Gravity, Time, Space, Consciousness and Love

After seeing the movie Interstellar last night, I awoke this morning contemplating the interrelationship among gravity, time and space, and eventually…of consciousness and love. Though some physicists are currently debating whether gravity pulls or space pushes, and therefore whether gravity is a real force at all, I have my own speculations about the topic based on what I have read and intuited over the years. And how it relates to what we experience around us. Let me start out first by putting it out there that, it seems to me, as we beings emerge from the vacuum of pure nothingness, from the realm of the formless, and into form, we do transmute into the lower and denser bands of frequencies of this place, this space. Time seems to be a point in space, and therefore relative to space. Physicists now call it spacetime because of the way time and space are intertwined.

Where there is space, there appears the core energy of a “being”. And “being” made of mostly space (way over 99% according to scientists) attracts to itself the “particles” it chooses to form its body in the denser realms of spacetime. Gravity is the attractive force of the “being” or inner essence of that which we call a planet or cosmic body. Magnetism is the attractive force of the “being” inside of the human, cellular or elemental body. It is actually the same force, appearing as two forces because of the difference in size or scope. Therefore, our (or any) inner “being” uses gravity to form its particulate body in space and therefore time. And gravity is essential to holding the form or body in place or space, until, as pure “being”, we choose to release the form for another. As we withdraw the attractive force keeping our body in form, it appears as death. The inner attractive force withdrawn, the body dissolves. According to the physicist William Bray, not even two sides of the same atom or electron are in the same spacetime domain. This would be consistent with the idea that no matter how small, each atom or electron is a being of its own consciousness and gravitational force. And each uses gravity to form its own body and place itself at a point in time. Space is a being, an entity, a core essence of life. And through the focus of its mind, its consciousness, it forms a body for itself that we call matter. Bray also said that time is relative to attention, to the focus of consciousness. He explained that Planck time stands still as we glue our attention to the “Planck clock” and only moves forward in time when we look away for an instant and then look again. Attention guides life, space, matter, time, and apparently gravity. Gravity may be the attention of the soul, which chooses to attract cells into the formation of a body or vehicle in order to experience a point in space and time. It is in this way that consciousness constructs “reality” as discovered by quantum physicists. Notice that the body then is simply a collective of individual sparks of life that have agreed to come together to experience spacetime. Sustained attention slows time. Withdrawn attention moves time. Through attention, each being forms its own sphere of space and therefore time. Through an act of attention, each being contains, literally, its own field of consciousness, collapsing itself into a “something” from its infinite soul nature of  “nothing”. And yet the nothingness we call space evidently has more power or energy in 1/5th teaspoon, than in all the material known universe. Blackbodies radiate at all frequencies and therefore seem to absorb light. A blackbody must be a being of greater life that it encompasses so much. And must originate its being beyond the confines of time, as must we. It is obviously mindblowing to contemplate such mysteries. But maybe that’s the point. As we allow our minds to be blown wide open, we unhinge from the limited conception we have of ourselves. We can begin to realize how unlimited and infinite we really are, how we have our source in a greater being beyond all time and have agreed to be where we are in this point and place we call our reality. And it is we, as part of this collective of being we name wholeness, who ride the wave of gravity using our attention to focus us into the experience of this particular time, in this selected moment. Space is our being. Time is our point in place. Gravity is the attention of our collective consciousness that pulls us together in the force we call Love. Love is at the heart of who we really are. And it is Love that attends, that sets gravity in motion, that coheres us all together at particular points in space or time, and which sets us free to experience more than we can even imagine, much less believe is possible.  

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