Mood Swings/Bipolar

Mood Swings/Bipolar – If you experience moods that fluctuate from feeling really low to really high, you may be experiencing bipolar mood shifts. Some people bounce from depression to high irritation or anger. Others may feel extreme impulsivity or a mania that feels like being in fast motion.

If this sounds like you, you may first want your physician to rule out the following:

  • A medical condition may be creating these symptoms
  • Certain types of eating and digestive patterns, nutritional deficiencies and food allergies can actually lead to symptoms such as depression, irritability, anger and anxiety

Holistic ways of treating this condition without medication include:

  • Bioenergetic methods may particularly helpful for insufficient movement and circulation that can lead to depression-like fatigue and biochemical imbalance (e.g. norepinephrine)
  • Training in mind-body relaxation strategies, including yoga, biofeedback and mindfulness meditation
  • Psychoeducation and behavioral therapies can help you retrain your brain, which rehardwires itself continuously (i.e. brain plasticity) to meet the demands placed upon it
  • When needed, cognitive-behavioral therapies help you realistically assess others’ motivations/behaviors, and choose more useful social/behavioral responses
  • Nutritional support

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