What the Shift in Consciousness Means to Us as Individuals and as a Whole

Recently I met a young man in his thirties. As our conversation deepened, he began to talk about how everything is energy, about recent findings from quantum physics, and about having felt the shift of 2012. “It wasn’t a shift like they thought it would be; it was a shift in consciousness. I felt it. Many people I know have felt it.”

The “shift” is a shift in the very fabric of our identity, our values, our motivations, our sense of self. We begin to feel different from most of society and long for change in the world. We question the very foundation upon which our culture has been constructed, and seek to re-invent our systems and way of life.

Instead of conflict, we seek peaceful solutions. Instead of individual competitiveness, we seek creative collective collaboration. Instead of fear, we seek love.

Have you felt the shift? If you are reading this blog, you most certainly have! I encourage you to start meet-up groups in your community. You think you are alone, but you’re not. In the area of Denver, I personally know of at least 40 people in their twenties to sixties who have felt the shift. I know because they have come to me in my practice. They are tearfully longing to find others like them, not knowing they are surrounded by a sizeable number. I have encouraged them to start meet-up groups in the area, and yet so far no one has.

This is the time. The time for us to hear that little voice inside. The time for us to be brave and speak about our evolving beliefs. The time for us to join together with similar others and work on some change that inspires the group. The time for us to change.

The sooner we do so, the sooner we create a measurable difference in that change.

Why bother?

We have two choices: to be part of the stagnation that holds back evolution, or to be part of the flow that moves us forward more rapidly.

We “bother” because we consciously choose to participate within the movement that happens through us, and because of us, rather than choose to wait until the movement advances in spite of us. For those of us that have felt the shift, we are clearly more aware of subtle energies than is most of society. With that awareness does come the responsibility to act upon that awareness.

We “bother” because we choose to be responsible. Those of us who tangibly feel such a sense of responsibility are perceiving higher love… a more sweeping love that is channeled down from higher and faster spheres of consciousness, and is the source, the pulse, of evolution itself.

Those of us who act upon that sense of responsibility are acting out of love. Is there any better reason to “bother” than love?

This is the time to shift, to fall into the rhythm of love, to find the courage to change and take risk. Be brave. Reach out to find similar others. It is collectively as a group that we transform our world.

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