Consciousness evolves toward more inclusive love and awareness.

Insight: Consciousness evolves toward more inclusive love and awareness. Consciousness evolves within us, as it does all of humanity and all of creation.   At the level of humanity, we evolve from mass consciousness into individual consciousness, and then into group consciousness. Mass consciousness is related to our more instinctual intelligence and therefore more primitive ways of love. This is our herd consciousness. In this state of consciousness, we look to others for what to do, and as they do, so do we. We find mates, we have children. We strive to fit in. We can’t risk standing out, being ridiculed or rejected. Fear continuously blocks our desires, as the clouds block the sun. Individual consciousness expands the more we cultivate our innate intelligence. In its selfish phase, personal desire, lust, and addictions characterize this state of consciousness. Yet the more conscious we become of our choices, the more capable we become of healthier human love. Personal power, self-reliance, and individual achievement are necessary developments, for they bring balance to dependency in relationship, and foster the capacity for mutual support and reciprocity. Health self-awareness, self-respect, independence, along with a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, give rise to cooperation and collaboration. The balance between self-love and other love is vital. The selfishness and aggressive competition that characterize humanity today smolder the wick of love. Needed is the restraint of true courage. Group consciousness comes from soul awareness, the inner sense of “we-ness” that all souls feel. One mind, one body. Inclusive love for all. These are the mindsets that characterize this state of consciousness. This is the consciousness that is the immediate destiny for humanity. It is a state where individually we contribute toward the good of the whole. It is the whole of humanity, the whole of the planet, the whole of life that is our keynote here. Our intuitive and higher creative intelligence lead our way.   At the level of the individual, we evolve into broader and more inclusive spheres of love. Love of self opens to love of a significant other, as well as to family at large. Love of family broadens into love for a wider circle of friends. Our circle of love expands gradually, beginning with more and more of those who seem to be similar to us. We fall into wider senses of community still, encompassing eventually even those who are greatly different than we. Town, state, nation…..our awareness continues to envelope all of the human family. Then comes the time that we realize the entire planet is family…..all of humanity, all of the animal kingdom, the vegetation of the earth, the minerals, cooperatively working as one united organism. Yet even this awareness is inevitably superseded by the sense of oneness with the entire cosmos, and with all that is.   And so we evolve, individually and collectively…..from the consciousness of the herd self into the consciousness of the personal self, familial self, national self, planetary self, universal self, until we are united in consciousness as one Cosmic Self. And, from this center, we love.