, so that they are aligned, with ego serving the intention of the soul.
  3. You’ve likely read about the power of intention, but it is a tricky thing. It is not the same as one bold willful thought. It is a full body, multilevel alignment of body/actions, heart/motivations, mind/thoughts, and soul/spirit.
    • Choose what you intend for your life. It is surprising how fearful we are of making a determined choice, and accepting responsibility for our choices. Choices for the well-being of the whole hold power over choices for personal gain.
    • Make sure your thoughts are not scattered, and instead are coherently organized in the direction of your intent. Loving intentions for the group good hold the most coherent power. Divided intentions get watered down results.
    • Focus your imageries on seeing your intentions as happening now in the present. (Our present-moment awareness is the point uniting soul and ego.) A vision board helps to anchor this coherent focus in your daily awareness.
    • Align your intentions with the power that is soul, that is inclusive love, that is spaciousness and no-thingness, that is beingness, that is the group of all of us. Allow soul to choose the intentions from its higher state of awareness and understanding. Allow ego – human mind, heart’s desires/motivations, and body – to be in service of this higher group loving intention.
  4. Practice faith that there is much you don’t know at the level of ego or human consciousness. Allow what is. And continue to inject your intention for the group of us into the mainstream of soul consciousness. It takes each and all of us to shift humanity as a group into the higher consciousness society that we yearn to see.
  5. Remember that soul is aligned with torsion fields, which are synchronized beyond space and time. Ego is aligned with electromagnetism, and as such, is within the slower and less powerful bandwidth.

It is soul that has the power to attract in the way you think about the Law of Attraction. As the love you are as a soul pours forth, it ignites the Law of Attraction, which gives to you what you need to fulfill your love. The more you give, the more you receive. It is you that sets the rhythm.

For more information on Law of Attraction, and on living as a soul and overcoming the fears of your ego, feel free to check out my book –  Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness

Balancing Energies

alive 934654 1920

alive 934654 1920

This energy pulses from your core, brings you the power of life, and serves to communicate information throughout and between you and All That Is. Your soul is what you feel at your core. It is a unique energetic signature and fingerprint, one that is the pattern or blueprint upon which your physical body is constructed. It communicates with you regularly, though you may neglect to listen.


Within your body, this energy moves as lines of force, which have been referred to as energy highways or meridians. When you see a map of your nervous system or cardiovascular system, you can understand how this energy system appears because it underlies those other systems structurally and “behind the scenes”. Our technology is beginning to be so refined, however, that evidence for energy meridians has finally been documented in this way. The chakras are the intersections of major energy highways; they are swirling vortices which serve as “intake and outtake” values, transmuting energies from one form to another.

There is a multidimensional array of energy which comprises your being. The slower and lower frequencies are electromagnetic in nature. Such waves take time and space to travel. The faster and higher vibrational frequencies are only more recently being researched as torsion fields. Such fields do not obey the rules of spacetime, and involve immediate communication, no matter the distance. These effects have been called by quantum physicists “nonlocal” and “spooky action at a distance”. And seem to be correlated with “impossible” experiences such as intuition/telepathy, remote viewing, precognition and the like. For more information on this, see the section on Quantum Physics & Psychology.

The point is, you are not your body, the way you think of your body as a thing, shell, object or an unthinking machine.

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