Junk DNA Really Junk?

Junk DNA really junk? Not on your life. But that is what some researchers from the University of Buffalo in New York have concluded according to the article linked below. They say that genes make up only 2% of our DNA, meaning that only two percent of our DNA codes for proteins. The other 98% they now believe is junk DNA because it is not required by a healthy organism, at least not by a healthy bladderwort. There are alternative explanations. Consider that we have much evolving left to do. And the researchers who have argued that the remaining 98% plays some hidden role are closer to the truth. Especially since ENCODE reportedly found that 80% of our human genome did have some biological activity. For instance, the ability to determine genetic expression, the ability to turn it off or on, doesn’t seem like a “junk” function to me, and likely not to epigeneticists either. The function of this mysterious portion of DNA may be hidden only from our five physical senses, yet revealed at other energy frequencies. Its purpose may be found as we continue to unfold our human potential and evolutionary destiny. What do you think? http://science.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/12/18213982-junk-dna-mystery-solved-its-not-needed

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