What is Love, Actually?

I wish I could give you a taste of
the burning fire of Love.
There is a fire
blazing inside of me.
If I cry about it, or if I don’t,
the fire is at work,
night and day.

-Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic, as translated by Shahram Shiva

The mystics have long described love as a fiery force.

Most of us, however, have largely reduced love to sex. Yet, to simplify or reduce this burning fire of love to sex, is like reducing or equating ourselves with our reproductive organs, though they are indeed one aspect of the self we know as “I”.

What is love actually? The mystics’ metaphor for love, “fire” symbolizes the fire of mind, of illumination, of awareness and of pure consciousness itself. In its pure essence, love is THE spiral cyclic energy whirling all manifested creation within its ever-expanding ring of fire. Where love energy moves, form follows, evolves and expands.

Love is the creative and multi-versal field of energy we call quantum Consciousness itself, the unifying field that synthesizes energy and matter, as two aspects of the same entity.

Love is the soul within all things (that is, the inner consciousness or subjective loving attractive higher gravitational energy) that magnetizes energetic waves into structured outer objective form by sending out its unique signal, frequency or sound.

Love is the Divine building force, whose song provides the blueprint or archetypal pattern for construction of all organized form.

Love energy is the attractive and cohering force that is the source for gravity itself, the only force that interacts with all particles of matter.

Love is pure presence, a multidimensional array of ever-expanding awareness that reaches beyond the confines of time and space, as hologram within hologram, and is experienced by us through a series of infinitely broadening concentric circles we call growth and evolution.

Within love, there is a liberating and fiery wisdom born from the intense fusion of awareness and the sense of oneness presence that it brings. I understand you. You understand me. Authentically, clearly, freely, we mutually share in each others’ enveloping experience.

It is the Divine and fundamental energy of love that pierces our hearts with the primal yearning to know ourselves and to strive toward unconditional completeness. It is the actual energy behind our innate drive to be in relationship, to feel connected, and to feel like we belong to something larger than ourselves. Love is the wise and interweaving force that bonds us together in that sense of wholeness we feel at our deepest core. It is this subtle energy of love that we are called to register with our physical senses, as well as our conscious mind and heart so that we can finally right our human relationships for the sake of the entire planet.

Whom are you being called to love?

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