Time is relative to love consciousness.

Insight: Time is relative to consciousness and love. The more extensive our love and consciousness, the more time stands still as infinity. One morning it dawned on me that time is relative to love. If it is true that consciousness is the son of father spirit and mother matter, and love is the divine force of consciousness itself, then time is relative to both. Love is the cross where the vertical line of time and the horizontal line of space merge. When there is no distance between us, we are one consciousness unified beyond spacetime. Now, the present moment, is all that exists at that point of consciousness. Love, presence and focused awareness, makes time feel still. Consider that when we are children, our awareness is like a bud, mostly the potential of love’s blossom. The apparent time between the past (when we first started pre-school) and the future (when we will graduate from high school) seems to crawl. However, when we become adults, our consciousness has unfolded to encompass quite more, and time seems to zoom by us way too quickly. I can only imagine that from some divine perspective time is but an instant, a flash of light, and we are like a firefly in the cosmic night.