Do you feel that you are constantly repeating the same old patterns that lead you to feel empty, hurt, frustrated, depressed, angry, maybe even abused? Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells? Always fighting? Perhaps you notice you have lost yourself or are overly focused on pleasing others. Maybe you and your partner simply want help to improve communication and understanding, and return harmony to the relationship. If you said yes to experiencing these or similar situations, holistic counseling can help!


I provide individual, couple and family therapy using a systemic and holistic approach.

  • My systemic approach works best if partners or family members each receive their own personal therapy, try to implement at home what they have learned, and address needed issues together in couples or family sessions you may want to decide whether you prefer that your individual therapy counselor be the same or someone different from the therapist who facilitates your couple or family sessions
  • If my clients request that I provide both individual and family therapy, it will be important to know that I believe that relationship difficulties are ultimately created from inauthentic individuals coming together and blaming each other in various ways for unhappiness; as individuals improve their ability to live authentically and in alignment with their inner being, they will be happier and healthier in their relationships
  • Since we are interconnected with each other, a change in one person effects changes in the way others respond. Couple or family therapy will help all persons in the relationship adjust to these changes
  • As M. Scott Peck, MD has described, I believe that we truly love another when we want for them what they want for themselves. Relationships begin to heal when we allow ourselves and each other the space to grow, when we mutually nurture each other with healthy boundaries, and when we care enough to really try to communicate in a way that we each feel heard and supported


You can benefit from:

  • Spiritual approaches that care for the inner soul and foster authentic ways of being
  • Improved skills in communication, boundaries, etc.
  • Bioenergetic and somatic approaches that help you release as you gain insight from your body about the type and place of held emotions
  • Artistic expression and dream analysis that informs you of unconscious feelings or motivations
  • Intention exercises that help you focus and attract the qualities you envision in relationship

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