Chronic Stress

Living with chronic stress is the way of our times. Hectic schedules, high expectations to do more in less time, messages that we are supposed to be perfect and please others, job performance anxiety, apprehension over being laid off, worries about paying the bills, fear for the safety of those we love, concern that others will criticize and laugh at us when they find out we’re “not good enough”…these are the daily stressors that we live with, and they pile up over time. Pushed beyond our limits, we still don’t find time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We develop aches and pains, and the next thing we hear is that we have a medical condition that requires extensive treatment. Coping with chronic pain and the stress of multiple doctors telling us we need one more drug or one more surgery is often more than we can bear. This does not have to be.

Through cognitive-behavioral methods, biofeedback, mindfulness and relaxation strategies, stress-reduction and other holistic approaches, learn how to:

  • Bring yourself into a state of relaxation
  • Reduce existing pain and stress levels
  • Discover the root issue that for you created this exhausting way of life in the first place
  • See things from a fresh perspective
  • Change your mental and emotional  reactions to stressful situations
  • Use movement/exercise to release natural endorphins
  • Support your body’s ability to relax using food and nutrition

You will receive all the support you need as you create a new way of being that feels not only realistic to implement, but also authentic, balanced and energized.

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