mysteries of the universe

Quantum collaboration gives new gravity to the mysteries of the universe

Wow. An experimental test to determine if quantum or classical gravity is at work in our Universe. What this means for us is a potential confirmation, again, that our Universe operates according to quantum laws. To say our Universe is quantum, really says that there is a field of potentiality out there, where subatomic particles pop in and out of existence and their structure is dependent on an Observer to materialize. And that these “particles” are really just bundles of energy anyway, that they are routinely in more than one state or “position” at a time (superposition), and that they regularly act like a collective system rather than independent objects. And that they get entangled, such that what happens to one is immediately reacted to in a complementary fashion by the other…essentially showing synchronistic behavior. No wonder it appears that a field of Consciousness is really our fundamental reality!

“This new research, which is a collaboration between experts in quantum computing, quantum gravity, and quantum experiments finds an unexpected connection between the fields of quantum computing and quantum gravity and uses this to propose a way to test experimentally that there is quantum not classical gravity. The suggested experiment would involve cooling billions of atoms in a millimeter-sized spherical trap to extremely low temperatures such that they enter a new phase of matter, called a Bose-Einstein condensate, and start to behave like a single large, quantum atom. A magnetic field is then applied to this “atom” so that it feels only its own gravitational pull. With this all in place, if the single gravitating atom demonstrates the key ingredient needed for quantum computation, which is curiously associated with “negative probability,” nature must take the quantum gravity approach.”

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