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“As surprising as it may sound, no one really knows what an electron is. And it is this fundamental mystery that has been the driving force for much of modern physics and what eventually led to the development of quantum field theory…while we can’t observe an electron, we can observe its behavior—more specifically its energy….This is where the quantum model took over, where, instead of existing in precisely-defined orbits, all that is known about electrons is their probable distribution around the atom—generally referred to as an electron cloud…This alternative view of electrons as probability clouds, rather than definite orbital states, successfully describes the behavior of matter. However, although achieving what the Bohr model couldn’t, it still doesn’t reveal the nature of the electron and where its mass comes from…To get deeper still, we need a model that more accurately describes the nature and structure of the electron, which is precisely what is offered in the generalized holographic model introduced by Nassim Haramein. This approach starts by defining the fundamental bit of energy as an oscillating spherical unit…it states that the energy—or information— of any spherical system is proportional…This holographic relationship between the exterior and the interior defines the mass expressed by the system at any given moment, while the inverse defines the mass-energy density of the system—or as described by David Bohm, the unfolded and the enfolded, respectively. The question is, can this approach be extended to the electron? The first step in answering this question is to consider the spatial extent of the electron and the volume of information that it encloses. So if we start with the premise that an electron cloud can be considered as an “electron” coherent field of information, then instead of thinking about the electron as a separate system, the electron could be thought of as a cloud of potential energy..This new picture of the electron as a coherent collective behavior of the Planck scale granular structure of spacetime is non-trivial, as not only does it give us a deeper understanding of the nature of the electron, it can also help deepen our understanding of …physics.”

Inside the Mysterious Electron

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