Caregiver Stress

Care-giver Stress – Your loved one has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and your life has changed. You worry and grieve, and shift through a myriad of emotions. You begin to wear down, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You may have rescheduled your days or reprioritized your goals. Likely you have spent much time researching possible treatments or alternative options for extended care.

If you could use help during this stressful time, holistic counseling can:

  • Support you through your grief
  • Provide stress-reduction and relaxation techniques
  • Discuss complementary treatments that integrate with conventional care

I would be honored to be there for you, to help you process the guilt we often feel for attending to our own needs, and to offer you ways to renew and reenergize. Bringing back balance in your life will ultimately be of higher service to the one you love.

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