Life Coach for Grief and Loss

If you are looking for a life coach for grief and loss, I can help.

There are many tragedies today that lead us to the time when we grieve for loved ones who are sick, dying or who have passed on. We also grieve for ourselves, our loss of health, love, youthfulness, income and stability. Perhaps for the loss of what might have been. Though we may grieve in different ways and for diverse reasons, the pain we feel is deep and may prevent us from functioning in other areas of our lives. The typical stages we go through when we are grieving include:

  • Denial or a sense of numbness that helps us get through the initial shock of our loss
  • Bargaining or persistent thoughts about what we could have done differently or better
  • Guilt or feelings of remorse
  • Depression, extreme loneliness or feeling sorry for ourselves
  • Anger due to feeling abandoned or powerless
  • Acceptance of the loss you have experienced and the beginning of healing

Grief counseling can support you as you express your loss, move through these various stages of pain, and say things you may not be able to say to family or friends. Crying and journaling can help you express emotions fully in healthy ways, so that you do not resort to the use of alcohol or other substances to repress them. Movement and bioenergetic methods can be used to help dislodge the trauma that gets stuck in your tissues and can cause physical pain. Call me at 303.547.8327 to schedule your free initial 30-minute consultation and learn more.

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