To summarize this far…

So far, the series on the nature of love is up to 13 insights. Hope they have helped you in your journey into love! To summarize what we have contemplated up to now: Think of love as energy that is in some measure enlivening, expanding and creating. It is beneficently supporting, nourishing, allowing and thus freeing. Love is continuously drawing us into harmonic convergence for the higher good, grouping us by similarity of purpose, and inviting us into increasingly larger and larger wholes of consciousness that we experience multidimensionally as pure presence. To love is to allow ourselves to be open, to share experience with another, to expand into the consciousness of another, and to know ourselves to be united as one. The more we allow ourselves to receive such energy (from both ourselves as well as others), the more we will feel uplifted and abundant, and the stronger we will feel to share this love energy with others.

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