4 Things We Need To Do Now To REALLY Make This Country Great Again

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 alive 934654 1920

I’m exhausted. Yes, from all of life’s stressors about earning a living, maintaining friendships (in a world where everyone is stressed and has no QUALITY time to spend with one another), caregiving family members who need vital help, yet also trying to balance lagging career activities, dates with my hubby, sleep and overall health. Well-being? HA! That’s a struggle lately for sure. I’m working on it…I did start back with some yoga recently…

Sound familiar? You are not alone. We each have our own list that sucks the life force right out of us. But really, it’s not just with our personal lives…it’s with our current society…really our entire culture as human citizens.

“Society”. I decided to look up the word because quite frankly we’ve so lost touch socially. It was defined as “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community”, of “a particular region”, or with “shared customs, laws, and organizations”. Hmmm. I decided I had better look up “culture”. It said, “arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”.

Clearly our society has dramatically gone in the direction of “less” ordered. My mind jumped to the word “entropy”, defined as “gradual decline into disorder”, stemming from the thermodynamic measure of unavailable energy. I laughed inside. I didn’t start out to write about energy or physics. But the humor of my mind going there was not lost on me, since I usually post about the intersection where quantum physics (all things energy) meets psychology and spirituality.

My mind went back to contemplating our status as a society, and the defining characteristic of “shared”. Hmmm. I thought I’d better look that up too, since the “giving to another” aspect isn’t too evident today, especially in our political circus. Okay, we do “jointly possess” whatever laws are in place. Kind of. Well, I’ll give us that one and concede we are still a society, though quite entropic and plunging hastily into disorder.

But not only is that true for us in our American society, it seems overwhelmingly evident of us as a global culture. In our recent decline toward greater disorder, our status as a “collective” has perceptibly eroded.

To live as a collective, we need to care about one another as one large global family and work together toward our joint achievement in human intellectual pursuits. I believe most of us are literally sick and tired of the entropy created when energy is unavailable for greater human advances due to the degree of our “disorderedness”.

So, I’ve put together this list of 4 things we need to do to really make this country (and world) great again.

1. Realize our connectedness. If quantum physics has taught us anything, it is that we are connected. When you look at the energy out of which we are composed, it is fluid and without apparent physical boundary. Our building blocks we thought we were made of turned out to be energy “quanta”, bundles of light. Collectively and individually, we are in fact a body of light. And, our energies are continuously intermingling, like colors of a rainbow. Human, animal, plant, mineral…each kingdom connected and intricately interdependent upon one another as one rainbow system, one global collective.

2. We were designed to, and MUST, work cooperatively with one another and with nature. Each part in this collective system is a significant aspect of the whole. We each bring something of purpose, meaning and significance to our society, even our culture. (But how many of us believe that? Far too few. And I suspect this is an underlying reason for the rising trend in anger-generated mass shootings and retaliatory violence.)

The physicist David Bohm initially described this truth in the concept of the “universe as a hologram”, where the defining characteristic of a hologram overall is that “within each part lies the information for the whole”. The reason this matters to us in our daily lives is twofold. For one, this means YOU have access to the information embedded within the whole of the universe, just like our spiritual teachers have told us and why they have encouraged meditation or contemplation to receive this universal information. Two, what you receive (aka intuition) is usually meant for you, and designed to move through you out into the world for a purpose you will likely not realize until years have gone by. Which is why when you hold back, you hold our cultural collective human intellectual achievement back from evolving as it could. You are that significant.

Imagine if we each embraced, and took responsibility for, our individual unique perspectives, skills and talents. But instead of declining into the chaotic disorder of fanatical individualism, we humbly stood up to do our part while also standing side-by-side as others did their part in this multidimensional circle we call Earth. Respectfully recognizing what others bring to the table. Gladly, even “joyfully”, working together toward our collective benefit and cultural advancement.

For there is nothing that brings more joy than aligning with the whole. Whether linking mind to body, and mindbody to spirit. Or connecting one another in true fashion as a shared society and global culture. Tears of joy fall when I meditate on intentions of a cooperative whole, and see in my mind’s eye each person offering their best talent for the good of the all of us. Each person a shining bright light in the lantern of a country, and in the campfire of our planet.

3. Imagine if we replaced our outdated pre-internet political party way of doing things, with a more advanced election system. We simply don’t need political parties anymore. Before the internet we did, because we had to come together in smaller groups to exchange ideas, before our representative leaders could know our thoughts in Washington D.C. That is now obsolete. And, no parties, no need for party-based primaries, no need for PACs. Simply, clear majority vote rules. If we want, we could have nonpartisan primaries, or we could have top candidates who are only a few percentage points apart do a runoff vote. Today, we each could effectively elect another into a leadership position based on how well we believe she or he could advance our human collective. Our one vote would be as valuable as the next. There is no fundamental reason why, before filling out our ballot, we couldn’t compare a fact-checked website listing of candidates, their past accomplishments and interests for our country, as well as their qualifications and readiness for office. And vote our conscience as to who we think could potentially advance us, not individually, but collectively into greater “order” and synchrony. Instead of candidates having to waste their efforts raising money for campaigns and thinking up strategic ways to take down their running colleagues, they could focus on answering debate questions. They could devote their energy walking their talk to let us see who they really are. We wouldn’t even have to change much else about our election system or even our structure of government as established by our founding fathers to move us forward. Imagine our Congress and our Senate, each able to conduct business, without a party to worry about, with only a country and globe to wisely consider. Serving the whole as one collective, one body. In the words of Abraham Lincoln and Sam Houston, one house, one nation. I’m pretty sure if they had the internet back in those days, they would have used it as part of our process of government. Such great leaders would not have meant for us to stay totally in the 1700’s way of doing things. We now have more than enough ways to know the thoughts of the people! And, if we can send a Tesla into orbit, we have plenty of genius tech savvy folks we could put on solving the election meddling and security breach issues.

4. Respect. It’s a word hugely distorted these days, morphed into some peasant-to-king kind of admiration for another (usually some violent alpha dog), and used to hold others back from the circle. 

Not too long ago, the word respect meant to convey noble attention and consideration, that is, highest regard for another. And this is what we need to get back to. True respect.

It is time we respect each and every one of us in this collective whole. We are all individually unique (another fact of physics, where even each atom of a single tree has a signature energy pattern). AND we are equally deserving of respect, attention and consideration. This doesn’t take much from us to improve in this area. This very day, we could:

  • Respectfully, hold a door open for someone.
  • Listen to someone express an opinion that contrasts with ours, without pushing them to change their point of view. We usually hear something we were meant to, in order to learn, grow and evolve.
  • Smile. To the cashiers handing you your coffee. To the waiters bringing your lunch, when they probably should be studying for some college exam. Especially to those we haven’t met, but of course to loved ones who often get the worse version of ourselves.
  • Be gentle and have patience. Citizenship begins with civility. In the playground, classroom, boardroom, and above all, in the halls of our Senate, Congress and White House. If we can’t be polite and courteous, something’s going on with us. We have become disordered and need to work on ourselves.

It starts and ends with us. We are the beginning and ending point for this collective circle of humanity and global citizenry. When we each take responsibility for bringing a better us to the circle, we can’t help but to initiate changes in others. Our energy is contagious, for better or worse. So let’s REALLY make this country (and world) great again.


Biophotons, light and much more are we!



I just read “Emission of Biophotons and Neural Activity of the Brain”, and it got me marveling yet again about how “light” is really the language we all speak, at the level of the body AND the soul. So I can’t help but wonder how the very small (light at the level of atoms and cells) and the immensely large (cosmic, like within the field of astronomy) link up. What we do think we know is that there is, at least, a connection from the body to the quantum through the tubulins within the microtubules of the neurons of our brain. And biophotons, at every frequency domain, seem to be our little light messengers between our human consciousness and the field of consciousness as a whole. This particular article was about the role of biophotons in the activity of our brain.

For those of you who may be new to this, a quantum of light is a unit or chunk of light, and we call it a photon. In the body, it is called a biophoton. The array of light that is the field of our biophotons is still a great mystery scientifically, our understanding still in its infancy. But we do know that it is at once local, and involved in electro-chemical communication and resonant energy transfer processes, as well as nonlocal, and entangled with the quantum vacuum, the field of potentiality. And it seems that subatomically, within the proton of the nucleus of each atom, lie the quantum worm-holes through which this light travels multidimensionally!

Biophotons are produced by our cells, largely from the oxidative metabolism of the mitochondria, the power plants of the cell responsible for generating enough energy to fuel all the activities of the cell. For instance, in a single neuron associated with sight, over 100 biophotons per second can be produced during the process of visual perception.

Our biophotons are usually considered “ultra-weak” electromagnetic light, but as the authors point out, this name is misleading since really most of their intensity cannot actually be measured, primarily because it is absorbed and scattered during cellular activity. This is relevant when we want to understand where this kind of light is along the entire holographic spectrum of light. Think of octaves on a piano and how they are harmonics of one another. Now imagine the piano is multidimensional and not just a single array of keys and octaves.

The neurons of our brain and nervous system conduct, and actually communicate through, these biophoton signals (as well as electrical and other energy signals), and the more coherent (laser-like, well organized as a synchronous system) our biophoton field, the more coherent our brain and EEG. The more coherent our energy field as a whole, the healthier we tend to be, while a scattered field is correlated with dis-ease.

Within our neurons, are microtubules vibrating in different frequency modes. In their excited states, there is coherence and energy pumping, and biophotons are absorbed via biomolecules. In their ground state, coherence and energy pumping are lacking, and biophotons are absorbed by the vacuum. These states are entangled when there is superposition of both states, ground and coherence. Here we see that we have a quantum system, with microtubules giving us long coherence and large synchrony. Therefore, we can begin to sense how our information processing can extend from local to nonlocal domains.

How does this relate to our EEG readings? Some scientists suspect that the quantum vibrations are the source of our brain wave electrical activity measured by an EEG as voltage fluctuations across time and frequency (the rhythm or speed bandwidths of brain waves), on average, for a synchronized group of neurons numbering in the thousands. You may recognize the names of these frequency domains or rhythms as beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, moving slower and slower from wakefulness to deeper relaxation and meditation to sleep. Gamma waves are even faster than beta (usually about 30-100 hertz) and have been observed in very experienced healers and advanced meditators. Gamma frequencies are thought to be involved in the synchronizing of neurons, which would make sense given that healers’ energy is known to be highly coherent. It also then make sense why gamma rhythms would be observed when we are consolidating information and engaging in higher mental activity. 

So, what is the take-away point of all this? To realize that we are indeed light within light, just as our spiritual texts describe. At the level of our body and cells is electrical energy at the slowest bandwidths of communication signaling. But at even increasingly multidimensional levels are biophotons to be found, at all levels of higher and lower energy, bridging us from slower realms of human consciousness to the faster and more synchronized realms of Wholeness consciousness. And all of that IS the very light of who we really are as souls!

Pain, Passion, Beingness and Love

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This morning I awoke from a dream that inspired this writing.


Pain is passion

turned in on itself.

It defines

the edges of our Beingness in form and time,

who we are not,

what we perceive not,

where we have acted not.

Pain is Beingness

turned in on itself,

fallen inward


flowered outward

in its higher expression of Livingness.

Pain is Love

turned in on itself,




from the cavernous spaciousness that is

the Higher Heart.

Passion unveils Beingness,

which reveals

Love itself.

To move beyond pain,

move outside of your form self

and into

the space of your true self.

Being Love is who you really are.

Sharing Love is forever your true purpose.

5 Keys to Emotional Well-Being

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 water fight 442257 1920If you are like most people, you struggle to feel happy and carefree most of your life. You yearn for this feeling you remember from childhood, but don’t know how to get back.

Below are 5 “keys” to recovering your inner sense of well-being, and coping with the emotional rollercoasters of life.

1. Live who you are. You would think this is “oh-duh” but apparently not. Most people do not know who they truly are, much less live who they are. So you are not alone, if you have forgotten your real self. This key is called “prevention” by conventional therapists. It is what you have to do on a regular basis to prevent yourself from sinking into an emotional whirlpool. This is about letting your inner child out, and doing more “self-love”. If you have trouble doing this, consider a plant. A plant needs a certain amount of water and sunlight, and a particular kind of soil in order to thrive. Self-love is allowing yourself your “conditions to thrive”. It is self-care and self-nurture on a regular basis. When you “flower”, you naturally bring more beauty and love into world. You need to live who you are, at least most of the time, in order to get your happy face back on. This is your number one responsibility in your life. It is no one else’s job to do this for you. For example, maybe you secretly want to be a dancer, but are forcing yourself to be in a “serious” bank teller job. This just might kill you, if you don’t make sure somehow to get lots of dancing in your life.

2. Use your healthy coping tools. This key is called “intervention” in regular therapy circles. We all need a few healthy coping or “intervention” strategies in our toolkit, for life WILL throw at least a few major stressful life events our way. When it does, we need to know what we can do to cope. And no, alcohol and drugs don’t count. Know what works for you that is also healthy. For example, you make sure you get in a power walk or some form of exercise at the end of a stressful day at work to allow the energy of stress to move through, and not stay in, your body.

3. Practice scaling your emotions. Scaling your emotions is a way to measure how light or heavy they are. On a scale of “0 to 10”, with 0 equals no anger or stress, and 10 equals maybe rage or panic attack, know what your “2-5” especially is. Whether irritability, frustration, annoyance, mildly worried or afraid. And know how those variations of emotion feel in your body, when they are in the 2 to 5 range, BEFORE you get to higher numbers on your scale. Begin using your coping tools then. Don’t wait.

4. Know your emotion constellations. In the night sky, a constellation is a group of stars that go together. Each of your emotions is like its own constellation. Within “anger” or any other emotion constellation will come certain thoughts, scents, visual cues, sounds, tastes, bodily sensations, physical environments, and even secondary emotions. Know what these are for you, so that you can be very conscious of your emotional landscapes. Know what your calm constellation is, for that will give your hints about how to bring your body into a state of calm. Those will remind you of many healthy coping tools you can use to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you like to imagine being at the beach, with the sounds of seagulls, the scent of salty air, the taste of coconut on your lips, and the feel of your toes sinking into the warm, wet waves. Perhaps aromatherapy helps you at work, with the scent of lavender on your desk.

5. Re-direct your body into the feeling you choose in that moment. Your body has a hard time being in calm and stress at the same time. If you are breathing slowly and deeply, you can’t breathe in that shallow fast way you do when you’re anxious, at the same time. Your body will calm because you are directing it to do so by breathing the way you do naturally when you are calm. If you are thinking thoughts that are consistent with feeling safe, in control or even upbeat, then your body will steer in that direction, which is why constructive self-talk, that you really believe, usually works every time!

Now that you have the keys to getting back the sense of well-being in your life, use them! And remember, the most important key is to “be you!”

Mind, Emotion and Body as an Energetic Triangle for Soul Expression


cosmictriangleWhen you open to who you really are at the core of your being, you find there that you are energy and consciousness originating beyond the body, expressing itself through your ego body.

The mind, emotions and body form a triangle of energies that the ego senses as itself. This is the ego body. When these three aspects of self are connected and relatively balanced, they form a container for the larger self, that many call the soul, to pour through for loving purpose.

Imagine you are at the center of this triangle. To see it in your mind’s eye, draw a triangle with a point in the middle. At the first point of the triangle, label it “physical body”. At the second point, label it “Emotion”. And at the third point, put the word “Mind”. Then at the point in the center, write the word “soul”.

Think of times when you have felt centered and balanced. Note that you will have centered your sense of self at this point in the middle of this energetic triangle. Here, you are the observer-feeler. Not a disembodied head or heart. Not a dissociated body. But from this point, you are using all three aspects of ego self, as the appendages of soul that they are in this physical plane. You feel your bodily sensations, your thoughts and ideas, and your emotional responses to these ideas and observations. You are using your heart to navigate the direction in which your soul longs to move. You are using your head to help you get there. And you are using your body for the expression of soul it is intended to be.

This state of consciousness is where you want to be to feel centered and balanced, and a vessel for your soul awareness. This is the ultimate state for mind-body awareness.