God of Love is not the same as God of Power.

Insight: The “God of Love” is not the same as the “God of Power and Might”. Rather than the Son that is the force of Love, God of Power is the Father of the Holy Trinity. Truth itself. The source of all vibration or consciousness. Pure energy. Life. God of Power may be the energy we conceive scientifically as the unmanifest power evident in the zero point field, in the “space” and womb of our existence, in the illusory no-thing-ness before it births into some-thing. It is that Power that preceded the Big Bang. Metaphorically, God of Power breathes us out (creating the field of Love, of quantum consciousness itself and all its subsequent forms of light), then breathes us back again in order to start anew. Power is that which destroys obsolete forms (appearing to us humans as “death”) in order for Love energy to replace them through a birthing of new forms of a much higher order, a process which scientists call evolution.

Divine Love energy carries Divine Power energy more gently (as gently as a Lamb) into form so as to not destroy its creation. The God of Love is the Shepherd that guards and protects His forms from harm, by stepping down and transforming such tremendous Power into more useable forms of force. God as Love energy is the Son we call Christ Consciousness that saves creation (as organized form) from destruction (back to unorganized no-thing-ness) by bringing it Life from the Father. It is through the Son that we connect with the Father. The Son is the Way. The Son of Love is the cross or junction where Spirit (the vertical line beyond time) and matter (the horizontal line of space) are unified through the torsional field of quantum consciousness itself as described by our scientists, and is the unified and living field of our existence. And through this living field of Love, of quantum consciousness, we see evidence of this evolution of form. As old forms die out, new ones arise in their place.  New kingdoms are born. The most recent, human consciousness is build upon what came before. Humans have the capacity for self-reference and a higher mental intelligence, in addition to the lower mind, emotional awareness, and sentient consciousness that was previously built into the animal kingdom. In turn, the animal kingdom had as its foundation the early emotional awareness and sentient intelligence of the plant kingdom, which constructed its consciousness from the sentient awareness first stabilized by the mineral kingdom. Even in our organizations, governments, and entire civilizations, we see that they fall away in precedence and purpose to give rise to more advanced structures of existence. Broader evidence of evolution at work lies here at the level of our social hierarchies. And so it is, the God of Power, the Father, working through the Son of Love to yield the forms of light we call the Holy Spirit. This is the promise long prophesized, that the human kingdom will be superseded by yet another kingdom, the kingdom of the Son of Love. And it is we who are responsible for bringing that kingdom of heaven to earth, through our acts of heavenly love.

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