Obsessions and Compulsions – Perhaps you find yourself ruminating on certain thoughts over and over, and you can’t let it go. Maybe you find yourself repeating certain behaviors ritualistically because it makes you feel better. You tend to feel highly anxious, and may begin to be depressed because of the time these rituals are taking in your day.

If so, holistic counseling offers:

  • Behavioral therapies like exposure and response prevention, as well as skills training to help you recognize the extent of anxiety associated with various situations, and support you as conquer increasingly fearful challenges
  • Cognitive therapies that help you challenge beliefs that may no longer serve you
  • Bioenergetic and movement therapies that have been found to help balance out the body’s neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin) without the use of medication
  • Nutrition that helps you decrease feelings of anxiety within the body
  • Somatic and spiritual therapies, which help you see how your outer attachment to certain thoughts and behaviors may reflect deeper difficulties at a spiritual level

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