Using Love as Healing Meditation

Love is the divine force that unites all as one. It is ultimately always love that heals, by returning us back to our source for wholeness. Try this exercise in self-healing with love:

Since it is Love energy that actually heals, use your ability to imagine the experience of unbounded Love to elevate yourself to the highest state of love consciousness that you can before you begin your healing meditation.

Some people do this by imagining Love as a color or as a symbol. Others do this by recalling a memory, a feeling state, of untainted unselfish love, perhaps reliving the love of a pet, a friend, a parent, or spouse. For instance, if you associate love as a white color, then you can imagine white energy flowing in through the top of your head, the crown chakra, as you breathe in. As you exhale, you can imagine the white energy being steered into the part of your body in need of healing. If you prefer to access the state of Love through a symbol, such as the cross, you can imagine the cross or other symbol radiating love in the area of the wound. In your mind’s eye, you can even become the cross itself as you meditate. If reliving a moment of shared love with the pet who has always remained at your side is what transports you to the joyful plane of love consciousness, use that now.

Feel yourself expanding with Love, and let Love energy do the healing. Get out of the way. You are not what heals. As you anchor the presence of Love into your experience, you are ready to direct healing into a region of injury or hurt.

Bring your awareness to a physical wound or state of dis-ease. Picture in your mind that area restored to its healed state. The mental picture says what words cannot, and instantly communicates your complete intention to all of the cells involved directly in your healing. If your lungs are congested, for example, imagine your lungs as clear and open. It is as if you are giving leadership direction to all of the little cells, or workers, in your body that are striving so hard to please you.

To expand upon the above example, breathe in dazzling white light through the crown of your head. In your mind’s eye, see your lungs sparkling like they are made of diamond. Imagine what healing feels like as the light of love clears and expands the passages of your lungs. Feel what it feels like to be completely immersed in Love, to have white Love energy radiating through this part of your body. Close your eyes, be Love, move Love, allow Love to heal.

Now you select an area of your body in need of some healing help. Access the highest state of love you can. Breathe Love in until you are one with Love. As you breathe out, move Love through your exhale into the area you are choosing to heal, whether a physical wound, an emotional one, or some other hurt.

I remember the first time I used healing imagery. It intuitively came to me as I was immobile with severe chest pain. Unable to get out of bed, I froze, holding my breath for as long as I could because the pain intensified whenever I moved, even with the slightest breath. I had had chest pains since I was a child, but this time was unexpectedly traumatic. What usually lasted for 3-10 seconds, ended up lasting almost an hour. When I realized the pain was not going away, I prayed to God for healing. The idea of using white light to symbolize Divine Love then entered my mind. I imagined the most radiant light I could envision. I pictured Christ, angels, my husband, and all those who love me, sending brilliant white Love energy into my heart for healing, feeling their searing touch upon my skin. I imagined the deepest and highest love I could feel. To start, I thought of my dear kitten, whose presence immediately filled me with joy. (Many people use imagery of their pets to get into the state of unconditional love that heals, for pets just seem to know how to be unwavering in their love for us, unlike people.) I then reached into memory, and retrieved images of moments in which I was filled with ecstatic and mystical love…..the kind that burns away any sense of material self, that radiates with the power of the sun, and expands beingness to both nothing-ness and all-ness simultaneously. As I melted into Love, I moved Love energy in through my breath, inhaling Love into my beingness, exhaling Love into my heart. I then allowed myself to get lost in this meditation. Later, I became again aware of my heart and body, then the room.

When I visited the cardiologist two days later for a diagnostic, he found nothing wrong with my heart. I told him I had once been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse. He repeated, “I don’t see mitral valve prolapse. I don’t see anything wrong with your heart.”

Allow Love to heal.

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