Energetic signals come to us from everywhere and everything. Implications for self-love and the industries that are intended to serve us.

Insight: Signals come to us from everywhere and everything. Since we are our own unique energy stream of love we may need to consciously choose which we take in to our system, as best we can, both at the personal and collective levels. This is the basic essence underlying self-love. Everything radiates its own energetic signature. You radiate your own unique energetic fingerprint throughout this universe. Our bodies are infused, even blasted with informational signals coming from “outside” ourselves. Many of these signals are constructive for us. Some are destructive.

Love requires that we learn to distinguish what our body resonates with, what supports our system, and which signals feel harmful or lead us to feel sluggish, so that we can make healthy choices for ourselves, our families, and our society. This can be quite difficult since what harms one person doesn’t necessarily harm another who is more protected with the fundamental energy of love. (Check out Masaru Emoto’s work on the protective effects of love energy.) For example, every food we eat radiates energy signals that are registered as information by our body. Food that is alive and fresh radiates differently from food that is decaying, that is processed or that is synthetically manufactured. Food from various color groups are distinguished by their band of frequency or speed of vibration. Each color has its own signature sound. The rainbow spectrum of color seems to sing in the key of C. Red resonates with the note C, orange D, yellow E, green F, blue G, and violet A. The movement of love harmonizes all colors and sounds into one unified realm of consciousness, that we call multidimensional layers of intelligence, experience or presence. Since our body resonates with and picks up signals within our more physical frequency range, we need to eat as many varieties of colorful, natural, and fresh foods as possible, and minimize the artificial, chemical and synthetic. I suspect allergies are one way our body communicates that a particular substance’s energy signal is not supportive of our system, or that our body cannot handle that signal any longer. Quantum biologists suggest that those among us who have a stronger more coherent loving system seem to naturally have a more effective immune system. Those who work in the food and beverage business have the responsibility for ensuring that our supply of food is as fresh and natural as possible, so that it optimizes our health and well-being, and does not contribute to the disintegration of our body’s energies into sickness, mental/emotional breakdown and disease. Let’s talk about the use of artificial sweeteners as an example of where the industry has let us down. According to a recent discussion I had with Penny Montgomery PhD, artificial sweeteners may be contributing to approximately 45% higher chance of developing heart issues and may explain many of our symptoms of failing memory and neurologically-related health problems. A pioneer who has specialized for decades in this area of research and clinical application, she uses neurofeedback equipment to differentiate brain wave patterns related to this and other nutritional deficiencies, as well as drugs, and environmental toxins (as well as psychic abilities, concussion, coma and a text-full of other conditions). I do know that in my own experience, like perhaps most others, I grew up drinking diet soda. Years ago when I started drinking from a larger cup than the smaller 12 to 16 ounce variety, I began to stutter, experience more brain fog, fatigue and physical clumsiness, even falling off my chair one day as I reached over for something next to where I was sitting. Intuitively, I realized that my symptoms were related to my increased diet soda consumption. When I cut out diet soda, my symptoms readily vanished. But regular soda too has its issues. As does all of the processed and synthetic substances we use and abuse. On April 20, 2012, MSN.com and The Associated Press reported that Natasha Harris, a New Zealand stay-at-home mother of eight children, died at age 30 of a heart attack thought to be associated with her two gallon per day soda habit, fatally-low potassium levels and poor nutrition. What we think we do know is that too high intake of artificial substances like soda and processed foods break down our body’s energy system and make it hard to even absorb the nutrients we do get from our health-promoting fruits and vegetables. Since all of these substances, including synthetic medications, hormone replacements and other similar foreign bodies, have their own energetic fingerprint, we might wonder how each of them resonates with our body’s energy system. How does each entrain, or exchange information signals with, our body? As a whole, do the foods and other substances we ingest cohere our energies in healthy patterns? Or do they diffuse our energy system in some way? Can we make conclusions that apply to all of us, or do we need to personalize health recommendations? Such questions suggest lines of needed research. It may be that this type of research should be done before allowing any lab-created product to be introduced into the public market. The drug industry especially owes its fellow citizens of the world this responsible piece of due diligence. Instead, the drug industry has a reputation of suppressing research findings. It has been said that they hide negative findings about their products. It has also been alleged that they suppress any potential competition from other sources of treatment. For instance, I recently heard from a different neurofeedback specialist (who is a PhD and university professor in mental health) that a certain member of the drug industry was heard threatening to take away promised funding if neurofeedback were covered under medical insurance and more commonly used in medical treatment. This member reportedly extended its threats to medical providers, insurance providers, and even regulatory supervisors. Such unethical behavior leaves a glaring scar on the face of the drug profession. Of course, neurofeedback equipment itself, as well as other energy entraining devices should be able to answer such research questions as well about the ways it impacts human health. It used to be that research would need years of study before it could make general conclusions about impacts of human health. But times have changed, and technology is getting more sensitive to detecting various kinds of energy signals. With our quantum strides in our knowledge of energy, in the advances of energy and quantum medicine, and in the energy devices being invented out there, it seems that we now have the resources to more immediately assess the impact of a synthetic substance or product on our energy wave patterns. Those who regulate the food and drug industries would do us great loving service to 1) weed out the poisoned apples, people and products, from the otherwise bountiful bin of natural foods, nutritional supplements, and medical treatments, and 2) reset the bar for the industry to measure optimal health energy instead of fatal disease, using what we most currently know about the body as a system of intelligent energy and the behavior of energy in general to organize or disorganize our bodymind (as Candice Pert PhD has more accurately called our bodily structure). Similar remarks could be made of all our industries. We each cradle the responsibility to invent new ways to help mankind instead of destroy us, to protect our planetary womb and to nourish us into a new age built from creative love and wisdom.

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